Ancient Astronauts

There was an Ancient Astronaut,
Who was floating up on high,
He spied the puny Earthlings,
With his telescopic eye.

In a galaxy far older,
Than the one that we are in,
He saw men fly to the Moon,
In spaceships of shiny tin.

The astronaut, (he thought),
'Well, that is a good start,
But these people are still primitive,
And some they have no heart'.

'If the best of them can find a way,
To travel 'cross the void,
Then to burn with Earth's destruction,
Is a fate they may avoid'.

© lovecanbereal
All rights reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2022
About this poem:
I have CROWNAFFAIR (over in the blogs section) to thank, for the inspiration, for this poem........

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Comments (8)

your poem is full of surprises
what a delight to read
makes one think of reruns and remakes
in a galaxy far not in the distant past

head banger
lovecanberealonline today!
Thanks, mate....thumbs up
Wisdom with age.

Kathy wave
Like I m mentioned earlier Love, it's with an open mind that leads us to understand those that are beyond an ordinary mind to comprehend. We're going to be better in the near future with the help of AI.
lovecanberealonline today!
@ GP

Thanks for the comment. Age? Well yeah, we are talking about extremely Old Astronauts, here. Comment appreciated...bouquet
lovecanberealonline today!

Thanks for the comment. Appreciated. For mine, AI is both a blessing and a curse. Used wrongly, it could destroy. We have to be very careful...professor
Yep food for thought well written too.

I remember in my younger days researching etc, there were people that said the angels that came down were really people from another planet so man has always had this imagination. Ah but maybe !!!grin
lovecanberealonline today!
You never know, Red, thanks for the
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