The Rain

Where there's yesterday - today's tomorrow
Where there is love. yes love
There's a bittersweet sorrow
And you
You're not exactly alone,-

A smooth snowy drift
In the quiet air
The Snowman cometh
Just to stand and stare-
And he's thinking of you
What else can he do?-

The rain picked the right time
And fell from the sky
The soft snow turned to deadly ice
The Snowman froze with no place to hide-
No one loved him
No one cares
Has the sun started to melt away his frozen tears-
And you
You're not exactly alone,-

Surprised to see it's summertime
The birds they sing
The flowers bloom
The leaves turn green-
And there is love, yes love
Bittersweet love-
Stepping outside while the weather's fair
Baby butterflies dancing around your hair-
Feeling free - Swirl with the breeze,-

The rain picked the right time
And fell from the sky
Warm summer days
Returned to cold winter nights-
No one loved her
No one cares
All alone, cold, teary, and scared-
And you
You're not exactly alone,---
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 31
About this poem:
I wrote this 11-10-1997. This song is about the change of seasons. The Rain tells a small example of a story of it, I suppose in a psychedelic sense!

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