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Nostalgia Poems (1,179)

Here is a list of Nostalgia Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASSWhat though the radiance Which was once so bright Be now forever taken from my sight. Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendour in the g...

FER1970382Dec 711 hrs ago

Cricketing memoriesI wrote this poem whilst sitting watching a game in later life...

Sparky337470Nov 25
Conscience Poem

ConscienceJust as I ponder on my thoughts I feel uneasy to comprehend For life itself is a struggle People say only the fittest will survive Am I one of the...

angel99999601Nov 11Nov 11
Dads Birthday Poem

Dad's BirthdayLike the Cinderalla song says "You don't know what you got till it's gone."...

mcradloff982Oct 2Oct 6

ONCEIt speaks...

optimisticme1010Sep 21
Birdie Poem

BirdieOne of my favorite golf shots happened long ago with my brother. It was a par 3, first shot off tee went into a bunker, second shot stayed in the bun...

mcradloff1123Sep 11Sep 15
Gritante1201Sep 3Sep 3
WI Dells Poem

WI DellsI've been going to WI Dells since 1985 when my friend Todd and his mom and dad took me to Family Land(now Mt Olympus, Noah's Ark(Waterpark), and Tommy...

mcradloff1122Aug 28Sep 1
MissIreland3844Jun 2020Aug 25

1920's haikuthe feel of the jazz age...

Oceanzest1505Aug 21Aug 21
Dunk The Clown Poem

Dunk The ClownI am going to the Grant County Fair in Lancaster today for games and fair food, tomarrow for the Demolition Derby. I seen this way back in the 80's,...

mcradloff880Aug 21
FargoFan992Aug 15Aug 19
Songs Poem

SongsIf you could read my mind by Gordon Lightfoot What's Up by 4 Non Blondes Crossroads by Bone Thugs N Harmony 99 by Toto Fight the Power by Public E...

mcradloff931Aug 14Aug 15

I was never very sociable.I was never very sociable. I never fit in those circles of friends Where each one tries to show off more than the other, I never liked being the ce...

Gritante1862Jul 30Aug 14
light horse Poem

light horsetribute to ozzie light horse from a355074 retired...

john_keats2021700Jul 28
Oceanzest840Jul 20
One Week on my Cell Phone Poem

One Week on my Cell PhoneI know I have seen more, but I can't remember them all. It has been fun though....

mcradloff1174Jul 9Jul 11

Winter EveningJust sweet & sad thoughts of home fill my mind as I sit alone looking out of the window,watching the few sparrows braving the cold ( past their bed t...

lilygold761166Jul 4Jul 5

EVERY mIRROR eVERf*ck you, I hate you...

floatingcastles2095Jun 25Jun 29
Memories of Dad Poem

Memories of DadDad sure had plenty to say!...

mcradloff993Jun 18Jun 20

OLD FEELINGSThis pandemic has given us more time to look back and reflect on the past. Sometimes, there are people and things that we must let go of because they'...

justruby1172Jun 15Jun 16

BookAnd so be it...

trurorob58818May 2020Jun 14

Jute dayscollecting the fruit in Central America...

Oceanzest790May 20
Sonnet 16 Poem

Sonnet #16Time is one of my most Treasured Assets; so this is an interesting Sonnet that sums it up for me.......

worldwide24402Mar 2017May 17

ContradictionsThis came to me as I was trying a tune on the piano. It is not about anyone in particular - just some thoughts crossing my mind....

Dan_7772604Feb 20Feb 20
The Bears Still Suck Poem

The Bears Still SuckFound this song on youtube, looking forward to the Packers beating the Buccaneers to go to the Super Bowl LV....

mcradloff1021Jan 22Jan 23
Go Bears Poem

Go Bears!I watched the game last week and it didn't matter at all who won that game. The Bears still made the playoffs and the Packers still have home field a...

mcradloff1142Jan 8Jan 12
Dressed in White Poem

Dressed in White..Depicting Winter snow as a new bride....Just letting my imagination roam freely. Christmas is a time for family and fond memories....

Mizzy422412Dec 2020Jan 3
E M Forsters poem

E.M.Forster's poemIt describes how we should be ready to encounter problems in life and surpass them....

alexandre_aguiar1371Dec 2020Dec 2020
Vacation Day Poem

Vacation DayIt's fun to take some of that moola and do something fun with it. Tonight I'm going to a Chinese buffet with a friend....

mcradloff1261Nov 2020Nov 2020
Canada Five Dollar Bill Poem

Canada Five Dollar BillI went to Canada in 2003 and 2005 and brought home a five dollar bill, a two dollar coin(silver with a golden polar bear in the middle) and a dollar c...

mcradloff1191Oct 2020Oct 2020
Life Poem

Lifeit is about the struggles in life and concerning covid-19...

paulosfuzz1532Sep 2020Sep 2020
Parade Poem

ParadeThis coronovirus is messing things up. There were no masks being worn at the gas station, since Lafayette County doesn't require them, but I didn't k...

mcradloff1402Sep 2020Sep 2020

She said 'Whatever'In part from a photo of a street corner with early cars from a century ago...

FargoFan1542Sep 2020Sep 2020
Whitney Poem

WhitneyI just got done watching a two hour documentary on Whitney Houston....

mcradloff1563Sep 2020Sep 2020
Prince and Michael Jackson Poem

Prince and Michael JacksonI have both albums on record. I would say I listened to Thiller more than Purple Rain. I have a hard time picking which songs I liked better. I did...

mcradloff67917Apr 2013Sep 2020
The Belle of Yeavering Bell Poem

The Belle of Yeavering BellThe Belle of Yeavering Bell It was an eye for an eye In times gone by A life when they lived to trade So if you enter her home Where you are fr...

Bernician1451Sep 2020Sep 2020

Lost photographyLost photography click on projector turns as wheels rolling time shadow lines pale distance western perimeter Apache dawn totem dance buffal...

Oceanzest1401Sep 2020Sep 2020

PICKING THROUGH THE PIECESAll the little pieces, fragments and crumbs of life. The troubles, the love, the fears and the spice. Make us what we are today. Show us where...

Tamotie1321Sep 2020Sep 2020

SeasideAn online chat perhaps 7 years ago with a fellow online teacher, she Russian, but teaching in Holland. I used to mark her English articles and in one...

FargoFan1996Aug 2020Sep 2020
Tombstone Poem

Tombstone?I went to Ed Gein's grave last month, no tombstone, a hole dug so some fan of his could take home some dirt as a memento, Dad's grave looked eerily si...

mcradloff1713Aug 2020Aug 2020
Passion Poem

PassionIn a glass of wine I hid the scrap passions waiting and longing. Skin fire it is a painful element will not extinguish it satin nor ice not a...

makatka1431Aug 2020Aug 2020

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