The blogs are ok

The fella's ok, he's just a bit old
A maths geek comes in from the cold
It's not representative
When he's argumentative
But when making maths blogs
He outdoes most the slobs.

These blogs help me relearn
Mathematics I've spurned
When my wild days
Left my mind in a haze.

But now I am sober
(Much like a judge)
Notation is clear
For math, you can't fudge.

Knowledge comes back
I once thought I'd lost
I'm on the right track
I've paid off the cost.

Be real is now here
With a laser-like mind
Soaking up figures
And things of that kind.

Maybe in blog land
Things would be more pleasant
If those would understand
Who act like a peasant

The lady's mostly ok
(She is good too)
So on with this blog
With less hullabaloo!

© lovecanbereal
All rights reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2022
About this poem:
An original lcbr poem, (from the blogs)......

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