Blue Infinity

I stand at North Head*, and the sea,
Spreads its arms, in most joyous blue,
Horizon's edge; - infinity,

Now drops away before my view,
As I extend my gaze beyond,
To imagine a clear purview;-

Of dreams in magic fractal frond,
Distant white caps, sapphire blue sea;-
Far from this land that is my bond;

As I find an epiphany,
In Nature's rills of seamless waves,
That seem to dance there just for me,

And this is what my spirit craves,
Cyan water, powder-blue sky;-
Where some have gone to watery graves,

And, we will never know just why;-
They sing now in the restless deep,
A siren's song, a plaintive cry,

The endless waves sing them to sleep,
In Old Poseidon's seething chains,
Don't think of them - for them, don't weep,

For they leave no Earthly remains,
Their spark of life, back to Nature,
And echoed in the waves' refrains,

The Sun wheels in a sky of azure,
Beneath my feet are craggy cliffs,
Waves burst in each rocky fissure,

Of ancient sandstone monoliths;-
I love my life - for I choose life,
And not the cruel sea's endless drifts,

Although I've had my share of strife;-
For me - I never will cave in,
And though this world has troubles rife;-
Pessimism will never win.

© lovecanbereal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 4
About this poem:
* The North Heads of Sydney Harbour.

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Comments (8)

I can imagine how beautiful the ocean is in front of you. Scattering its enormous waves through your rocky coastline. Your continent has water all around it so capturing any of these views are hands reach.
From ashes, we come from, and from ashes, we will return yet our spirit is out there rooming the infinite universe...
So being hopeful and positive in life is the way to go LCBR.
This a beautiful inspiring poem that I enjoyed, I will always ride the wave....SM rose
Thankyou for your comment/s on my poems, SouthMiami, they are always appreciated.....

Wonderful poem and yes that gaze is wonderful

My ashes are going into the sea to keep moving in a more peaceful place than earth teddybear
Thanks for the comment, EXRED....

Great title, nice place!
Thank you, Mr Zest
FargoFanonline today!
North head and quarantine right up until almost 40 years ago
looking down on the wrecks of discarded cars
is a memory of mine
but now it is a preservation site
we are getting much better at that.
I used to go fishing, on a boat, there, as a kid....thanks for the comment....
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