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Jaded_Ravenonline today!

The Jungle

in this jungle of terrestrial life
tangled amongst the density
roaming under a silent stealth
passion waits with rapt intensity

covered softly in words of honey
attracting the ones unpledged
like stones falling into puddles
ripples fanning out full-fledged

time meanders through days
climaxing into months and years
subdued in the jungle of our lives’
effacing all the tears and fears

pending the sunlight of clearing
traversing through ordered chaos
searching through the emotions
among the ecstasy of the pathos

the jungle is captivating and bold
enduring the solemn reassuring
succumbing to the sweetness
strong and so deeply alluring

© Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 17
About this poem:
a journey through the jungle of life
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Israelis122online today!


1. Crooked church heads make crooked beds!
I knew a male gentile pastor who had a wife & kids
and had a girlfriend & kids from her in the same church.
Crooked church heads make crooked beds!

2. Solomon had 700-wives, princesses, 300-concubines,
that is a 1000-women.
I'm just voting for one,
that's the Old Testament we don't live in those days any more,
Players that aren't done playing sin love 2 have their fun.
1 Kings 11:3

3. Lots of men love that one night stand,
especially if she knows you're a millionaire,
she stays awake waiting for that drug induced
drink she gave you Mr. Man to put u to sleep,
when he begins 2 roar,
with his loud snore.

4. Because Mr. Man 2 bed u touched her hand,
as he's in his deep forest of sleep
she searches his wallet,
this man went 2 bed with a she shark,
he doesn't know while he's asleep
she's busy sinking him in 2 that robbers quicksand.

5. A lot of men love that one night stand,
remember U let her in, into your inn
when you're finished with her Mr. Man.
She can't wait 4 U 2 begin your deep snore,
then next she finds his debit card pin
remember Mr. Man U had let her in your inn.
His bank tells him, "U have no more funds
2 cover your door,
but he didn't know he got robbed while he snored.

6. I remember walking in 2 this church,
I had sat down 2 listen 2 this church head,
what U are in your heart
will be heard & shown 2 her in your bed!

7. The number one Life style:
Most men live a double-standard life style,
within the same man he loves his double life style,
she hears how much of an angel U are working out there
in the general public, she's heard all those comments
about her husbands reputation.

8. The number 2 life style within the same man:
She will hear & see what U are
behind the closed doors of your home with her.
She will judge if have within U, 'Force,'
she's expecting 2 hear & see this angel
everyone's been talking about your reputation
when he was out on his working jobs course.

9. I remember walking in 2 this church,
I sat down 2 listen 2 this church head,
what U are in your heart,
will be heard & shown 2 her in your bed!

10. He said horrible things about TBN:
meaning Trinity Broadcasting Network.
Said horrible things about the 700-Club.
I quoted his own bible back 2 him
the Song of Solomon 8:6 tells U,
"Jealousy is as cruel as the grave."
"When your favorite sport is Lazy-Lynching
the work away from your hands."
"U would rather preach a sermon
that mirrors your own new-born-babies scream,
when you're no-longer a baby any more,
being grown-up u can be a doer,
instead of crying & screaming like a new-born-babies scream."

11. His preaching everyone calls him a church head,
his message, "we must serve jealousy & angers head!"
I said, "I see why U don't get any sleep at night,
U love your crooked bed!"

12. Not all men of the Cloth are chosen:
The first class of men are good, they're Dolphins,
they've chosen 2 be done playing in sin.

13. The second class of men are evil, they're Sharks,
they've decided in their heart they love serving 2 masters,
they've also had decided they're won't be done playing in sin
as long as they say so.
U can't hear & see this until their actions
show & tell on them,
then after this they get reported!

14. Man that is born of a woman is of a few days
& full of trouble! Job 14:1. Men all over the world
have gone out of their way 2 make a mess
out of God's Church!!

15. Women's Recovery Home:
Here's proof found in scripture that men 4 hundreds
& hundreds of years have been living a double-standard
double life style all in the same one man.
Before a man can show & tell his double life style,
it starts at the seat of his emotions his heart. Psalms 12:1-2.(KJV)

Below they have archives that start at Deceember 2003
& they end at July 2021.

Abuse Tracker -
Bishop Accountability:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 18 hrs ago
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Israelis122online today!


1. You Men That Love To Treasure Your Double Life,
Why Marry And Suffer Your New Wedded Wife?

2. As a Minister in Christ a number of women
had complained to me in past accounts about their hubby or boyfriend.
They all had said the same thing about their men.
"The General Public have exonerated my man as angel
while working on his job,
and when he comes home to be with his woman she exonerates him as a male devil,
when he gives her a black-eye causing his favorite sport to ignite
In past accounts the women had asked me, "Why Is That?'
I said, "Your boyfriend or the man you had married
he's Jekyll and Hyde all in the one same man."

3. "He's Jekyll on the job in the sharp eye of the General Public,
and when he comes home to be with his woman he turns into Hyde."

4. Women have the same complaint about men as the God of Israel does about different nations of men,
they will honor a woman with their lips but their heart is far from her."
[Mark 7:6]

5. Women already know when their man wants something
she's seen how he will get-up going out of his way
to go get what he will want.
Mr. Man she expects you to treat her
with the same mentality as she had seen you had treated yourself.

6. I don't know about American Mom's and Dad's
giving their daughters away in marriage.
I do know very strong about foreign Mom's and Dad's
concerning giving their daughters away in marriage.
Foreign Mom and Dad as a team they will check on
their daughters after they marry remaining in their country. [Checking On Their Daughters For Years] "Why?"
Mom and Dad want to make sure that their daughter
didn't marry a man that is Jekyll and Hyde all in the one same man.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 20 hrs ago
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Liberty vs freedom.

It was french conned; the notion of liberty. Democracy's door they opened, chanting freedom liberty fraternity! Others did follow suite; Haiti joined the fray. Revolution though not cute, paved the "freedom way". Need to mention england; whose throne feared badly. America declared/won independence, her symbol, statue-of-liberty. Women wouldn't be denied; most are now "liberated". With salaries lagging behind, many still feel frustrated. Radical changes-throughout time; did it, "set people free"? Sure, freedom voices chimmes; is that the liberty? There are still needs; the political "powers" dictate. Many hungry mouths to feed, "welfare" in western states! Social unrest is brewing, egyptians on the streets. "People" still are pursuing, "percieved freedom" they seek. However the question remains: how free can we be? Democracy seems like gain, but, is that liberty? Sin enslaves mortal man, that's according to scripture. Bible makes us understand; life ísn't about pleasure. Christ died for us; he gave man liberty! Delivering belivers from lust and, setting captives free. Now, those seeking libety; he meets that need. Who-so- ever he sets free, gets "title", "free-in-deed"!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011
About this poem:
The question is how free can we be? we are free to do many things but without responsibility there are ccnsequences! also it my belief the scriptures are infallible, so i trust what it says.
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godsprincessonline today!


God created snowflakes individually like me and you
Some he created extremely frilly and beautiful
But then some seem to be simple and quite plain
But to Him each one is beautiful just the same

As they float in the air they are a glorious sight
Then they gather together on the ground in a pile pure and white
Until things in the world cause them to discolor and stain
Then they melt, evaporate into the air, cleanse and float to the ground again

What a perfect system God has created for them
Just as mankind can be forgiven by Him after we sin
He makes us and we enter the world sin free
Only to be influenced and tainted by sin and greed

Because He gave His son to the world to save us from sin
All we need to do is accept Him and He will cleanse us again
We are like snowflakes gathering together in a blanket of white snow
When we are saved by Jesus we float carefree in our faith and grow

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2015
About this poem:
I was looking at all the different snowflakes and how each one is different then the rest and how God created each one individually just like all his children of the world.
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12qw34er56tyonline today!

When the day comes and we are together

When the day comes and we are together
You will always know and feel this
I will always hug kiss and love you
Every moment of the day and night
I want to taste your love for me
By kissing your sweet lips
I want to feel your body next to me
I just want you to know
That I really do love you

Have I told you yet
How much you mean to me
Have I told you yet
For all the happiness it brings
Have I told you yet
You mean the world to me
Just in case I don t
I want you to know this
You are the best thing that happened to me
I love you let me kiss you deeply Let me move my hands along your body and experience every inch of you I want to kiss your neck I want to kiss your belly I want to kiss your thighs I want to leave marks on everything in between I just want you to know that I adore everything about you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 12
About this poem:
When the day comes and we are together
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We say a man thinks with his head,
but does the truth lie further down instead?

Some men's stronger brains are in their balls,
the source of their keen prowess or calls.

Pretty women are seen as objects of sex,
if they can't be used, some are vexed.

Others rely on their testes to feel alive,
glands are stimulated to have their drive;

But see France's leader, so sharp and bright,
in love with an aged mentor - his heart's delight,
A solid power couple strong as rock,
there's no issue with a generation gap,

True intellect knows no bounds, no walls
and it certainly doesn't reside in men's balls.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 28
About this poem:
A real intelligent man knows that sex isn't everything.
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12qw34er56tyonline today!

Don't be ashamed of me

With me, don't be shy, don't cover yourself... I love you as you are... Don't be shy with me, show yourself completely, just as you are, without inhibitions. It's all varnish, it's all temporary. You're a fickle woman from time to time. I accept you as a mature woman. I accept you sometimes. Don't be ashamed of me. I want to be your partner, your friend, your lover, your twin... not your judge. Do you have flaws? any ? I have thousands... who doesn't? Stretch marks, cellulite? I will accept them all. With me, don't cover yourself, wear the clothes you like, or don't wear anything, I don't care... I love the candy, not the packaging. I admire you, your spirit! Don't be ashamed of me... I dance in slippers, smile I dance in slippers, smile in the face with soap Walk around the house with my shirt on and your hair is tidy, or not tidy What's the problem? Cry when you feel like it because I'll be there to hug you, or fall to the ground laughing because I'll throw myself on the ground laughing with you without knowing why. Be with me and don't hold back anything. Don't feel sorry for me, because I'm very clear that whoever saw you and allowed you to pass... didn't understand anything.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 15
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A Righteous Man's Life

Righteous, is to do the Right thing.
But, sometimes the right thing,
Can be a wrong, to another.
Oh, it's so complex to explains.

For the righteousness, I wish to convey,
Is a truely Christian path of life.
Doing the right thing,
In an unjustly, defiled world.

Yes. The righteous decision,
Can be a difficult time for family,
For, to live, one needs money.
But, to gain money in an unjustly way, is not a Righteous life's path.

The righteous man suffers,
He suffers. But, gains Glory.
The unrighteous, will never see the path,
And cannot ever go that narrow road.

The righteous man's path,
Though has many downs,
in the eyes of the World,
Has found the narrow road to Heaven.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 30
About this poem:
Dedicated to My Dada who passed away on 01st May 2023. A man who walked the narrow path throughout his lifetime.
But, received God's Grace and Mercy in Abundance.
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12qw34er56tyonline today!

Children killed him

O killer of children how did you kill them? Is your army treacherous or weak?

Our armies?

If you kill them you are their enemy We are not angry about the killing of our children Death is better for us O inhabitant of the palace and ruler of our land. How much have you been deceiving us and how much have you been playing with us? If your son were among them I would answer them and kill their killer Please advise us

What did you do to them while you were our leader? What they did to us pleases you

And our offer ends?

If what you did was truly a sin then you are the punishment and you are all our sins

To the capitals of the world you go on a permanent pilgrimage to sell our chivalry and the rest of our pride If you cannot live without humiliation, how can you not seek to humiliate our country? If you don t know you re dead ask the dust of the earth about our ancestors Tomorrow you will come before God naked except for the clothes of fear Among our prayers are innocent children whose remains called out to you one day with their blood She did not move even once and asked that criminal who drank from the river of our children s blood

O killer of children how did you kill them? Is your army treacherous or weak?

Our armies?

If you kill them you are their enemy We don t get angry when our children are killed
Death is better for us
If you have some of their blood on your palm then their blood is crying on the palm of the one who let them down
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 8
About this poem:
Children are being killed exclusively on television and the world is not moving
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