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Song/Lyric Poems (435)

Here is a list of Song/Lyric Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Just a bit of silliness, reallyI was feeling suicidal a few hours ago, and these lyrics just popped in my head. It made me smile, so I jotted them down...

SEEKINGinger5348Oct 2018May 28
Love Poem

LoveI wrote this song 9-3-1997 with the help of my guitar. What does this song mean....hmm? It was like looking in the past (rebellious), present (marriag...

DiggableHippy491241May 14May 15
Hope Poem

HopeIt comes quietly with the advent of dawn. It scares away bad thoughts morning by touch. Squats in the corner with a slight smile, to dance in a...

makatka1260Feb 25
Song written in spring Poem

Song written in springFind the content and life of your meaning Flourish with each day at sunrise. Enjoy the drops of morning mist And dancing among the grass feel free....

makatka1706Feb 18Feb 22
DearDannah1744Feb 20Feb 22
Song Poem

SongLife is a short moment Life is a colorful bird. We live in one world Why is brother fighting brother. Why are wars going on? Why is this so bad?...

makatka1765Feb 15Feb 17
The Ultimate Prize Poem

The Ultimate PrizeTime squandered in waiting for a lover to return. So take the courageous step to move on in search of someone new. Time waits for no one and soon...

Ieremia931Jan 20Jan 21

NEVER SET ME FREEWanna put my arms around you Gathering you in Till I can feel your heartbeat Pressed against my skin I will draw you even closer Never letting...

ManicCC1512Oct 2019Oct 2019
The Definition Of Insanity 06 18 19 Poem

The Definition Of Insanity - 06/18/19I am the definition of insanity My Love for you keeps throwing me into the flames yet I keep running back into your arms, hoping something has change...

RadiantFirefly1332Oct 2019Oct 2019
Playing the Loners Game Poem

Playing the Loners GameThe poem/song I wrote is complicated, yet; understandable. I grew up in the Army traveling from one state to the next, so by the time I hit my teenage...

DiggableHippy492192Oct 2019Oct 2019
madtat292313Jun 2019Sep 2019
Daredevil Poem

DaredevilSong...I remember doing a lot of crazy things growing up that I now wouldn't even consider doing......

madtat292163Jun 2019Jul 2019
Elephant never forgets Poem

Elephant {never forgets}Song... Sometimes... longing for a love that was, You forget all the bad and only remember the good......

madtat292623Jun 2019Jun 2019
Sweet nothings Poem

Sweet nothingsJust a little fanciful confection for consideration...

madtat2930210May 2019Jun 2019
Sheeple Poem

SheepleSong I wrote...I can see the 1%er's in a board meeting somewhere discussing their fiendish plan......

madtat291812Jun 2019Jun 2019
Tuesday Poem

TuesdaySong ......

madtat291941Jun 2019Jun 2019
The road travelled Poem

The road travelled.It is about the differing results of how we react to a warning....

Gligeen1432Jun 2019Jun 2019
He died Poem

He diedSong......

madtat292556Jun 2019Jun 2019
Penny Poem


madtat292035Jun 2019Jun 2019
Outta my mind Poem

Outta my mindSong......

madtat291984Jun 2019Jun 2019
Liberty Or Death Poem

Liberty Or DeathHeavy Metal...

madtat292034Jun 2019Jun 2019
Behind the curtain Poem

Behind the curtain.It is about someone in crisis within themselves, and pretending to everyone that they are okay....

Gligeen2176Feb 2019Jun 2019
No place Poem

No placeWandering and Lost...

madtat291692Jun 2019Jun 2019
madtat292692May 2019May 2019
The Lyin King Poem

The Lyin KingCountry song......

madtat293930May 2019
Fairy tale Poem

Fairy taleA little song I wrote...sometimes I miss yesterday......

madtat291624May 2019May 2019
Mandroid Poem

Mandroid.A factory full of odds and ends assembled and arranged by non-mechanical beings. Punchdrunk time cards chart their lives through typical weeks with t...

Gligeen1494May 2019May 2019
Freeze frame Poem

Freeze frame.It's morning and the street lights are still on. The road is resting it's back while the cars sleep in their driveways. Foot-free footpaths mirror...

Gligeen1393May 2019May 2019

Love rhymeWalk with me in the eager night brass bold black horse billow taste this frontier bone stripped love sea grave green wept willow...

Oceanzest1931May 2019May 2019
Big thoughts in small shoes Poem

Big thoughts in small shoes.How negative things have long life....

Gligeen1270May 2019
trucks waitresses and dockyards Poem

trucks, waitresses and dockyardsthe dark swam down from the ceiling.. to a world all studded with stars and she turned the key in her pickup.. and drove home like all the rest of...

walRU2444Jan 2019May 2019
Suggestions to make the world a better place Poem

Suggestions to make the world a better place.Stop teaching hatred through bad examples. Stop teaching fear through violent reaction. Stop all the killing. Stop all the war. Stop shouting "gun...

Gligeen1150May 2019
The pitfall Poem

The pitfallFearing the anguish of a lost closeness....

Gligeen1360May 2019
A grown up kid Poem

A grown-up kidThis was first written for my son and keeps changing...

yaspark26610May 2019May 2019

Welcome SunAfter days and days of clouds and snow and rain, the sun comes out....

Yankee4you3057Mar 2019Mar 2019
so long distance to you Poem

so long distance to youI feel you so near me, And I don’t know why, So far over high mountains, over wide blue ocean, Did you come to me from the sky? I’d want it’...

Wayofbaloon2852Nov 2018Mar 2019
dreaming Poem

dreamingI dream about your lips, I dream about your white body, When your mouth was giving me the kiss, I’ve been totally with you forever glady Whe...

Wayofbaloon2122Nov 2018Mar 2019
feeling Poem

feelingI feel you like a flower from the meadow, I hear you like a silence of the winter’s night, for my dreams you are my small pillow, I look to all by...

Wayofbaloon1941Nov 2018Mar 2019
kisses Poem

kissesMy heart overflows by you, you run from my eyes like a tears, your charm, beauty, love always - I knew, will destroy my sadness and heavy fears...

Wayofbaloon2261Nov 2018Mar 2019
ELSEW here Poem

ELSEW-here.It is about having OCD. Always being split between it, and the rest of reality....

Gligeen1703Feb 2019Feb 2019
Choose which sorrow Poem

Choose which sorrow.When someone who does not know how to express love has children, they pass that inability on to their child. This coupled with knowing how things can...

Gligeen1995Feb 2019Feb 2019
What we might know Poem

What we might know.Operating from love instead of fear....

Gligeen1772Feb 2019Feb 2019

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