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Playing the Loners Game

I'm alone and I guess that's okay,
She said she didn't want me anymore,
So, I moved away,
My biggest mistake,--
Playing the loners game

A possible dream becomes a nightmare,
And as that nightmare becomes a fact,
And as the clouds clear from last nights storm in your mind,
You place down the bottle- to watch another sunrise,
Just to damn yourself; no way to justify, you can't go back

You go to bed, lay there,
You can't sleep,
You haven't ate nothing for days, you don't care,
Yet, you know this isn't me,--
Endlessly wondering what to do now?
Which way to present yourself how?
How to wear a smile behind this frown?--

I'm on my own now and I guess that's okay,
She said she doesn't love me anymore,
So, I'm moving farther and farther away,
Yet, knowing I'm not the only fool to blame--
Playing the Loners Game

DiggableHippy 10/8/19
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Posted: Oct 2019
About this poem:
The poem/song I wrote is complicated, yet; understandable. I grew up in the Army traveling from one state to the next, so by the time I hit my teenage years I came to realize that I was/am a loner! I really never belonged or fit in anywhere. The girls liked me and the boys wanted to fight me!! lol Til one day in December of 1988, I met this girl, she was 16 and I was 18; and from that point on life gave purpose! The word loner no longer existed. Unfortunatly, over the span of 30 years being together our love lost it's luster. A little over a year ago she told me she no longer loved, nor; wanted me anymore and that she's felt that way for a long time. When I talked of future travels out of state and perhaps living there for awhile, her thought of travels are to the mailbox! lol

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I traveled alone in July and I have to say I loved it, but that was by choice. daydream dance
I've been to that place you describe so well
Just make sure you only have a short term lease and don't renew it
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