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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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rusted trucks Poem

rusted truckscarrie walked out of the diner.. her shift was nearing its end.. and the trees made love in the darkness.. and her eyes to a smile did pretend talk...

walRU2627Mar 2019Jul 2019
Im Cast Down Poem

I'm Cast Down(*) this is not my experience, ( long ballad)! Poor man's life. . ; It has poor ryhming and meter in places ; I'll stop trying to fix mysel...

rusticbink8739Dec 2018Jul 2019

Penultimate SonLittle play on a big word. ??...

Yankee4you2452Jul 2019Jul 2019
Bluebell Poem

"Bluebell"she was crying in the sea unloved and worn she spoke to me her heart and boards were long ripped out her diesel engine left in doubt ye...

walRU1795Jul 2019Jul 2019

MY FOREVER VALENTINEthis poem goes out to that special person in everyone"s life! as for me, I wrote this poem soley for jasmine; my four legged wife!...

WILDANDREADY61613Feb 2017Jul 2019
S O M E T H I N G T O L I V E F O R Poem

S O M E T H I N G T O L I V E F O RDon't know the author, I must say it is inspirational !...

rusticbink9199Oct 2015Jul 2019

A Beautiful MindI sometimes wonder where we would be without the caring people in this sad world....

trurorob7,15698Feb 2010Jul 2019

The Taxi DriverThe lady is very lonely Doesn't she feel the tears on her cheek Too bad he left her somewhere on this lonely street One of her high heels has bro...

EyeLook4U1610Jul 2019
the willow signs her name on the river Poem

the willow signs her name on the riverwhen the playing cards fall from the poker game of life in name or in spirit I'll always call you wife you watched me live my dreams as I tra...

walRU1904Jul 2019Jul 2019
No winners Poem

No winnersI don't know I just did. I guess I wanted to bring across two hearts that beat as one, that are ment to be together and yet can't be.Soulmates separat...

AnnyBee11250Jul 2019
City Reality Poem

City RealityBusy day in a busy city and it just came to me....

AnnyBee11683Jul 2019Jul 2019
Two seeds Poem

Two seedsA simple poem of 2 souls meeting, the potential they share as one and how quick all can be lost....

Odine1635Jul 2019Jul 2019
A loving hand Poem

A loving handA poem for those looking for love, or wishing to nurture love....

W00U21001Jul 2019Jul 2019
Yankee4you4807Dec 2011Jul 2019
Sir Cafe Poem

Sir Cafe......This poem was originally written for a dear friend of mine after several personal discussions with him regarding his particular challenges at the time...

candykid5179Sep 2017Jul 2019

When Love DiesWhen love dies Because of lies No tears in your eyes No smile upon your face All that’s left is an empty space Feeling numb acting dumb...

Abby196338515Jun 2019Jul 2019

Let Your EyesNever mind what to say let your eyes do the talking Never mind right or wrong Let your eyes do the forgiving Never mind once we were young and n...

EyeLook4U1490Jul 2019
Dont go there Poem

Don't go thereDon't go there Cries the hidden voice Inviting lush water's edge Hidden dangers lurk Shortness of breath Freezes ones sense Express ones breath...

wayne341553Jul 2019Jul 2019

MOONLIGHTmagical moonlight.........

niah927112Jun 2019Jul 2019
Daredevil Poem

DaredevilSong...I remember doing a lot of crazy things growing up that I now wouldn't even consider doing......

madtat292163Jun 2019Jul 2019

the fall from graceWhen CS becomes too real...

Nice2meetyoutoo3006Jun 2019Jul 2019

In The Lovely Town Of You And MeIn the lovely town of you and me People live so happily The presence of somewhere special is in the air Smiling faces are everywhere An early mo...

EyeLook4U1290Jul 2019

Convict Chains* The Cat "O" Nine Tails (a whip used to punish convicts). ** Foveaux, a particularly cruel Govenor; in charge of the convict settlement on Norfolk I...

lovecanbereal141-Jul 2019
Shy guys Poem

Shy guys.Don't be shy.. Just say hi.. I don't bite. ??...

Arisra1381Jul 2019Jul 2019
the artist Poem

the artistour tale begins midwinter in austere and ancient rooms.. where landlords sold satanic ales to drink away life's glooms a tortured artist drinks a...

walRU2054Jun 2019Jul 2019

BECAUSE OF MEI wrote this poem at school when I was about 14 or 15 I spent a lot of time on it rhyming the 1st and 3rd lines plus the 2nd and 4th lines in each ve...

LADYCOUNTESSA4359Nov 2017Jul 2019
Gods gift Poem

Gods giftI am but a poet a horseman and recorder of life and reality I have seen my mother and father battle life’s journeys Tis lore and harmony that I wr...

saddlebum1201Jul 2019Jul 2019

SUMMER NIGHTThe sun slowly drifted away and shadows crept in The air slightly cooler as the darkness deepened Creatures scurrying to their dens while still ligh...

godsprincess71022Aug 2017Jul 2019

SOMETIMES....RUN.just randon thoughts..........

niah92417Jun 2019Jul 2019
The lionheart Poem

The lionheart.........This fella was the epitome of the Lions function .........dedicated and loyal to the very end .......for AJ...

Nuwahri612433Jun 2019Jul 2019
essence of love geoff neville Poem

essence of love geoff nevillein the eyes of a stranger you are a moment in the eyes of another you are yesterday gone but in the eyes of true love you are a priceless...

saddlebum1110Jul 2019

Hello Pretty GirlsHello girls this is the first time I've spoken to you Long ago I wanted to I would have loved to have been your friend back then Hello pretty gir...

EyeLook4U1642Jun 2019Jul 2019

.......A DREAMS....To wrote this poem gives me reason to love again not now maybe a years to moving on from my past relationship. Thank you for reading..I hope you like...

Shynee3246Jun 2019Jul 2019

Anna loves her JesusAnother one of my unfinished songs re a born again Christian I knew in college. THE PRAYER: I found myself hiding in my dorm room in Pentagon Dorm....

surprizeme1571Jul 2019Jul 2019
the lawyer and the fisherman Poem

the lawyer and the fishermanlawyer I met on account of a bet which was owed yet un-honoured to me I took her for chips in a forest of ships she chose a symphony no...

walRU1250Jul 2019
The period Poem

The periodPeriod......

madtat2929811Jun 2019Jun 2019
Another Debate Poem

Another DebateI should probably get another interest that is more peaceful, like bird watching!...

mcradloff1432Jun 2019Jun 2019

Time To TimeAbstractive thinking about the meaning of live, love, joy, and happiness....

Yankee4you2282Jun 2019Jun 2019

DAWN IN THE GLENJust felt fanciful!...

godsprincess1,07927Jul 2016Jun 2019
im off to kitty heaven Poem

i"m off to kitty heaveni"ve never been the same since i lost my jasmine in 2014.i figure its time....

WILDANDREADY2004Jun 2019Jun 2019

SorrySorry,the sky isn’t blue Sorry ,no hugs for you. Sorry,I lied Sorry,I have to hide . Sorry, you attacked me Sorry, I slapped you. Sorry, you...

Abby196335011Jun 2019Jun 2019
Captivated by a smile Poem

"Captivated by a smile"I dont really do this, but "oh my gosh, this woman has a beautiful smile"...

IvoryPetals2537Jun 2019Jun 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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