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Nostalgia Poems (1,145)

Here is a list of Nostalgia Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Don't Dilly Dally AroundYour mama sent you to a country store She said Don't dilly dally around You're walking barefoot on a dusty road And you don't hear any sound Of...

EyeLook4U351Aug 2Aug 3
Gritante910Jul 19

Bengawan SoloI like the Indonasian song with the title "Bengawan Solo" very much.This song is translated into many foreign languages,,so I tried to translate the...

SatoshiOkano540Jul 18
MissIreland1302Jun 29Jul 9
Hither and Tither Poem

Hither and Titherjust some jumbled thoughts...

shadow19501343Jul 4Jul 7

Miner's SoulIn memory of miners and their families still struggling to make it. Love you....

BobbyC7776420Jun 24

BookAnd so be it...

trurorob26111May 7May 29

A Schoolboy's Dream (circa 1984)* Upper Blue Mountains townships (they were back then); really just outer suburbs, of Sydney, now....

lovecanbereal1558Apr 15Apr 25

IS THERE A REASON!!!!Is there a reason........ Why birds fly, Babies die, Mothers cry Humans lie? Is there a reason......... Why girls remain shy, Boys think they...

kle76am5839Dec 2013Apr 14
Love Poem

LoveIs waiting for morning and night and safe sleep waiting for steps and knocking on the door waiting for touch and screaming fulfi...

makatka1030Apr 9
What comes Poem

What comesWhat comes is not expected And expectations Fall short of Reality...

Palmfrond3572Nov 2017Apr 6
Coils of wire Poem

Coils of wireThis is not these day and not these night not these birds yours sat on the knit of the moon they sing a lullaby or they fall silent in the dark....

makatka1070Apr 2
Two for two Poem

Two for twoWhat do your hands hide I am lava every time you touch look from under the eyelashes. Covered with sweat scrolls of arms and legs we don't think...

makatka1412Mar 29Mar 31
Where Are You My Friend Poem

Where Are You My FriendI looked across the empty barren field Where the land seemed to lay silent and still Remembering a time when it once yield Now everything seems des...

Happygolucky4u6137May 2012Mar 29
Gritante1840Mar 23
My angel Poem

My angelGoodbye my angel with blue eyes with hair like a gossamer thread you are gone on the hills covered with frost cold breath of Lord God. Goodbye...

makatka1270Mar 21
Between waking and sleeping Poem

Between waking and sleepingI'm afraid, between waking up and sleeping I will lose myself in desires. That you will disappear before sunrise. Sleep is not a place everyday...

makatka2917Mar 7Mar 11
Song written in spring Poem

Song written in springFind the content and life of your meaning Flourish with each day at sunrise. Enjoy the drops of morning mist And dancing among the grass feel free....

makatka1706Feb 18Feb 22

Noble decade- the 60sLate night has led me to another 'vague scribble' i consider worthy of sharing with the 60s as a kid, i remember in the city our lives at nig...

Ronnie7791101Jan 8Feb 16
Another Great Singer Poem

Another Great SingerIt is like looking for a needle in a hay stack to find a good song out there these days. When I was growing up in the 80's, it was hit after hit afte...

mcradloff940Feb 1

MOON OF MY ANCESTORSI wrote this poem as a result of my trip to Ireland. It was actually SIX years ago that I went and May 8th was the day I returned to my front door. Th...

CelticPoet121,48454May 2012Jan 10
Nostalgie Poem

NostalgieIt is all about living far away from the place where you was born and spent your childhood.......

salamuna34012Feb 2019Jan 3
2020 Poem

2020He came in the cover of the night music and street dances. He came with a shot of traffic jams hugs and good luck wishes. He came when I was...

makatka1421Jan 1Jan 1

A PlaceDeprsession and how those caught in the trap desperately try to escape. My first poem for three years, trying to start again....

trurorob38716Nov 2019Dec 31
Winter Poem

WinterI look out the window see snowflakes. Like ballerinas dancing to inaudible music. People wrapped in colorful scarves wandering through the stre...

makatka2229Dec 20Dec 30
I like Poem

I likeI like to think that you are. Seeing your gaze roving along the lines of my body. Enigmatic smile your lips I like to know that you are. Gr...

makatka1160Dec 28
In a not green green Poem

In a not green, greenIn a not green, green room dreams come easier by the glow of the stars of the Moroccan lamp. In a not green, green room the silence is broken...

makatka1230Dec 14
Window Poem

WindowWhen I look at the window stray clouds are starting to argue. The heavy rain is crying with tears washing the windows of my memories. When I look...

makatka1432Dec 2019Dec 2019
Chrysalis Poem

ChrysalisChrysalis never thinks of herself as a beauty but she knows that what will become inevitable. She's waiting until the right time comes pupatio...

makatka1462Dec 2019Dec 2019
Tears Poem

TearsDon't shed your tears for the one who doesn't deserve it because the one who deserves it won't make you cry....

joseanibalp970Dec 2019
Days Poem

DaysThere are days when you cry though not a single tear does not run down the cheek. There are words that are born in bitterness, though they will...

makatka1262Dec 2019Dec 2019

Glass MenagerieSo little,but at the same time very crucial things are the most relevant for me. Just like unforgotten glass menagerie from one distant,unrepeatable...

AutumnChild2032Dec 2019Dec 2019

The Circle of LifeLife just seems to be an endless circle Never knowing from day to day I've been Reading in Poetry So I decided to write another one My first one...

HotrodLarrys25016Nov 2019Nov 2019
When Poem

WhenWhen I turn off the light the pillow next to me crying with your scent. I hug her tightly to feel to remember to live when the next black nigh...

makatka1150Nov 2019
A walk after the rain Poem

A walk after the rainAfter rain birds - suicides flow straight under the wheels of cars After rain green trees are greener and the smell of grass breaks in in th...

makatka1110Nov 2019
Rain Poem

RainI sank my face in heavy rain seeking relief. I thought it would be easier when will wash away my desires I wanted to wash my longing remove all...

makatka1621Nov 2019Nov 2019

BonfireAll the emotions felt staring into a beach fire....

Yankee4you1720Nov 2019

ElegyI still search for you my unforgotten childish bird. Miss you so much,like I miss endlessly my priceless childhood. Remains will stay as trophies fr...

AutumnChild3059May 2019Nov 2019
Vanishing Poem

VanishingI dance with the wind like a broken leaf swirling in gusts of joy. Indian summer turns a thin thread, and autumn comes to my heart. Color pale...

makatka1381Nov 2019Nov 2019

No Man's LandHow much I miss my Yugoslavia. Land that doesn't exist anymore. I was a child when war began in Croatia and Bosnia. Serbia was excluded from those...

AutumnChild2686Nov 2019Nov 2019
Irish People Poem

Irish PeopleStarting to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with all the Irish entertainers I have enjoyed over the years....

mcradloff67515Mar 2014Nov 2019
November tears Poem

November tearsNovember tears fall asleep to their music, the noise of fallen leaves, fast twilight that steals a ray of sunshine dry grass on the hills of P...

makatka1622Nov 2019Nov 2019

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