Sailing on smooth waters
Our spirits were content
Until we looked up to see
Angry rolling darkness ahead

Swirling it crept into our souls
Suffering with anxiety and fear
Day after day only blackness seen
Always praying for a light to appear

Suddenly pushing the dark swirl aside
Guiding us by a bright Rainbow light
As God promised many years ago
Was the Lighthouse of Eternal life

Author: Kathy © May 9, 2020
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2020
About this poem:
Update: For some reason they removed the picture off of here so cannot show it. But this poem was based on my sister-in-law's Pandemic painting she did. An ocean picture - 3 paneled - the far right calm sea with sunshine on the right and dark clouds creeping in on the left. The Middle panel dark swirling ocean waters and clouds - 3rd panel right side dark clouds and ocean but left side a rocky cliff with a beautiful lighthouse with a rainbow beam shining up through the clouds and the sun shining to the left. My sister-in-law painted the picture above the poem as her Pandemic project. She is an award winning artist.

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Comments (11)

Great writing! As always, you're a match to any outstanding painter artist with your remarkable, vividly sharp visual poetry. This poem is a glorious reminder of the life eternal we'll have as God's children.hug teddybear bouquet
southmiami4321online today!
Beautiful picture and heartfelt poem GP. I know the loss of your Mom, so I wish you peaceful memories today being Mother's Day. I won't be with my loved ones today but a good friend is honoring me with a back yard lunch with distancing. I have to avoid my two granddaughters jumping on me when they see me. Been a while I have not had physical contact with my family; as everybody is doing.teddybear
godsprincessonline today!
Thank you JoyCrest - I wish everyone could see it in person at my brother and sister-in-law's Coffee Bar. It is a sight to behold. I feel it is the best painting she has ever painted. Her paintings are usually somewhat in the dark tones but this picture has beautiful colors in it to contrast the darkness.

Kathy angel2
Dear godsprincess,
Nice job painting with words,
especially paired with this lovely painting ...

Since G-d is everywhere >
And lives-within you,
He comes-out through Poetry,
a smile, greeting, or an introduction,
a kind word or gesture
humor, laughter / etcetera...
It is Important to Encourage
One Another
godsprincessonline today!
Thank you South Miami - here is praying you will be able to be pounced on by your grandchildren soon. Lots of hugs would be great. The most missed item in this Pandemic. Even more so then toilet paper!

Thank you dear Mady my faithful friend.

Kathy teddybear
godsprincessonline today!
Dear Mady - thank you. However, I tried but afraid no where near matched her beautiful painting.

Kathy hug
godsprincessonline today!
Thank you David - sadly the painting disappeared off of here for some reason - said something about embedded something or other. It is a beautiful picture and I wanted to showcase it here for her but sadly cannot.

Kathy sad flower
Dear Kathy,
I’m so sorry about this Painting “Disappearing”
especially since it was Soo Inspirational to your Poem !
I Never figured out how to post a Painting along with my Poem !
I guess I don’t need to !
Love David
Nice hopeful poem, I wish I could see the painting.daydream happy place
ReaderOfSoulsonline today!
Hi Kathy cowboy

I'm so very sorry that I missed this wonderful piece when you first posted it. blues I absolutely love the imagery the words express and the colors you used are exquisite. wine
Lovely words born from a painting Kathy,
Pity it was removed.

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