Love Abandoned

When the rose meets the thorn
And upon the sun looks with scorn
Seeing other flowers dancing nigh
Neath the moon of a calming light

Stifles regret –whilst flowers play-
Awaiting the dawn of a newer day
Begs within to be freed from the tie
That binds the thorn to the rose inside

When the dawn greets the mind
Thoughts consumed like a bitter wine
And that aching need to hold one nigh
Instead the breath -an outward sigh-

The thoughts amiss in a constant whirl
As emotions cling to what thought proclaims
The happenstance of a desired girl
To know the embrace of Peace again

Yet the day soon gone, and quickly passes
Surrounded by everyone’s hour glasses
Yet alone, still wanting to be free
From the thorns inside of me

So onward I march to the soundless drum
The brain, the mind, that wretched sun
That rises and sets on the horizon of self
As the heart doth battle for a victory won

A victory the mind ne’er knew hath passed
For the swirling woes of torment sings
The romantic savored sweet taste at last
The songs of what for love would cling

Then awake, the dream of night doth end
Forgetting love, to reach for a friend
Yet where art thou sister or brother near
I am still alone, this incessant fear

For whom to reach, when no one’s nigh
Entrapped by the desire to be reborn
Each consumed by their outward sighs
Everyone’s heart tied to thorns

Drunken in love I would forever be
If every thorn like a wine to savor
And each aching heart I’d ever see
Bared the same hopes and regrets as me

Yet drunken I’m not for mine heart is empty
Love abandoned to mine final prose
Whilst the sun of thought, once again to tempt me
My mind the thorn, my heart the rose

If only I could be a Tree
Maybe then I would be free
Free to know that perhaps for one
I might cast a shadow from their own sun

Lest they, like I
Doth live to die
Too sad to care, too weak to fight
Had they the strength to rekindle the light

That slowly dims, to soon be gone
Soon to be out, the storm turned calm
As death comes, to free the will in song
As a new seed borns another rose
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2014

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