911 - 22 Years Later

Twenty two years ago on September 11th
3,000 shining new stars dotted the Heavens
Did these 3,000 souls die in vain
Did their families hopelessly suffer the pain

To see our Nation now so divided
Why couldn’t we have stayed solidly United
We should take pause and remember everyday
The great sacrifice those who served have paid

So that we can continue to live our lives freely
From past, present and future oppression and tyranny
I was so proud of my Country that day
I wish we could be united the same way today

We are all Americans who united as one
Are invincible and indivisible with the help of God and His Son
We need to turn to Him and ask for His grace
To truly make us the United States!

We should remember our great loss 22 years ago today
And let us always continue to pray
That our great Nation will be united together
And God to Bless our Country’s future forever!

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Posted: Sep 11

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southmiami4321online today!
That doble beam light goes endlessly into the sky. May all the souls above rest in peace. So many sacrifices made on that 9/11; I was just visiting NYC one week prior to that event. As you said GP may we all pray for America, its united future. Amen SM sad flower
Yes Kathy , it was long ago but still all the world remembers it. Lily sad flower teddybear
A very poignant reminder of such a monstrous atrocity Kathy.
Very thoughtful poem.

It’s a truly beautiful poem, PM! Was such a sad day, I’ll never forget!? Thank you for sharing your talent and poignant perspective with the rest of us. sad flower sad moping crying angel angel angel
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