Floating Awareness

Drifting in thought an element of rot
the stench was in the air
Whod it be, the next one caught
whilst villagers danced with flair

Round and round the dancers danced
whilst about the fire they went
We all looked on as if entranced
upon their movements we just starred

The occasional cry out a singers yell
marking the change of the rhythms drum
One by one like a story the dancers would tell
as the nearby witches in all their glory would hum
they began to make the spell

Seducing and Sultry the movements grew stronger
the Spell was spoken into the air
Each of us transfixed whilst blinking no longer
Upon the flames and movement we starred

Hickery stickery Oh Golems Tomb
Awake dear one we summons thee
We give you strength to appear
Awake now you sleeping sprite
Bring upon us no reigning doom
We give you life to set you free
Come now dear one Drink of our Light

From over yonder came a witch walking
and into the culdron casting the herb
Careful not to interrupt our attention as if to not disturb
More herbs now to herself she kept talking
In some other language she spoke the word

Transfixed even more, onto the fire, we all heard Liar!
a man yelled to another near a tent
a fight broke out and the men settled soon
As if nothing had happened their energy spent

Meanwhile the dancers whirling and twirling
As we kept our transfixed gaze
One of the villagers felt sick, began hurling
All our heads felt weird in a maze
The Witches continued their spell

With a thunderous Snap, Pop, and Crackle
the embers in the fire grew ablaze
The Smoke grew higher, higher and higher
Whilst we felt drunk in a daze

Dillard: "Mom!! Amber wont leave me alone! I'm trying to write a poem here."
Amber: "Dillard come on! get out of the bathroom I need to brush my hair!
Why do you always write poems in the bathroom, anyway? you freak!"
Mom: Dillard, give your sister the bathroom. I've talked to you about this before."
Dillard with his notebook and pen stampered out of the bathroom and went off to his room.
Amber: Finally, you dork!
Dillard yelling: Yeah, well one day I might write about you! What will you say then?!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 6

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Comments (2)

southmiami4321online today!
Quite a cozy place to write such a story. Dillard's writing imagination kept the reader's attention.
Zoharstrius, don't be bewitched with those herbs, can transform you quickly.......rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing typing some other place can enchant the poem.
Enjoyed SM
Thank You @southmiami4321
I truly enjoy sharing what I write with others, in hopes of it maybe touching or inspiring them in some way. and I like to push the boundaries of literary undestanding, lingering there, then tell stories in multiple layers. So that more can be gained with each pass through when reading it over again. And sometimes a plot twist takes us to a different form of self. Thank you for responding.
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