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The other day I saw a beautiful shooting star
However, it was close to earth and not afar
This was an unusual thing to see
For it was daylight – what could it be?

When I turned on the TV for the news
I eventually was no longer confused
The space shuttle Columbia had shattered on re-entry
Our country’s first space mishap of this century

Watching in horror, I couldn’t help wondering
In this time of pre-war pondering
If God took these 7 special souls for us to see
Just how precious and fragile life can be

Therefore, my wish upon this shooting star
Is that these 7 souls looking down from afar
Will know their job on earth and space is done
That now their home is among the stars and the sun!

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Posted: Jun 2015
About this poem:
1/29/2019: Today is the 33rd Anniversary of the explosion of the spaceship Challenger! So much danger in exploring the stars. Therefore - dedicate this poem to both Challenger and Columbia. So sad! I wrote this in 2002 when the Spaceship Columbia shattered on re-entry to Earth. It was just before we went to war in the middle east. As usual, when I'm upset, I turn to my poems.

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Comments (3)

whoa .. that's crazy you witnessed the crash, very deep poem
life is very special yet fragile like you said. good write
thumbs up
godsprincessonline today!
It was a horrible sight and, of course, they kept replaying it over and over again on the TV. The poor families. Thank you Jay. wave angel2
godsprincessonline today!
I wrote this poem about the spaceship Columbia but today is the 33rd Anniversary of the explosion of the spaceship Challenger upon takeoff. Such a dangerous job these astronauts have but such an exciting job to have when things go right.

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