Polar Bear

You may see him standing,
In the white glare of the Sunlight,
On wind-blasted panes of ice;-

A Winters' Sea compressed,
To float across the salty emptyness.

Now the Bear stands as a symbol;-
As solar light returns to white;-

Above a lattice artifice,
A crazed and crumbling edifice;-
The ice floes crashing to the sea,
From all the melting glaciers.

© lovecanbereal
All rights reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 22

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Comments (11)

southmiami4321online today!
Beautiful inspiration LCBR! Polar bears, are magnificent creatures. Their white colored fur, camouflages with their nature's surroundings.SM bouquet
Nice poem pleasure to read cheers
Your poem portrays lovely Arctic imagery
LCBR. Nicely written.

Nice poem.

The Polar Bears, Icey cold, I'll pass.
Thanks for all the encouraging commentary! Much appreciated..


(Not a polar bear)
Nice write lovecanbereal...wave
Thanks, sal for the comment

I have a soft toy polar bear, reckons he knows it all, but I talk to him often. Good poem LCBR
Thanks for your comment, Mr Zest

godsprincessonline now!
Polar Bears in the Arctic and Penguins in the Antarctica. Both are facing dangers from the melting ice and rising oceans. It's sad that the animals have to suffer from mankind's stupidity.

Have a good New Year LCBR.

Kathy wine party
Thankyou, Kathy, for your comments. They are appreciated.

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