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Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles is a website for singles to connect.
Connecting is hard as there are so many barriers.
If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, these barriers hinder any connection.

Not all connections will be a “love connection”, but 99% will dismiss another instead of being friends.
Most of the time friendship last longer than a love connection.

Connecting singles is only the name of this website and 99% of the time it does not work for the intended audiences.
So let the singles enjoy this website to post read and pass the time.

!!!!!!!!Yeah for Connecting Singles!!!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 21
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A New Poet

They come in not sure of their welcome
post their words with trepidation
scared maybe of being ignored or mocked
not sure even if they can write at all.

You all know this feeling
once too you were new
if lucky someone held out a hand
gathered you under their wing.

Gave you lots of encouragement
by reading and commenting kindly
Happily you replied and learnt
and you too now welcome the new poets.

Carrying on the tradition
for to greet and comment
brings hope to faint hearted
so as you post remember this.

You were once new and unsure
so hold out your hand in friendship
comment on other's poems
and they in turn will respond.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2015
About this poem:
I have noticed that many poets get no comments at all.
in most sites there are dedicated greeters that welcome new poets
Please remember that you were once new and encourage others.
As for the new poet you too should comment on others
By doing so you will make new friends and be encouraged
And yes even inspired by their works so breathe a little life
into this site all it needs is some care and respect for others.
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The protector of all the maidens here

A Gentle Man, one who defends woman,
He would rush in sword drawn and fight for her always.

A seductive Man, one who would take time to learn about who she is and seduce her until she melts.

A Mystery Man, one who is always one half a step in the lead, He shows a glimps of himself and retreats behind words.

If you follow the words and piece them together, if you see under the masks. ..

There is a Man who I know is inside many a maidens bloodstream and floats inside them.

A Man so worth feeling.

(shhhh if you visit the Cafe you would be able to watch and see what I mean)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2014
About this poem:
About someone kind of yummy:-)
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Awaken, dear soul, from your slumber deep,
Unveil your potential, let it no longer sleep.
Seek within the strength that you possess,
Embrace self-improvement, and let it manifest.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2023
About this poem:
the poem serves as a motivational reminder to awaken one's dormant potential, to seek strength from within, and to embrace the process of self-improvement. It encourages individuals to break free from limitations, harness their inner capabilities, and allow their true selves to flourish.
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Fadedbluejeansonline today!

Another sporatic poem

Stay off the drugs
As best as you can
Eat well and exercise
If you can. and also
Be the best you can be
Till death do you part.
cause a moment later will be your last fart.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2023
About this poem:
You can only make it so far so what IS the Contest.
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Cafe's Mermaid

It was dusk and the sun was just going to bed over the sea, the water was carm and looked like blue, green, white and silver glass.

She climbed onto a rock slowly so she would not be seen,
Her tail shimmered with the colours of the sea, her hair red and flowing curled slightly just past her breasts, falling free with rivers of water down her back.

She gazed at the shore her blues eyes searching the beach.
She spotted him laying there, his legs stretched out in the sand, his strong arms folded behind his head, he was gazing out at the water lost in thought.

She watched him as she had done for the last two nights, she wondered what he was thinking, she wondered what his hair would feel like if she could run her fingers through it, what his lips would feel like if she could kiss him.

Today she felt brave suddenly and slide into the water,
She swam slowly into his line of vision and watched him slowly sit upright and rub his eyes as he saw her, she looked deep into his eyes and smiled slowly at his expression.

She blew a kiss and waved, laughed and dived into the sea her tail flashing for him, and decided tomorrow she would be braver.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2013
About this poem:
You did ask to get you a mermaid didn't you cafe?:-)
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Fadedbluejeansonline today!

As the World Turns Day After Day

Day After Day as The World turns.
I don't quite know what it is like to be you but.
I'm not that far off to not notice your pain.
Which is something I have learned.
I did try but you far proved you weren't you.
This routine heartbreak could only go so far.
My limits are not to gain nor be intimate again.
No apology will EVER be Taken.
I hope you are shaken as it doesn't take much to notice.
When you beltch out the loud speaker you have spoken.
2 different Divorce announcements has been a blast.
The smoke is clear. That was Great!!! Find another Date
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2022
About this poem:
It's about a fictional Predator who goes on vacations for a thrill.
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The Walls Are Crumbling Down -Some Thoughts About Poetry Corner And Adding Two Cents

When I became a member of the Poetry Corner over 10 years ago, this place was warm, welcoming and a balm to one's soul from the weariness of the world. It was a happy place and we were loved and supportive of one and all. cowboy

Over the past two years, someone had come here and caused one heck of a ruckus. Tomes were written and feathers were more than ruffled.Finger pointing and accusations were a ' flyin'. Some even left to never return because of it all and then some.

Sides were taken and sides were listened to without bias nor complaint. questions were certainly raised and not in a good way. Screenshots saved, e-mails saved, page upon page of accusations and blame gaming have been SAVED. RECEIPTS have been kept should anyone have need of them. The long and end game is now coming into play.

For two years, ugliness has reigned here and for what? Oneupmanship, someone ALWAYS has to be on TOP? What For? It boils down to ego and control. You know what it does? It causes new members to leave and for older members to stop sharing their works. It makes us ALL look bad. Every. Last. One. Of. Us. It becomes a self-containing, navel gazing echo chamber. Surely you want better than that? Right?

We should be better than this. We should be behaving like responsible, mature adults. Instead, the walls have been crumbling down here and have for two years. Continue on as you are going right now and this place is FINISHED. This shouldn't ever have to said.

Please keep my words to heart. No STALKING, no harassment, no more sadness for all and sundry. I'm law enforcement so be sure to take care with words and actions from here on out because CONSEQUENCES will be coming for us all. Be supportive of one another, gently guide and remember to always be kind and gracious TO ALL.

ReaderOfSouls (ROS) cowboy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2022
About this poem:
Some thoughts on the sadness that is permeating and destroying this loved place. We should all take heed of our own actions, words and deeds from here on out. cowboy
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I haven’t been here long,
But it feels like it.
Can’t tell if I’m wrong,
But it seems like it.
I need to be strong,
Yes, my will heeds it.
With a prayer and a song,
I may come through it:
Not sure I belong, here…
Too early to quit.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2022
About this poem:
Such is life.
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Special poem for ALL poets of Poet's Corner.

Acknowledgement from me to you,
Of all the things you say and do,
With every poem you compose too,
Comments I give heartfelt and true!

Our work is our pride and joy,
Express in happiness or sadness,
From every youthful girl and boy,
Regardless of our creative madness.

Sometimes our poems taken out of context,
It differ from person to person,
This is not a poetry contest,
All in different visions and versions.
Most are from personal experience,
Others are just inspirational influence!
That's what makes each and every poem special,
In our home..Poet's Corner is special !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
From the past to the present poets ...
I once again post this tribute to All .
And lest not forget our Lost ones too and those missing whom might return like I did .
Thank you all for viewing this humble poem of mine .
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