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trurorobonline now!
by trurorobAlicante, Valencia, SpainMay 711 comments


There are times
When I feel an affinity
With an old forgotten book
Dusty and worn
With a sad pitted cover
Where the elements and time
Have taken their toll
The chapters of my life
Make no great reading
Like the book
Neither of us is a classic
But we both have a story
To tell
In pages so steeped
Within sadness and sorrow
As great bitterness and regret
Weep from both our spines
And the glue
Which for so long
Bound us both
To our own existence
Had deteriorated
Beyond all recognition
But more than any other thing
The final two words
Of both our journeys
Remain true and constant
“The End”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 7
About this poem:
And so be it

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Comments (11)

salamuna will be day...with eveyones book of life...but please do not be in a hurry..go on with your book ..maybe you will discover some new funny stories there and write some new of your great your write..but it makes me worry about you. Take care and thank you for Book. Lily x teddybear
godsprincessonline now!
Very pensive write but then all of us have had plenty of time to take a closer look at life - where we have been - the now - and wonder about the future. Of course none of us live forever here on planet Earth. Very thought provoking poem. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy teddybear
Beautifully expressed feelings ~ BUT ~ I believe your book is far from already having it's last chapter written.

I think that there are not only many more chapters to write in the story of your life~ but in addition ~ Many more books to be written.

Madyteddybear bouquet
Hi, trurorob,
Surely, There are times everyone living can identify with the emotion of regret so well-portrayed in this reflective poem. Where the elements and time Have taken their toll . Fortunately for us, the poet has many fine stories to tell that, like treasured books, are still read and enjoyed. Thank you for sharing.
trurorobonline now!
No need to worry about me Lily, thanks for the comment.
Rob x
godsprincessonline now!
Each of us has a purpose here in life. We may not be seem important in our own minds but we are important to others that we touch. Just have you have been encouraging tome and I thank you for that. At the end of the journey looking back - I would rather have all my friends and my faith then all the fame and money in the world. It gets lonely at the top. Your book is a good read.

Kathy teddybear
trurorobonline now!
Thanks Kathy
trurorobonline now!
Thanks Doglover
Doing some reading today glad i ran across this one...Mad feels cheers
trurorobonline now!
Thank you Joy
candykidonline today!
Like a bullet through the brain. I would have expected nothing less from you. Expertly-written, without any unnecessary or excessive words.thumbs up
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