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The screaming hoards that invade, trying to be involved
in this history,,...noone cares about you, noone really
cares, everyone is involved in themselves, take that as
true,.... noone cares about you!.

Easy to leave it at that, but you need more, proof that
you have a life worth living.. so...what are they giving?
a promise, never fullfilled?, words?.... angry ways,,,
and you?....who are you?......

Imagine, you are unique, without the need to be anything
more than what you want to create what you want
to see?....just imagine....and then.... find yourself....

What makes reality real is YOU... HONESTLY.. without you
nothing exists, you know who you are?.... do you know
how you can take this? far?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 10
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Degenerate, lose the ability, follow that star, any star,
green is blue, black is white, day is night, what was wrong
is really right, whAT they say, that's what you see, inability
to be makes you NOT FREE...the WHO and the elite love your


Regurgitate what you are told, make it fact make it so, both you
and THOSE, will never know, born to be free but lost in this reality
you become THOSE, you become the epitome of .......yes...............


Just look, just once, ask and you will see, is THIS? how it was meant
to be?.. the truth is there,,,,plain to see... quiet your mind and listen,
hear your words of wisdom, follow your truth, ignore life's lies, and never
be blinded, stay true to you..... be who you want to be......
not be..... part of the......................

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 10
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How it is

And It flows, stupidity, born from Who Knows?...
We write of love and sadness, afraid to be alone,
Take our Que from the past, wonder how long that
will last?....

What I tell you today is fact...honest... put in your
curriculum, you're not dumb... but...yes you are....
you believe what you are told.....studies show...
now you know.......

It's written there... how can it be wrong?....a equals
b..indeed... 1 by 1 is 1....? how can this be?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 29
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I'm new here, and what I see, this world aint
ready for me,
I'm unique, I'm different, I won't make your mistakes,
I know, don't tell me where to go,
Your life is not mine, things will be different, but,,,,
now I am older, life got colder...
I realise... I am that soldier, ....older and aware,
life revolves, thoughts combine, your thoughts are
now mine, it took time, it took pain, now I see,
life becomes you and life becomes me, in the end,,
we end the same!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 30
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Eyes wide closed!

You didn't grow into you by mistake,
You took years, you cried the tears,
You played your part, from your heart,
And all of what you did was only just you,
All of what you will be, will be you too,
Strange but true, you created, you dictated,
There's no one to blame, it was AND WILL
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 23
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The walls fall and the debris call, to me, a part of being,
now seeing, shut it down and start again, never will that be,
Words that mean nothing really mean a lot, don't sweat the
small stuff, sometimes enough is enough,

Open mind, closed life, live and die, cry, lie, and be, who?
were you ever true?.....
Hard to be, harder to see, what you were meant to be!,
Fall short, and in the end, don't cry, you will see,,,,,,,
nothing....and everything.....and know eventually!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 22
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Reality beckons!

I won't respond if you say this or that, I won't
be available for nonsense chat, I won't accept
text or anything next, I won't reply if I think you
lie, I won't be here to communicate, I won't, I
won't...this is so......why am I alone?....I just
don't know.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 21
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Gritanteonline today!

Making love in the rain

It has always been a desire, an unfulfilled will
Making love in the rain, by the sea
I remember how it was today, such an autumn day
You and me, on that beach at night, on a one-way trip
Just the two of us, the sea, the moon
I wish you were mine and you wanted me to be yours
No stars to count, the overcast moon
I lay you on the sand, I launched myself the discovery
I gently touched your face, kissed your neck
You shivered, I felt like a boy and a boy
I didn't need light, I didn't need to see you
Just with the touch, I felt your body tremble
Shivering wasn't from cold, it was from deep desire
And I absorbed by your body, the world could end !!!
With my hands between your thighs, I kissed you fervently
I wanted to take you that night, very slowly
Explore every inch of your body, indulge me in your beauty
I never wanted anyone like that, I was sure of that
The clouds covered the moon, the little rain was falling
And I between your breasts, I was discovering you
The rain wetted our bodies, it didn't stop us
Our desire didn't cool, in the rain we would love
The rain that fell, the sea that bathed us, your salty body.
Unique, delicious flavor, sacred moment.
Two bodies that joined the rain, souls that satiated
Promises that were fulfilled, wishes that were fulfilled
Moist moans, torrid wills, madness of youth
Common feelings enjoyed to the full
And it was that night, wet but hot
That I kept the memory of the two of us in my mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2020
About this poem:
Making love in the rain
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Just a thought!

There are reasons for everything, always a reason,
I can't because, I won't, because, everyday in every
way life stops, if I could I would, but...I can't,,
.... never ask anyone that question... why not?.
avoid the ridicule.. conditioned and lost to the
brainwashed horde that is a fool... united with only
one thought.... I can't!!!,,,because I live in a world
of rules, if there were no rules, what do you think would
happen?.. would there be anarchy?. would you kill?...
I know you can't say,, why?...because we live in fear,
constantly,, they say without them all would be hell...but
no.. with them all is hell...would millions have died, without
them,, wars are created by them.. for f*ck sake ... can
anyone is designed to be free, wars, sickness, hell
on earth all brought about by that anomaly that is not us!!!!
take away the rules, take away the order?... that is supposed
to control, and leave us alone.. would the death rate rise?
.....Hardly more than the wars and poverty that they have
created....if I could meet you tomorrow, black or white, yellow
or pink.. green or blue,, imagine... colours mean nothing...would#
I harm you?......not without intervention, not unless THEY said
you are bad....and that is sad........and that is how we live
and die.. someone wrote on one of my poems that freedom to be
is a prquel to anarchy,,well.. if that is true.. it can't be
worse than living this lie we have been told,,,god bless, everyone
and god bless you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 29
About this poem:
Think it is self explanatory.
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I dare to wake stumbling through heavens gate,
beauty abounds and noone knows,
cept me, I see, creations gift, this picture born,
imaginaton scorn, but tis the beauty of life,

Tis nothing new, for those fortunate few, who live
this way....everyday, nature cannot unfold if left
untold, let us be, let us see, let us know and
then we grow,

Moonlight falling majestically plays with my heart
creating smells of life, water silent in it's grandeur
holding my soul, making me real, the way to be, tis
my destiny,

And now I know what makes this so, not words, not
feelings, not love, not signs from above, just to
know who you are, to know that creation began with you,
and all that is will always be born from you....that's
what's true!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 13
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