An Intimate Relationship

An Intimate Relationship
Can Be Had
With God The Creator
You Will Be Glad !

It’s Easy To Do
For Me And You

Just Read And Pray
Then Listen And Obey

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Posted: Jul 14
About this poem:
It Works !!
God Created You For A Purpose !
His Ultimate Purpose Is To Have An Intimate Relationship With Us !
Since We Were Created In His Image (Spiritual)
We Connect With Him On A Spiritual Level.
And He Reveals Himself To Us !
But We Must Trust Him, Surrendering All, And Unwrap Everything !

In His Message “Life Principle 1: Our Intimacy With God” By Dr. Charles Stanley
You Will Learn More:

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Comments (5)

carlameeonline today!
Amen, although I would use different words when it comes to God.
Dear heart beating carlamee heart beating
Thank you Dear for commenting Here !
I Believe in a Triune God: God The Father, Jesus The Son (And Savior), and the Holy Spirit.
1-One God in three persons !
What Names Do You Use?
Love David
heart beating
carlameeonline today!
Hello David.

My school of taught are the same as yours.
I call him Jesus, Christ, Savior, God.

Here is a food for thought. My dad use to challenge the Jehovah witnesses when they came to our home with this question. "If God is three in one, then who was he speaking to when he was dying on the cross?"

Your thoughts???
southmiami4321online today!
Passion asked me to post this link:
Dear heart beating carlamee heart beating


God Bless Your Dad !

Love David
heart beating
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