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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Haiku 5 7 5 Poem

Haiku 5-7-5ah to walk the cool corridors of elegance in Summer...

Oceanzest4445Jul 2017Nov 2

My old house, the one my father builtLife, hedges, houses and scents...

FargoFan891Oct 31Nov 1

A Cute Boo-time Halloween Poem :)Just a cute little poem and to say "Love Ya'all"! Hope everyone has a safe,fun and memorable Halloween!!...

ReaderOfSouls6482Oct 2016Nov 1

Upon the Air of HalloweenSome ruminations on Halloween....

ReaderOfSouls1216Oct 29Nov 1
The Pic Poem

The PicNever ever never ever pag-una una aron di maggubot!...

Unknown841Oct 30Oct 31

HALLOWS' EVE (Response to Halloween Challenge)For you Cafe: Bringing out of the mothballs for Halloween 2018. Nonsmoker's Halloween Challenge 2016...

godsprincess94422Oct 2016Oct 31
five to one Poem

five to onechances are...

Oceanzest1225Oct 30Oct 31
Counting On The Church Bells To Ring Poem

Counting On The Church Bells To RingCounting on the church bells to ring in that little town Counting on the peace that they bring with their gentle sound Walking on the sidewalk by th...

EyeLook4U972Oct 29Oct 30
I never knew Poem

I never knewlyrics of a song I wrote...

Oceanzest1336Oct 28Oct 29
Stuff To Do In October Poem

Stuff To Do In OctoberI miss dressing up as a sleestak from Land of the Lost or Dracula and running from house to house to get candy. My favorite as a kid was the miniroll...

mcradloff1002Oct 23Oct 29

A Simpler TimeSearching for some inner 'meaning of life' and some simpler times while queuing in a line…… receive a Covid vaccine....

Yankee4you1344Oct 26Oct 29
A Little Sailboat Poem

A Little SailboatI don't know how it comes to me but surprisingly it's there Words I see words I write and words I've got to share I'll never be on a yacht just a li...

EyeLook4U670Oct 29
That Kind Of Wife Poem

That Kind Of WifeHer gentle fingers on my face Bringing me to morning life I need that kind of wife I hope that doesn't sound selfish And I would tell her I love...

EyeLook4U580Oct 29

Appalachian MorningReflections on the stillness of spring morning in upper Appalachia...

Yankee4you5969Apr 2012Oct 29
The Good The Bad And The Ugly Poem

The Good - The Bad - And The Ugly1. I was coming back to this man's apartment helping him bringing his groceries to his inn. I had just arrived at the bottom of the stairs there wa...

israelismine731Oct 28Oct 28
Jamaica fare Poem

Jamaica fareCinnamon girl.....

Oceanzest933Oct 26Oct 28
My inner voice Poem

My inner voiceSometimes that feeling of talking to myself makes me crazy, sometimes it makes me wiser .........

salamuna34113May 7Oct 27
level uP Poem

level uPGotta have faith n trust the process Especially when negativity gives the test Fight that stress n depress n the undesirableness With joy n happin...

Rikco11470Oct 26
level uP Poem

level uPGotta have faith n trust the process Especially when negativity gives the test Fight that stress n depress n the undesirableness With joy n happin...

Rikco11500Oct 26
light always shows Poem

light always showsLike chasing the dream Or so it would seem Always looking for an ends to this mean Or is it a means to this end Let my mind bend Uncomprehend!...

Rikco11550Oct 25
Ill Be On My Way Poem

I'll Be On My WayShe was very intelligent I was just an ordinary guy She was beautiful and elegant I was much too shy Now I see how it has to be I'll stop the p...

EyeLook4U550Oct 25

sickIm sick and tired ,, or tired and sick, dont know which, is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?...

optimisticme941Oct 24Oct 25
E T phone home Poem

E.T. phone homeAlways on point you are Don't worry don't doubt Definitely don't shout Look around n about Take a taste n embrace this place like no time to waste...

Rikco111072Oct 24Oct 24
deal with it Poem

deal with itBut things change That's just the way it is Don't try to compare Always be prepared Life's a b*tch cos things switch Like feeling fine then go...

Rikco11590Oct 24
Two gun Suzie Poem

Two gun SuzieBig trouble in little city...

Oceanzest1315Oct 24Oct 24

Joke or notThere was this woman that had committed treason in her country and was condemned to die by a firing squad. So an early morning at sunrise was going t...

southmiami43211174Oct 23Oct 24

There is one I lovewell it speaks for itself - we speak in two languages...

FargoFan932Oct 23Oct 23

RealityI recall a poem in my language, tried to keep the same meaning while doing translation...

princepersia760Oct 23
Moth joke Poem

Moth jokeI do like a good Norm Macdonald joke, sad his recent passing, joke goes something like this.....

Oceanzest1105Oct 23Oct 23
Alive or just breathing Poem

Alive or just breathing?It was an irony but in real I have a lot of questions for those who believe they are not vulnerable.........

salamuna1726Oct 22Oct 23
FargoFan792Oct 21Oct 23
Being Dead Aint Easy Poem

Being Dead Ain't EasyWatching a lot of zombie movies and basing this on Return of the Living Dead where the zombies have to eat brains in order to stop feeling pain....

mcradloff1204Oct 16Oct 22

The Clock upon the WallThinking about time ticking away for humanity...

BlissfulRaven1283Oct 19Oct 22
The Truth Will Set You Free Part 2 John 832 Poem

The Truth Will Set You Free! Part-2 - John 8:32Victory Outreach Ministries 4 people that choose 2 be winners whatever God shows U 2 put your hand & mind 2 in the church never give up! Why would...

israelismine1041Oct 21Oct 22
The Truth Will Set You Free Part 4 John 832 Poem

The Truth Will Set You Free! Part-4 - John 8:32Victory Outreach Dallas (East) 3650 North Buckner Blvd DALLAS, TX Victory Outreach Dallas (Hispanic) 12129 KNIGHT DRIVE BALCH SPRINGS, TX Vict...

israelismine700Oct 21
The Truth Will Set You Free Part 3 John 832 Poem

The Truth Will Set You Free! Part-3 - John 8:32Victory Outreach Ventura 36 Figueroa Street Ventura, CA Victory Outreach Victorville 16534 VICTOR ST VICTORVILLE, CA Victory Outreach Visalia...

israelismine660Oct 21
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Poem

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde1. I use to have a really good friend of mine But when I had discovered that he was a thief. I had viewed the evidence he as a man Happens to be tw...

israelismine1182Oct 4Oct 21
FargoFan590Oct 21

A Leap of FaithMany may not relate to this and its ok, this is my testimony....

southmiami43211325Sep 15Oct 21

Before you write, think about it!Think. Don't make empty sentences. The Man Who Lies ????Think. Don't make empty sentences. The person who is lying, first of all, He deceives himself....

Zulka1181Oct 21Oct 21

Pied Piper RatsWriting on the culmination of the social experimentation that is going horribly wrong....

BlissfulRaven1153Oct 18Oct 20
Nietzsche on the beach Poem

Nietzsche on the beachliberating yourself...

Oceanzest1255Oct 19Oct 19

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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