Vanity's Dream

There - mine self - it stands alone
Let it be - it sulks - let it Weep
Again - that force - some brewery of hate
Churns and Burns - where Nerves were cool
Then silence breaks - from Voice - a drone
As resentment lurks for Nausea to Creep
Wherein its place - the Wars of Fate
Making me to be - this thing - a Fool

O Look away - how dare I stare
Upon that face of mine own reflection
As if I were impressed by its aging look
comparing that image to a Self unknown
Vanity's dream compels me there
Unmeasured time from my life it took
Lifetimes seen from seeds I've sown

Rubbish it is - it is - a knot of mystery carefully tied
An enigma veiled neath the Yoke of strife
a Labyrinth of the dying and living
Bodies to shed like old Costumes Worn
Knowing each one had laughed and Cried
Bound to the Wheel of death and life
While herein this shell - this Soul doth Mourn

O Stop it - you - You ego who Sulks
As if this illusion you never knew
Stop your whining and shape up your stance
Be Free - with me - staying strong and bold
And if the tide-of-pride against Us bulks
Walk with me - our Course is true
We are the Moments of the Cosmic dance
We are the telling of the stories told
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 25

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