A hacker has come to cohabit my flat
controlling whatever I do
Regrettably too and on top of all that
wherever I go it comes too

Since it arrived and infected my thinking
my life has been truly debased
to where I’ve practically doubled my drinking
and know that to fight is a waste

My cutlery crockery bric-a-brac tools
are constantly in disarray
I seem to be one of the world’s greatest fools
for my gear-shift shifts the wrong way

When I shop and pick out the item my shock
which can only confound belief
is to find once again that they’re out of stock
Does The Hacker want to play Thief?

Why are these creatures so brutally greedy
to seek out their pitiful prey?
Or is it the drowning cry of the needy
and hopelessness losing its way?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 25

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lovecanberealonline today!
Well written, nice tight rhyming, about a plague of the modern age....
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