Longing To Know You (Part Two) ...Continued ~The End

You could choose to let that Go
If for you that was your Path
Surrendering to what you now Know
As you become a righteous Wrath
A wrath that strips away all Pain
For in me you see the promise of Truth
Like the Moon that cycles the Wax and Wane
A warrior for Love, a reborn Youth
For Love, Tis true, Is it worth the Journey
That you or I may be reborn to Live
Or like others looking forward that Gurney
A detested life to the grave to Give
Whatever your story or whatever your Plight
I am certain you are worthy of More
I could join you in that dauntless Fight
To be for each other what we would adore
Yet what good the cause if we're too Sad
To see the Social Cues for our Embrace
Or distracted by a past that's Bad
Outrunning ghosts, pains to Replace
Like a pile of chips by the whittler's Hand
Cast aside to ground, a fall to Burn
Or walked upon like some grain of Sand
What good to you, For me to Yearn
Pointless perhaps, For what worth is This
Compared to you it pales neath your Worth
We could be in an eternal Bliss
In me for you, can you see the Birth
A birthing of what you once Bought
Into the storehouse of imagined Dreams
A love that's true that you once Sought
Before giving in to what Doubt Beseems
Can I be for you What you would be for Me
Can you be for me What I'd be for You
Had we both the strength to truly See
That with each other we are truly Free
Free at last from Suffering's Trance
A gift ever true from the Heavens Above
Free to laugh at Dying's Dance
Free to be Forever in Love
All these words a truth in Swoon
So in all of this in what I Say
By the day of Sun or the Night of Moon
I'd ask you this in a special Way
Tell me, Tell me, of thine Splendor
Grant reward, that I Might Do
Tell me of: what I'd Remember
Would you like of me, To Remember You?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 24

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