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Making love in the rain

It has always been a desire, an unfulfilled will
Making love in the rain, by the sea
I remember how it was today, such an autumn day
You and me, on that beach at night, on a one-way trip
Just the two of us, the sea, the moon
I wish you were mine and you wanted me to be yours
No stars to count, the overcast moon
I lay you on the sand, I launched myself the discovery
I gently touched your face, kissed your neck
You shivered, I felt like a boy and a boy
I didn't need light, I didn't need to see you
Just with the touch, I felt your body tremble
Shivering wasn't from cold, it was from deep desire
And I absorbed by your body, the world could end !!!
With my hands between your thighs, I kissed you fervently
I wanted to take you that night, very slowly
Explore every inch of your body, indulge me in your beauty
I never wanted anyone like that, I was sure of that
The clouds covered the moon, the little rain was falling
And I between your breasts, I was discovering you
The rain wetted our bodies, it didn't stop us
Our desire didn't cool, in the rain we would love
The rain that fell, the sea that bathed us, your salty body.
Unique, delicious flavor, sacred moment.
Two bodies that joined the rain, souls that satiated
Promises that were fulfilled, wishes that were fulfilled
Moist moans, torrid wills, madness of youth
Common feelings enjoyed to the full
And it was that night, wet but hot
That I kept the memory of the two of us in my mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 30
About this poem:
Making love in the rain

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Comments (3)

Very nice revealing a few details.
A bit too wet for me though.
You didn't say if the rain was warm since it was in the Portugal, I presume?
Gritanteonline today!
In Portugal, often starting in the middle of autumn, practically we have the beginning of summer temperatures, including hot rain.
southmiami4321online today!
I enjoy rainy days, as long as no thunder is around. Nicely written, two in love, and sharing it. SMwave
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