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orientalkoruonline now!

When Shall my Sun Sets

Too many poems written in the past
Wondering just in case I wouldn’t last
Childhood visions of a short-lived life
Reminding me as it keeps coming back

Was it the turmoil of my yesteryears
Or the challenges I had to grin and bear
Stoically trained this heart, this mind to sway
Outside my box; champion those who cannot play?

I welcomed change with hands wide-open
No fear in loving someone I did barely know
Leaving loved ones, my comfort zone behind
To cross the ditch to where I now have grown

There was no other dream but see the world around.
Instead, I found me rather in this small rural town.
Stripped off everything my heart has grown to love
But my soul was nourished; He had another plan!

The unknown messing-up my mind with doubts, with fear
Not knowing how many curve balls awaits me each year
Yet my journey's laid down; I know I must press on
Until my soul goes back to Him and finally my soul to heal!

I’ve seen the ugly and the beautiful but not much in between
I tried to lend a hand; the ripple's too small for change
Every tear from every eye I’ve seen, every broken-hearted ones
It comes from something else; I am sure not from my Father God!

And as my day pans out; my fears and pain go out of mind
To keep another soul safe; respect her tears when things are dire
Encouraging, empowering both day and night until she knows
She’s not alone, her faith restored and her dreams revived!

While all the times the weight I carry gets more heavy
My soul turns weary as the day sucks away my energy
I plod along for at the end of each day another soul I know,
Understands, soothes my soul even on days so dreary!

Instead of anger or bitterness, I will be grateful instead this time
When it’s my turn, though bittersweet; I’ll drink my cup and won’t forget
The beautiful sunrises and sunsets I've watched to rise and fall around the world.
May mine be as warm, as beautiful when to the West my sun shall set!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 5 hrs ago
About this poem:
Life's journey; fear does cripple us in many ways! Death is scary so is sickness and strife yet sometimes when we've done our very best...sometimes...the fear goes away...gratitude and acceptance take its place! Life can be likened to a beautiful day that starts with a glorious sunrise and an awe-inspiring sunset!

I haven't written for a long time; years I think. I have not been well many a few times this year and I believe that when one writes a poem for someone it really comes from their heart. I just wanted to express my gratitude to my husband who without fail has gone beyond my expectations each day I am not well. I feel blessed that I can come home at the end of a challenging day knowing that I have someone who understands what I am going through!
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niah9online today!


You are my dreams, do you know who you are
Are you the moon, or maybe a bright star
Magic of the night, or warmth of every day
Your words like poetry, send sunny rays

If I am feeling lost, you're my special one
Makes a new day, when the old one is done
Echo of my senses, where past breezes run
Allows me to sit quietly, watch a dying sun

Are you my shadow, where I go, you are there
No need to turn around, I know that you care
Watching over me, especially when I'm sad
Never to be scared of, all good and never bad

Like my inner twin, be a mirror of mine
Inner being waits, for your special sign
Will you remain, or in time fade away
Questions I ask, what will you say?

You're my hidden side, balance in life
If I get overwhelmed, controlling strife
I go to a special place, where I can wait
Until ready, to slip through the opening gate....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 6 hrs ago
About this poem:
A poem I wrote in Sept 2012.....that seems fitting today....
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niah9online today!


As the winter, starts to fade
Sunshine, over earth cascades
Most trees, still stand stripped bare
Other decked with colour, to compare
Changes, warn of approaching spring
Baby birds, join dawn's chorus sing
Warmth engulfs, soon soil will stir
Escaping growth, as sunshine lures
Shoots to reach for a sky, so high
Where in clear blue, soft clouds fly
Waking nature, to summer days
Grey's forgotten, as colour plays
it's part, heralding a new start
Buds and flowers, play their part
Days get longer, as clothes are shed
Sunsets glow, in pink, gold and red
People stroll, no longer they rush
Muffled up, against rain and gusts
Smiles, seem easier than a frown
As nature wears, its springtime gown.....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 11
About this poem:
just adjusting to the start of a kiwi spring.....
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Far Side Of The Moon

He hasn't had a relationship in nearly twenty years
When it comes to romance he's been on the far side of the moon
For a long time he hasn't shed any tears
He's out of touch and you know he's not returning anytime soon

He's disconnected in the dark
Not a woman in sight to touch his heart
He forgot how to whistle a happy tune
Silence is not golden on the far side of the moon

He has no one to pick flowers for
So what's the point if they should bloom
He'll never pick them anymore
He no longer has a calendar not even for the month of June

His message fades away power supply is nearly gone
Is it fair this should be his doom
Not even nasa can bring him home
And he's stranded on the far side of the moon
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 18
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steve1223online today!

The Battle

It was there, at a time so long ago
While walking through the darkened alleys
All alone, hate emanating, proudly it stood
The Closet from the pit of Hell

I am a great believer of my rights
The right to make my own mistakes
Of letting go of my past misdeeds
But this, this came from my mortal enemy

Now I would rather waltz with the wind
And swim against the raging torrents
Than to have to deal with this again
But this was not just ‘the chance encounter’

No not at all, not everything changes
Life is much more than just skin deep
When our wills last met, our last touch
Almost I believed that there was no need to leave

But something deep within me dragged me back
Saved me from that awful abyss
And I knew that on this I had to call
As once more I prepared for the battle
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 24 hrs ago
About this poem:
It would seem that I have been away for a while
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candykidonline today!

The Perfect Scientist

Historians have long debated...
Two topics that seem unrelated...
Prophets have long clearly stated...
Scientists have no faith...

The evidence is all around you...
Sparkling stars, the ocean blue...
Forests of rain...
Emotional pain...
Sun shining through the nights hue...

God created science it is undeniable...
Scientists claim that it's unreliable...
Looking for proof...
Lacking the truth...
Denying the heavenly hands that were used to create them....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 29, 2014
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When The Only Idea Is Blue

It's a long drive to the city
I'm here all alone nowhere else to go what is there to do
And this is the feeling when the only idea is blue

The sun shines through my window upon my easy chair
I know when I was younger I'd never be sitting there
And soon leaves will change and fall will be in the air

All my friends have either passed away
Or moved very far to a place like Timbuktu
And this is the feeling when the only idea is blue

How many choices do you have today
Can't make up your mind and still haven't put on your shoes
I guess I don't have much to say when the only idea is blue
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 18
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Sunset blues.......

The crimson sun delicately snuck behind the remainder of the day's clouds
Almost drawing them down as it sank vibrantly over the horizon
In its wake it left a hue of deep pink highlighting the dark blue of the distant mountain range and the deep greens of the valley in the forefront
In a mystical magical way it was enchanting and me in my grubby work clothes was transported from my despairing workplace to a beautiful place where I am constantly reminded what beauty abounds ..........that was all I needed to end my day..........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 14
About this poem:
Looking west after locking up at work .................along the dirt road and further .........very much further ........
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TIME (Eternity Together)

Why does time
Not seem to last?
And why does time
Pass by so fast?

A brief moment together
Locked in Eternity
Our unlikely connection
Is now, You and Me

The Path Of Time
Is forever
We are right now
In Eternity Together

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 11
About this poem:
Spend each moment together as if they were timeless.
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Rikco11online today!

Rule No 1ne

But you'll never find happiness
Ya find it in yourself 1st
Always searching for Love outside
And when you think it's it then your bubble burst
Feeling cursed
Or maybe worst
Spirit the nurse
The doctor
Even at the lowest point still got ya
Still breathing
Still receiving
The Love of The Most High
Just look inside
Yea at times a rollercoaster ride
But away with foolish pride
Let The Divine within be your guide
Love is infinite
And never leaves
Ourselves we spite
With wants n needs
Sewing seeds
Of destruction
Negativity & corruption
Here comes the eruption
Spiritual volcano
Spewing up out to through
Everyting iNna this flow
Funny not funny
We already know
And still choose to blow
Malice n hate
Argument n debate
It is hilarious
Cos all must be
And we
Learn from tasting da dust
Biting da dust
From the bottom we're thrust
Spirit always reminding
Breaking n grinding
To help us be finding
The 1ne true Love
That lives n remains in the essence of
Every1ne n everyting that does be
Find yourself n find the ultimate key
Bathing in the beauty
The tranquility
At peace with self brings peace with everybody
So what's it all about
I'll buy you gifts today n say
I Love you
I'll Love you more
For every moment you endure
My slips my slides
My ego n pride
Thank you
For accepting me for who what I am
What a beautyfilled feeling stretching forth ma hand
Let ma light shine
I am Divine
Bending perception of mind
To align
That which is to be aligned
Every1ne remember yes
Remember you're blessed
Partner no partner
It's on you to manifest
Your desires
Your dreams
Choose misery n worry or choose streams of infinite beams
Give thanx
And I promise your Love will multiply n create
A beautyfilled feeling inside
A place of appreciation n contentment maybe even the perfect husband or bride
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 16
About this poem:
It is not fair to seek a fiancé unless you are already happy in yourself
Many want to find somebody to make them happy but that won't work
When you're both already happy before meeting you have the opportunity to be yourself without masks or playing a character to please
Rule No 1ne:Happiness is an inside job
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