Nature Portraits 2 - Mountain, Sequoia, Sunset

The grandeur of a majestic mountain
with its snow-capped peak
enveloped in fleecy white clouds
against a clear azure blue sky

The glorious majesty of a stately sequoia
the largest living thing on earth
its massive trunk over thirty feet wide
with its gnarled rugged beauty

The wondrous artistry of the setting sun
edging the darkened clouds with silver linings
and painting the evening sky
in brilliant colours of the rainbow
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013

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Comments (11)

truly a beautiful portrait
you have painted many beautiful images here on the vast canvass that is nature in all it's glory grin
Wonderful writing again Socrates -thankyou for sharing your talent with us . Best wishes -F hug
Hi Socrates, thankyou for posting this one, I enjoyed it. One of natures paradoxes the giant sequoia, the cones need a hot forest fire to open and germinate, a truly stately tree and stately poem to
Hi Socrates,
A truly majestic write..Thanks for visiting my humble verse..

painted beautifully with wordsangel
A beautiful use of words here Socrates. It was a pleasure to read this!handshake
socrates44online today!
Hi Diana
Thank you for your comment.
I'm glad you like the portraits.
Keep Well!
socrates44online today!
Hello Serenity, my nature friend! How are you?
Thank you for your lovely comment.
All the best to you!
socrates44online today!
Hi Andrew
I am happy you enjoyed the piece. Thanks for the information about forest fires and the germination of the sequoia.
Best wishes to you!
socrates44online today!

Hello to each of you.
Thanks for your kind comments.
Best Wishes to you all!
Hello Socrates
I am keeping well , thankyou for asking hug
I hope you are well too ...
Yes indeed ,,, you and I sure are nature friends thumbs up grin
I look forward to reading your next poem - have a good day ! F hug
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