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Die Your Way Industries

Are your tired of all that living crap?
Do you want to meet your maker
At a time of your choosing and in a creative way?
Well, at Die Your Way Industries we have many ways to kick the bucket!
You might like our Wisconsin plan where you get hit by a drunk driver
Or how about our California plan where your get hit by a driver texting
Perhaps you'd like our St. Louis plan where you get shot by a cop
And our Chicago plan where you get hit by a stray bullet
Let's not forget about our international options
Getting ripped apart by cape hunting dogs in Australia
Punched out in a bar brawl in Ireland
Getting hacked to death by machetes in our many locations in Africa
Drowning in a monsoon in India
Or being eating alive by a great white shark off the coast of Easter Island
Of course there are many options we can provide right in your own neighborhood
Making toast while taking a bath
Slipping on soap in the shower and not being able to get help for days on end
Mowing the grass on a wet hill with a riding lawn mower
Driving a motorcycle in heavy traffic
Crossing the street without looking both ways
Snitching on drug dealers
Getting just about any operation in the good ol USA
And I'm sure you have some creative ways of your own we haven't thought of
Whatever, It's your life
You should decide how you end it!
That's Die Your Way Industries
Located right across from McDonald's and right next to Planned Parenthood
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 21
About this poem:
Just having some fun with the subject of assisted suicide which I believe is legal in Oregon.
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Do you believe in what you can't see?
Your divine will tell you faith is knowing
Trusting in something, feeling it's existence
Some are religious, some are spiritual
Religion part man-made, spiritual comes from the heart
When we combine mind and heart our faith
Grows with blessings
Faith goes beyond being blind
Not based on proof
We ride the road of uncertainty
Yet our faith gives us joyful hearts
We believe God is alive
He died to redeem us
and rose again the third day
Born of a Virgin
with no sins to bear
but cleaned all of ours.
Nailed to the cross died
all our transgressions
Grace is given to us as a gift
We will be born again if accept it
A new DNA to life
Faith for many is believing in self
Trying to define a loyalty partner
Going to dictate allegiance to something
The Gospel is the truth
Faith in God's word
The good news
Faith is unquestionable
Everyone has their level of acceptance
Faith gives us hope
When we will face our Creator
The light will smother us with joy
For all nonbelievers you expose
Your own faith criteria
Respect to your own words
Your knees are just like mines
I fell upon mines one day
To humble me
Faith in you Jesus
Forever and ever
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 20
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My raft

I sail away
On a small raft
Through the rain,
Storm and thunder,
Taking with me
Only my childhood"s
Even if my way
Is enormous blunder,
Even it is
Full of pain
And sadness ,
Even my hart aches,
My raft ,
Created from songs,
Telling about
All my troubles,
Is not bad at all.
I run away
From those,
Who are not able
To understand
What happened to me
Suddenly ,
What inspired me
To move away,
What calmed me

I'll sail away.
On a small raft
To world,
Full of new colors,
Which i will find
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 20
About this poem:
It was written a couple of months ago , but it s still actual for now
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I heard the angels singing

I heard the angels singing above
Calling out their message of love

The mountains trembled and the skies rumbled
the seas danced with fury
as the clouds marched in a hurry

A great light shattered through the night as an angel
with silver wings took flight

She was so beautiful to me with fire and full of desire
Yet, only to offer healing to a world that lost its way.

She said unto me, "beloved of the earth always know you are loved and cared for each day.
Take not the things pure and good of this life for granted for it will one day fade
Hide not your love for each other for everyone is your sister and brother

Though you may feel at times your prayers may not be answered
They are always noted in the heavens written with each breath you take for his namesake

Oh the heavens hear your petitions and your inner thoughts
Some noble others for naught
Many cry of being surrounded and yet alone
You are only alone when you build your walls of doubt and offer petty little pouts

The day shall come when the heavens shall answer
The king shall call to his own to welcome them home
All are called but few choose to listen mostly because they can't hear between the noise of their own groaning.

But don't despair for there is always someone who cares
We may complain that life is unfair as the burdens we carry are unique and heavy to bear
They shall pass in time and life goes on and the weather shall be fair.

Hold onto your friends and family and to the ones who care
One day you will need them to be there
Push not away the hand that feeds you nor the arms that embrace you
Yet, how often does everyone do so.

For all the things we seek we shall find if we look in the right place as long as we don't give up on the race
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 20
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What's in a face, expressions
That give other's impressions
Some shallow, without fact
Compare beauty, others lack

Child's innocence, skin so fine
Elderly face, etched-and-lined
Eyes, that can mirror the soul
Lighting a face, make it whole

Contact with eyes , can be rare
Or hide behind, the fall of hair
Do we probe, to learn more
What's hidden, in-human-core.

We can wait, let time explain
Instead of tears, fall like rain
Give and take, the only way
Experience, to sharing days
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 19
About this poem:
getting to know you.....
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The One for Us ....

You and I search and hope for the same ...
though the love of our life
may still yet to have a name ...

The one we'd want to love
with all our heart and soul ...
We pray to God up above
so we may find our goal ...

To love wholly and truly ,
as to be loved back entirely ...
May we find our hearts' longing and desire,
whether or not it be you & I ....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 8, 2017
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Porch Light Burning- A Toast For 2012

When your mountain trail is long and daunting
And your spirit is feeling cold and wanting;
Like a far away flicker of firefly light,
Or Polaris, bright, in the high dark night.

There's a glow that seems to guide you homeward bound
And bids you welcome without sound;
It shines it's light for your safe return,
The porch light waits with patient burn.

When your steep trail tumbles to the valley floor
May you ride to the light at your front door.

Just some simple words...

Words are about as durable
As campfire smoke
Scattered by breezes
As quick as they're spoke.

Yet, when captured by the dewdrops
As cobwebs of rhyme
Some words turn to diamonds
Preserved for all time.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 31, 2011
About this poem:
May the porch light toast always guide you home safely. :-)
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Lonely Nights

Restless, wide awake, my head spinning around
Reaching out to touch you, but you are nowhere to be found

I look out of my window, know you are under the same sky
We are no longer together, and I have to question why?

We laughed and cried together, had some really special times
Now when I think of you, my words come out in rhymes.

My nights are cold, I shiver so much
Longing, aching, to feel your touch

I while away the hours, try to keep myself buzy
But the constant thoughts of you, make me feel so dizzy

I saw you tonight, we both smiled and said hello
I turned my face away from you, so the hurt would not show

As I lay here in my darkened room, my bed seems incredibly bare
I touch your pillow, shed a tear, wishing you were here!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 26, 2010
About this poem:
Forbidden love, the ex of one of my best friends, we had something special, but my friend is special too, so I had to make a choice. Not so sure it was the right one
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The whole city is wet
From the rain.
All the night and a cold day
We are not together ...
It's a pity.....

Wet umbrellas
Over the wet bridges,
The light trembles
From the darkness

And it does not matter
Whose fault is it.
I walk longs the street
The unspeakable wall
Of our words ..

There is nothing left,
The whole world
Has become like black
And white movie,
I know that you
Are still waiting for me,
But the love goes away
It will not return,
There are no tears
In my eyes.
it's just rain,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 13
About this poem:
I apologize in advance for errors in the English grammar.
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I watch clouds, they hurry on their way
Light and fluffy, as messages at play
Telling a story, for those that wait
Reading the sky, taking a break

From daily life, also hurrying past
Minute by minute, time cannot last
And as those clouds, quickly chase
Thoughts-memories, in constant haste

Time to relax, and control our time
Take a deep breath, drifting is fine
Everyone needs, to be in control
Breathe in peace, refuel the soul
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 19
About this poem:
What we need over time can change, sometimes taking a step back, can give us a better view.....
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