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Poet's Corner (35,857)

Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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A World Thats Gone Away Poem

A World That's Gone AwayI'm alone All alone In a world that's gone away The scenes have changed The names have changed What was two is a four lane No more hello's n...

EyeLook4U1022Aug 9Aug 9
My beloved Poem

My belovedI walked blindly in the night with no hope of seeing spiritual light Until my beloved appeared with her insight She called unto me so lovingly...

Unknown1773Aug 5Aug 9

Morning haikustaying by the beach...

Oceanzest1484Aug 7Aug 9
Vacation to Maine Poem

Vacation to MaineI have managed to keep myself busy, but next time I'm flying, the road traffic was too much....

mcradloff1122Aug 7Aug 8

FOOD HAIKU POEMSJust thinking of food for fun....

JoyCrest132-Aug 7
Herald Amid Bricks Poem

Herald Amid BricksPoem depicts my effervescent thoughts about possibility that pray of my lovely mantis may work. Blessed be, little one. I will never forget your as...

AutumnChild1834Aug 4Aug 6
The Plagiarist My USB Poem

The Plagiarist (My USB)For those who cut/copy/paste/print out another's original work, from this site; and claim it as their own. Advice to other (original) CS poets: co...

lovecanbereal49019Oct 2019Aug 6

ANTI*AMERICA RISE II...LBF!spilling truth I must 8/4/2021 djt...

lookn2share2492Aug 4Aug 5
FargoFan1081Aug 4Aug 5

Sing alongla la la la la...

Oceanzest1704Aug 4Aug 5
Remember to forget Poem

Remember to forgetGone we forget Nothing matters Heart content One side cloaked Waiting in distract Never set Holding My friend the hate Alone we met...

jaysone1880Aug 5

A SAFE PLACEI run looking for a place a safe place A place where my soul breaks free I look for the fresh air of roses I seek the peace of silence I look for...

Gritante1605Jul 31Aug 4
realdeal8901924Jul 28Aug 3
The Man In The Moon Poem

The Man In The MoonThe man in the moon ain't got nothing on me You know he's really high and shines so bright And when I'm with you I'm the same way too And would you...

EyeLook4U1042Aug 1Aug 2
Smoke Signals Of Love Poem

Smoke Signals Of LoveHe and she and the smoke signals of love Burning eyes yearning hearts Smoke signals of love They never got to be together But whenever this be...

EyeLook4U850Aug 1
alex monster Poem

alex monsterfor my grandson alex he is 4 months old now...

john_keats20211122Jul 28Jul 31
Oceanzest1453Jul 30Jul 31
Journey of Life Poem

Journey of Lifepoem tells the whole journey of life...

Mr_Amor1172Jul 30Jul 30
The Snake Pit Poem

The Snake PitMy sister is doing basically what we did to Japan in 1945, getting revenge for neglect of her and her children and grandchildren by taking mom out of...

mcradloff2453Oct 2020Jul 30
Did You Notice Poem

Did You NoticeTake the mask off of faith and you'll see money Take the mask off love you'll see a friend No one wants to be serious just funny But there's nothin...

EyeLook4U811Jul 29Jul 30
Oceanzest800Jul 29
bark Poem

barknog was my wifes pet he died one week after her and he did just this. he loved to bark at the postie and delivery guys. miss the little shit....

john_keats20211075Jul 28Jul 29
waves of light Poem

waves of lightlion heart...

realdeal8901122Jul 29Jul 29
Nuwahri6129412Jul 17Jul 29
Money Money Money Poem

Money Money MoneyPoem tell itself...

Mr_Amor1163Jul 27Jul 29
A Field Workers Soil Poem

A Field Worker's SoilMost people (ignorant, so to speak) immediately assume that all hispanic immigrants are good for nothings, that they belong in the rice fields. Little...

Unknown6133Jun 2009Jul 29
Moments Poem

MomentsIts just a moment we are here make your moments count...

Unknown1414Jul 28Jul 29
If I Had A Home Poem

If I Had A HomeI've got a house but Lord if I had a home I've got a car and Lord if I had a passenger I wouldn't drive alone And every day the early morning sun...

EyeLook4U1161Jul 29Jul 29
bed Poem

bedis now 3 months since my wife amanda died. just writing stuff....

john_keats2021610Jul 28
light horse Poem

light horsetribute to ozzie light horse from a355074 retired...

john_keats2021700Jul 28
the dog Poem

the dogyes bored and yet more flows out....

john_keats2021630Jul 28
Smile Poem


realdeal8901022Jul 26Jul 28
momma Poem


realdeal8901252Jul 27Jul 28
Letter from a wolf Poem

"Letter from a wolf"Your depravity, the raging bull that didn’t spare the tip of its horns. You’re a rose with too many blood thirsty thorns. On your chess board, I’m j...

IvoryPetals1352Jul 25Jul 28

Strut stetch and stride1969 that momentous day...

FargoFan942Jul 26Jul 27
Couldnt Esape The Past Couldnt Ride The Future Poem

Couldn't Esape The Past Couldn't Ride The FutureCouldn't escape the past Couldn't ride the future and no such thing as a hitchhiker Without traction you will never know satisfaction Who writes a...

EyeLook4U1013Jul 27Jul 27

ANTI*AMERICA RISE...LBF!SPILLING TRUTH I MUST!!! donald j trump tribute 07/27/2021...

lookn2share3152Jul 27Jul 27
A true friend Poem

A true friendbad friend's...

realdeal8901112Jul 25Jul 27
life Poem

lifeis life...

john_keats2021840Jul 27

Dreams Of YouLoneliness is often just like dreaming for someone missing from your heart...

Yankee4you3284Jul 26Jul 27
Life Poem


realdeal8901837Jul 24Jul 27

Protests todaymisposted as a comment - removed to here...

FargoFan1114Jul 24Jul 27

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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