Cafe's Mermaid

It was dusk and the sun was just going to bed over the sea, the water was carm and looked like blue, green, white and silver glass.

She climbed onto a rock slowly so she would not be seen,
Her tail shimmered with the colours of the sea, her hair red and flowing curled slightly just past her breasts, falling free with rivers of water down her back.

She gazed at the shore her blues eyes searching the beach.
She spotted him laying there, his legs stretched out in the sand, his strong arms folded behind his head, he was gazing out at the water lost in thought.

She watched him as she had done for the last two nights, she wondered what he was thinking, she wondered what his hair would feel like if she could run her fingers through it, what his lips would feel like if she could kiss him.

Today she felt brave suddenly and slide into the water,
She swam slowly into his line of vision and watched him slowly sit upright and rub his eyes as he saw her, she looked deep into his eyes and smiled slowly at his expression.

She blew a kiss and waved, laughed and dived into the sea her tail flashing for him, and decided tomorrow she would be braver.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2013
About this poem:
You did ask to get you a mermaid didn't you cafe?:-)

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Happygolucky4uonline today!
laugh At least she flashed him some tail before swimming offuncertain giggle
rolling on the floor laughing Happy, he said "can you get me a date with a mermaid, I'll be good"
He didn't say I had to plan the whole thinggrin , he saw her now he has to make the movewink
Left some scope to expandinnocent

Thanks Linda, lol, couldn't resist after the thought startedgrin
Hi There Jewel, You have done it again with this wonderful mermaid poem, your poems are so interesting and exciting and you describe all the action, you can almost picture what your mind is thinking, I love your work, you are such a beautiful writer, and one day you maybe remembered for the amazing poems you have created, all the best Jewel, best wishes. John yay kiss teddybear bouquet
Hi Ladyjewel

Very romantic what a lovely "tail"laugh you have to tell

Really enjoyed reading your wonderful thoughts...Stunning.
Thank you for sharinghug angel wave
I really wish he was here, I could just talk and he would listen, such a darling, I hope you got to find your mermaid sad flower
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