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We ran with lions across the wild Serengeti
Scaled the Himalayas for the elusive yeti
Danced the dance of the glorious antelope
As we lived our romance in kaleidoscope

Spreading young wings wider than the albatross
As time drifted on by in clouds of candyfloss
Along the Nile we collected crocodile tears
Swam with dolphins who allayed any fears

Floated in time with the brightest humming bird
Roamed over the plains with a mighty bison herd
Absorbed blood red sunsets in a desert dream
Waited for the stars in a glorious array of agleam

Saw polar bears stare as we scaled the frozen land
All these we discovered never leaving hand in hand
Then history tells us that time becomes an outcast
As the wonder years sped on by from first to last

Our world had now spun from dawn to full eclipse
As you parted that final kiss upon my cold lips
Take me my love further than I have ever been
And let me see the future that your eyes have seen

Across all the rivers and over the many oceans
From mountain tops to the desert of emotions
Take me my love to be always by your side
And allow our memories as your life’s guide

She scattered my ashes across her life
Upon the plains that had seen so much strife
She took them higher than an eagle dare
And deeper than a heart could ever share

Will you weep to capture all of our past
Will tears lie as salt lakes until the last
Scatter me my love upon your very soul
Scatter me wherever you lay your bowl
Scatter me amongst all your sad emotions
Scatter me once again as you cross the Oceans

And when all to you appears to be lost
And life seems to be covered in the cold frost
Take heart my love and hear the new fawn
And live and live upon the new dawn
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2014
About this poem:
I am now scattered!!, time for bed

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Comments (67)

Mizzy4online today!
Great write Rob !
Enjoyed much !

Mesmerizing read my friend...Felt as if I were joining you!conversing
Captivating rob. I need to read this several
times ..
This one rocks Rob!

Kentip hat
Hey Rob. Excellent poem really liked it! Thx J
Good stuff Rob, really good stuff.Bravo my friend…Jessehandshake
this is beautiful rob
moving, truly cheers
Impressive story and imagery here Rob...
niah9online today!
well you know how I feel about Bowl of Cherries.....I have a feeling this is close to replacing it...lovely isn't good enough Rob, but you know what I mean.....Kathyteddybear yay
a poem of epic proportions Rob delivering a wealth of emotions great pen hugs
A wonderful read a wonderful poem of a lifes journey I have read a few times now Rob you are a true poet.teddybear
A wonderful read a wonderful poem of a lifes journey I have read a few times now Rob you are a true poet.teddybear
Agreed. Had to read this lengthy write several times. Like a prism scatters light, so does this fine write.
loved this piece rob excellently penned dear friendangel thumbs up
trurorobonline today!
Cheers Mick
trurorobonline today!
Thank you SCM and welcome to the corner
Bravo Rob, great stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed perusing this one.
Rob love your poem
Makes me wish I was in places
Of your poem.
trurorobonline today!
Cheers Jim
Hi Rob

I have read Scattering a few times now, Just Stunning...bouquet

Thank you for sharing

Martina xxxhug teddybear angel wave
trurorobonline today!
Cheers ken
She scattered my ashes across her life
And upon the plains of all our dreams
She took them higher than an eagle dare
And deeper than a heart could ever wander

I love this poem Rob, your talent knows no bounds,times.applause hugpurple heart
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Joseph
I have missed reading your poetry Rob! So glad I could stop by and catch this one. Fantastic as always my friend. teddybear
Hi Rob,

Very impressive piece. Very clever use of rhyme with meaning. You have certainly raised the bar in terms of a quality write. I enjoyed your imagery and the structure of ideas in this one very much. wine
trurorobonline today!
Cheers Jesse
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Beautifulyou
trurorobonline today!
Cheers Tony
A picture of the beauty of the world and the dreams of sharing with the one,
A picture of keeping your mind and soul there to make sure she is never alone.
giving all hug

A deep interesting poem full of feelingwine teddybear
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Kathy
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Shadow
trurorobonline today!
Thank you twice Redex
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Candykid
I bow before a master.
trurorobonline today!
Cheers Liam.
trurorobonline today!
Cheers MM
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Benidorm
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Martina
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Odette
Hi, trurorob,
Spreading young wings wider than the albatross and tears lie as salt lakes kissing the earth are among the many poetic images worth finding in the poet's Scattering. Thanks for sharing.
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