A Planetary Vision

If we could release the hurt that goes back generations
Just think of what a great world we could build together
When forgiveness is not swept aside like dust in the wind
When forgiveness gives a very human touch to offenses
As long as were ready to move on together in this world
We should be ok or what ever else humanity can devise
I just predict when bright minds are allowed to get together
To discuss the important issues that need to be addressed
This world will likely come together like nobody else
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 25
About this poem:
Ok. You asked and you shall receive.

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Comments (4)

Words of hope there Yankee.thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Nice to have such vision.
But it will only happen in the Golden Age, and not in this 3D world where there is polarity.
This is something that I am striving for, as it would make my interactions at work and other places so much better.daydream buddies
Forgiveness heals that’s for sure. We don’t forget…so hopefully the same mistakes aren’t made.
Here’s hoping for more joy and peace in this world peace
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