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Yankee4youonline today!

Dungaree Blues

Can I go back in time
To a sunny summer field
In its rhythm of peace
I watch as life slows
Peering over the dash
Through the windshield
I close my eyes and seek
Such memories like those
A child of the sixties
Far as a flower child goes
The last of my kind
The world will ever know
A lover of color patches
Sewn all over my clothes
Fading in some subtle hues
Into my dungaree blues
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 14
About this poem:
Feeling a little nostalgic for the 1960's.......
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salamunaonline today!

Simple truth

Somewhere there,
Beyond our knowledge,
Where mystery lives,
Someone hidden
Prepares in advance
That happens
Later by chance .........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 11
About this poem:
nothing in this life depends on us...
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My Multiverse Lover

I'm going to see you in my electric dreams
In this multi dimensional universe
Among the many lucky stars
I'll find you where ever you are

There is no place for mistakes
No data error or malfunctions
As long as you chat with me
In whatever social media

In this world of internet wonders
Nothing surprise me anymore
You are the only one for me
Nothing else really matters
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 14
About this poem:
About someone I met on the internet
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Nuwahri61online today!

second chance.........

He stands resolute in the confines of her shrine
To move an item would be terribly unkind
'Tis his way to keep her memory alive
Without it how would he ever survive

But his life is still very young
And within his darkness a light comes on
He doesn't have to forget just to let go
If he doesn't how will he ever know

So when opportunity knocks on his door
Tentatively he opens it to so much more
Will the chains to his heart be unkeyed
And release the shackles to set him free

Only he has the means to finally let go
His lifetime of love was all he did know
Now time has passed and he lives to learn
Lessons of life and a future to yearn ..........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 20 hrs ago
About this poem:
This fella had to learn he wasn't dishonouring his childhood love whom he had married and had passed away a few years earlier accept the interest of another woman .
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trurorobonline today!


I heard the rattle in my throat
That distinctive sound
Of gargling with shotgun pellets
Aunt Mavis knew what it meant
She had heard it all before
Forty years in the chicken factory
Had taught her a thing or two

But I didn’t bother to pass
Best that I just ignore it
Pearly gates never did anything for me
That’s the trouble with Atheism
You are just stuck in the middle
Looking up or down
But nowhere really to go

The milkman once said to me
Son, always be prepared
For what lies on the other side
I wasn’t sure what he meant
So I crossed the busy road
Still holding the four leaf clover
I had stolen from the dead man's hand
And clutching the St Christopher
Aunt Mavis swore would keep me safe
Forty years in the chicken factory
Had taught her a thing or two

They was advertised at the store
Death rattles for sale
Buy one, get one free
Why would you ever want two?
When one would always be
Much more than sufficient
Still, better to be safe than sorry
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 16, 2011
About this poem:
just some black humour!!
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lindsyjonesonline today!

my first haiku

singing in the rain
sun shines brilliantly
and the flowers bloom...

my heart loved you
together forever
she appeared, and love died...

I was walking alone
a car pulled over
we landed in Paris with laughter
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 4, 2014
About this poem:
I hope it works...
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godsprincessonline today!


Darkness gradually creeping into all souls
Making us feel no longer whole
Day after day living in the darkness of despair
No hope for light seen – bowing heads in prayer

In the middle of our darkest of days
A promised tiny light came to say
“I am” the one who has come to save
The World and today is my Birthday

By: Kathy Ostrander © November 24, 2018

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 24
About this poem:
The darkness of winter days seems endless. Then around the shortest day of the year we celebrate the birth of the light of the world - the tiny baby - Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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godsprincessonline today!

IMAGINE - Part 3 - Candle Joy

IMAGINE – Part 3

Imagine the world without the Candle Joy
The laugh of a child playing with a toy
New parents celebrating a new born birth
Celebrating holidays with sounds of mirth

Without Joy the whole world would be sad
Going around with nothing at all to feel glad
Every day would be like a day of mourning
Nothing to look forward to each morning

What a depressing place it would be
With no happiness in sight to see
Weeping, crying long faces all the time
Of Joy and gladness there would be no sign

On Christmas Day the Candle Joy came
In the form of a baby and Jesus was His name
He gave us the ability to see Joy in all things
Including death as our Spirit then to Heaven wings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 7, 2016
About this poem:
Candle Joy
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The Songthrush Song

It's funny how we go about, like ships in the night
Wondering Did I do this right or Did I hurt somebody's Heart?
Do people love to share or are they too afraid?
We often think we are estranged and yet this person, that person
Yearns for fellowship

The nighttime comes all mercy gone
What is the answer pray
And then a song thrush clears it's throat
To welcome this new day

Whatever was I thinking of, what darkness came to lurk?
To dampen my ardour and steal my precious joy
Oh, Take care my friend,Let's leap the ravene of sorrow
We'll land afresh and say, "What's this?"
The songthrush sings," It's Yesturday's Tomorrow!"

Christine B
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2
About this poem:
Thank you for reading my poem.
It's my first attempt so guidance is very welcome.
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Happychatty1online today!

From A Flicker To A Flame

Many people are searching,
in pursuit of finding the gift of true love
Maybe even waiting for it to knock on their door
or arrive on the wings of a Dove

Living in hope of new romance
or that an old one will revive,reignite
their desire to feel alive again at first glance
Some have broken hearts and, or frozen emotion.
Locked securely away for self preservation, protection
Whilst still yearning, longing for some love and affection

A world seemingly full of fearful doubtful people
Some willing yet somehow are still unable to
accept the notion
that it is never too late to find your soulmate
To be able to trust in and respond to sincere empathic positive regard, devotion.

Such is life with its guilty pleasures
That can also bring us blessing's of beautiful treasures.

Soon, Spring will return
with it’s rich tapestry of colour
And once again many new flowers will blossom
in delightful array
The air will be dense with the scent of their sweet perfume.
Will i then be ready to sense, to embrace
to taste, to consume romance
true love, should it kindly come my way
Enjoy the pleasure of basking once again, in its glory
Will i, choose to begin, the next chapter in my story.

I truly have no interest in a brief encounter
with such empty, insincere affection, or deception
For that surely could only possibly lead me on to feelings of low self-esteem,
low self-worth and, or rejection.

Whenever, if ever I meet that special man.
There will be no need for pressure,no real rush
we can take it slow,take time to dip our toes.
To explore each other, come to know how we feel
Thus, decide what we’d both really like,then see how it goes

If there be no mutual chemistry, as often can be
the case, then surely no one shall be held to blame
However, i think that if you should turn out to be
..THE ONE ..
I.. will..fall,
And together, we can both fan the flicker
in to a flame !
Then, with hope, trust, and mutual respect,
our love for one another will surely
endearingly, eternally, remain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 29
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