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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Meditation Poem

MeditationPSALM 4:4 Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah...

PassionateArtist2524Jul 2020Mar 8
ok Poem

okJust when ya thought it was safe but it’s not This world lika shizpot Throwing up bogie vomit n snot In ya face Like Here Come n have a taste...

Rikco111020Mar 8
Youre all I need Poem

You're all I needThank you very much Aretha Franklin...

Rikco111202Mar 8Mar 8
Coworkers Poem

CoworkersJust ragging about my job, but it could be any of the jobs I have had. Social interaction has always been a real crapper for me. I was asked what I...

mcradloff7328May 2014Mar 8
welcome home Poem

welcome homeGlad you could come Here Take a seat There are no levels so don’t try compete Every compete brings opportunity for defeat And Oooh yes Let...

Rikco11982Mar 6Mar 7

FancyIt´s pleasant to spend time sleeping out, waking up, don`t have to jump up in a hurry, cozy breakfast, enough time doing things for yourself, every...

8Dreams118-Mar 7
One day Poem

One day ..........,Homelessness...........

Nuwahri612568Mar 3Mar 6
distracted Poem

distracted........every where i go i see people looking down at their phones and such.......

Nuwahri615797Jun 2013Mar 6
Awakening Poem

AwakeningI cannot wait to touch you Or melt into your grasp Rhythmic pulse of fervor Unearth the sultry wrath Breathe in my lovesick potion Intoxicate...

theleoqueen7841116Jan 21Mar 6
feel you Poem

feel youCan you feel this? This…… Crawling Screeching Howling n reaching Gut instinct teaching And bleaching Away the programming Some perceiv...

Rikco111555Mar 5Mar 6

Hard'ack SpringRituals of the New England woods..........

Yankee4you2697Feb 26Mar 5
Fear Poem

FearA lil dark poetry on mental wellness......

madtat291553Mar 4Mar 5
warrior Poem

warriorhe grew up tall in this small land and worked the beaches field and strand until reward won mind and hand and left his youth for golden band...

yachtsman_72443Mar 2Mar 4
Nine Years Poem

Nine YearsI remember mowing grass in 1988 and not knowing how much oil to add and filling it all the way up. The manager saw the smoke and kicked my off that j...

mcradloff2464Feb 12Mar 4
The Opposites Poem

The Opposites.this is my amateur poetry on opposites . It began as a describing of couples who are opposites but completely transformed into a discription of opposi...

Aceguy1112898Mar 1Mar 3
coining it Poem

coining itto a five penny piece I shrunk to the size as life made me hard in the head and eyes so pressed ganged was I on a leathery ship that lived in...

yachtsman_726210Feb 25Mar 3
To Find Whats Left Poem

To Find What's Left* I'm not religious, in the least (hardly). I merely feel the Energy must dissipate somewhere when we "die"....

lovecanbereal2602Mar 2Mar 3
Nuwahri6137014Feb 24Mar 2
Now that you are gone Poem

Now that you are goneNow that you are gone I hear your song Now that I pushed you away for no apparent reason I still see your loving ray with every summer season...

Unknown3197Feb 20Mar 2

Happy Man BluesParody of Love in Vain...

Oceanzest3313Mar 1Mar 2
Love Is Poem

Love IsMy thoughts on love...

Happychatty11,82929Nov 2017Mar 1
what did he say Poem

what did he say?Look here Let's Maximise this bliss More Love up into this Sealed with a Loving kiss From My heart My soul My complete n whole Unravel...

Rikco111910Mar 1
The Greatness In You Poem

The Greatness In You..I've been watching you from a distance.. You didn't know~ Didn't know how much I amired you.. I see things in You.. Great things~ All those...

cafetwo20101,43932Oct 2010Feb 28
Missing you Poem

Missing youA love so pure and simple A longing overdue Falling through my grasp All I crave is you A reckoning of will A strength that will never fail Yo...

theleoqueen781722Dec 2020Feb 28
Feeling the Pain Poem

Feeling the PainBummed out again, at least I got to go home three hours early....

mcradloff2144Feb 27Feb 27
fizzion chips Poem

fizzion chipscambridge on a sunny morn a professor deep in thought a quasi quantum quandary his mind now overwrought now the kernel of dilemma the cause of...

yachtsman_72758Feb 23Feb 27

haiku serenitythe sound of silence its mesmerising nature peaceful and serene...

socrates442712Feb 25Feb 27

Dream WalkerThe darkness and uncertainty of life during this pandemic is very unnerving....

Yankee4you3727Apr 2020Feb 27

My Secret GardenMy special place to escape this "reality", in another dimension, or parallel world....

Dan_77741818Nov 2020Feb 27
Rose Tinted Glasses Poem

Rose Tinted GlassesYes, I do wear rose tinted glasses and I do dream of better days Yes, I do think of a knight in shining armour whisking me off to distant shores...hi...

Happychatty15467Sep 2017Feb 25

The Magnificent AirThe air we breathe is probably one of the most taken for granted things. It unites all living things. It levels the playing field. Some persons may co...

socrates4423910Jan 27Feb 24
The Covid Child Poem

The Covid Child.It must be very difficult for children to make sense of Covid....

Mizzy42957Feb 20Feb 23
My song Poem

My songI just heard this in the morning and wrote it down...

yaspark36214Jan 16Feb 23
cast out Poem

cast outin the garden Lush and green Adam and Eve Play and wander Forbiden to eat the fruit The apple of desire Wearing their fig leaves to spar...

wayne346051Mar 2014Feb 23
Talking Tina Poem

Talking TinaI was watching the Twilight Zone episode The Living Doll....

mcradloff2112Oct 2020Feb 23

"Real" Men Love with Pure Passion!A "For Real" true pure soul lives there A "Real man!" Can I "Laso" The whole enchilada & make him mine? It Would be fine To stand in line to...

Rachael_06221,39811May 2020Feb 23
Destiny Poem

DestinyTake away my sin Don't cast me aside For I feel hollow within My strength withers My arms are thin My body withers From decades toil Now...

wayne342611Feb 22Feb 23
mother natures way Poem

mother natures wayI was very poorly in hospital a number of years ago, while i was looking out of the window, i just wrote this poem. still not sure where it came from....

countrycyclist2273Feb 21Feb 21

ContradictionsThis came to me as I was trying a tune on the piano. It is not about anyone in particular - just some thoughts crossing my mind....

Dan_7772604Feb 20Feb 20
Rush Limbaugh Poem

Rush LimbaughRush has a good song on Obama called Barack O Claus is Coming To Town by Paul Shanklin...

mcradloff2421Feb 19Feb 20
Gleam Poem

GleamGazing into your eyes one enters a trancelike state. Easily captured by this wellspring of gripping allure, one teeters on the edge. But, the edge of...

hedistuff2071Feb 19Feb 19
In Search of Jack Frost Poem

In Search of Jack FrostAs a child I looked for Jack Frost with my parents so this is in Christmas remembrance....

Mizzy499519Dec 2013Feb 19

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