I Am No One

I like it here,
I am no one,
Missing the spotlight, yeah,
No, not knowing it would get you burned,-
Like a spoiled child - allowed to run wild,
What have you learned?
You remember where you've been,
Time for someone else to take their turn,-

Flying about and above,
Here to there,
On an endless road,
Lights! Camera! Action!,
Fortune, fame, then pass out on the floor,
They revive you - then re-energize you,
Then they expect you to ask for more?,

Sometime, someday, one day,
From perhaps a dream, you awake,
Of what you once had, gained, and lost,
What would you do? - Would you do again?,-
I like it here,
I am no one,
Missing the spotlight? No,
Yeah, knowing it will get you burned,-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 1
About this poem:
This is the latest one of two I've written in quite a while. I wrote this 11-29-2021. Short and straight to the point kind of song about the 15 minutes of fame. Not everything is always cracked up to be.

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