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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Whispers In The Wind Poem

Whispers In The WindThis was from my own personal experience, working with the horses, and caring for them, and also part of a children´s book that I wrote in order to ra...

AI_198416111Jun 9Jun 12
Happy Friday Poem

Happy FridayI am taking this opportunity to promote among us some unity for that we can be the best we can be, I mean all wanna smile with that joy happy glee you...

Rikco11590Jun 12
Star Trek The Scenes that didnt make it to the big Screen Poem

Star Trek: The Scenes that didn't make it to the big ScreenIt is a play on Star Trek. I am a Hugh fan of Star Trek and Star Wars and Sci-Fi in general....

DK1001520Jun 12
A horse for the course Poem

A horse for the course!It is just a humorous tale. I love horses and if I ever won the lottery id buy a horse and put him in training....

DK10011034Jun 10Jun 12

INJUSTICE IS COLOR BLIND!!Bring back "Truth" Reaction... 6/11/20 STC...

lookn2share2282Jun 10Jun 11
Driving Error Poem

Driving ErrorDriving Instructor: “why do you keep coming back Dave?” David: “I want to pass”. Driving Instructor: “you won’t pass unless you take the goddam...

DK1001590Jun 10
Ray of love Poem

Ray of loveA small ray of light can brighten up the universe. Felt the warmth:felt the love Only dawn:for a brief period So bleak yet it shines through darkn...

chic0091,01418Nov 2018Jun 9
Little Apples will grow Again Poem

Little Apples will grow AgainNature. Where the growth formula lends its hand. The internal reflection of the root dynamic expresses itself and shares the mirror image as they blos...

DK1001710Jun 9
The Rose Part 2 Poem

The Rose (Part 2)This is the second part, which came to me a few years later. This one, I made it up!...

AI_198417417Jun 8Jun 9

ANGEL RUBYJune 6, 2020 is the 1st Anniversary of the death of Baby Ruby. Still trying to find out what happened to her father - not sure if he is in jail or not...

godsprincess41513Jun 2019Jun 8
The Rose Part 1 Poem

The Rose (Part 1)This happened in May 2000, shortly after coming to live in Spain....

AI_1984912Jun 8Jun 8

"TEARS"Tears of Beauty ~ From The Heart!...

doglover1486724May 2016Jun 8

Maybedont we all wish at times!!, well I do anyway!!...

trurorob6,40586Mar 2010Jun 8

DAISIES AND POPPIES (THE 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY) - Acrostic Poem for Socrates challengeIn remembrance of 75th Anniversary of D-Day June 6, 2019 when thousands died to defend the world from tyranny. Lest we forget....

godsprincess47616Jun 2019Jun 7

Almost Drowning*Narrabeen - A Sydney beach True story of how I almost drowned on Christmas Day, when I was nine years old, and how my father rescued me - saving my...

lovecanbereal73916May 2016Jun 7

Why I Love GirlsFirst blossom and first love are beautiful To see affection in my girlfriend's eyes Like flowers on a bush are plentiful Although - amidst - a few...

lovecanbereal77723May 2016Jun 7
Dancing With The Four Winds Poem

Dancing With The Four WindsThis was my own personal journey, many moons ago, during my Shamanic training where we learn to create our own destiny with conscious dreaming, and wh...

AI_19841369Jun 5Jun 6

WaxingWaxing blooms and talking Fumes The incessant shuffling of pointy feet Going on and on about a fabled Virginity Teasing the boys Like it's a ban...

cryptorchid1000Jun 5
Distance Poem

DistanceThis poem was written especially for all those lovers and individuals missing their loved ones and affected by Distance. For those in long distance r...

Darlingbabylove700Jun 4
Pearl Of The Southern Skies Poem

Pearl Of The Southern SkiesRomantic adventure where love is the treasure...

Yankee4you1402Jun 4Jun 4
Mentor 4 Soulgoddess Poem

Mentor * 4 Soulgoddess *Here you go Angeline. ...this should get their minds working....

candykid1,198-Jan 2015Jun 3

if you're reading thisIf you're reading this I'm no longer around it's a note I left I hope it's found when life is tricky you gamble cares so I slid down the appl...

yachtsman_729711May 21Jun 2
The Love Of My Life Poem

The Love Of My LifeThis is all about a horse called Swan, a white 27-year-old gelding, that I´ve been sponsoring in a horse rescue centre where I used to volunteer my se...

AI_19841203May 30Jun 2
Listen Poem

ListenBe with me through my tears Stay close to me when I fear That nothing good can ever happen. Wipe away my pain When noone else can think Or imagi...

Rebenasia1683Oct 2019Jun 2

CREATIONNature with its beauty and splendor is the obvious and glaring sign, the proof and signature of a Creator....

JoyCrest1053Jun 1Jun 2
I Got You Singing Poem

I Got You SingingThis was sent to me by a dear friend of mine who is in another dimension....

AI_19841446May 31Jun 2
Everlasting Love Poem

Everlasting LoveI wrote the poem from a place of genuineness. I am seeking pure genuine love which will be an everlasting love, that I would like to share with a true...

Darlingbabylove870Jun 1

THE WORLD NEEDS LOVELockdown thoughts... destruction and suffering in the world because of the lack of love....

JoyCrest31717May 9Jun 1
Lie to Me Poem

~ Lie to Me ~Do you care? Now tell me ~ Don't Lie! Lol...

JimEee28610Oct 2018May 31
no picture Poem

no pictureI am a member of several dating sites . and it really gets to me when you get a profile that says no picture no message . it's not so much on here thi...

Leibherr5801050May 30
In my absence R I P Poem

In my absence {R.I.P.}The last couple years or so I lived in the woods of Washington state, No running water, No electricity, Truly "Roughing It". Life got to be too muc...

madtat2933014Jun 2019May 30
Dynamite Poem

DynamiteAnger Management...

madtat291368May 23May 30
Leaving The Merry Go Round Poem

Leaving The Merry-Go-RoundThis just came to mind as I woke up this morning, contemplating life in general. I don´t know much about poetry, but it came out more or less as a li...

AI_198423511Mar 15May 29

BookAnd so be it...

trurorob26311May 7May 29

RETURN OF YESTERDAYWell - this poem could really relate to what is going on right now in the world. Many are losing loved ones to the COVID-19! Prayers for all dealing...

godsprincess48720Mar 11May 29

IF IT'S OUR TIME, WE HAVE TO GOThere's a certain fear with an invisible enemy in our midst. But I believe, if it's our time to go, we have to go wherever we are....

JoyCrest23413May 5May 29
A Thousand Goodbye Poem

A Thousand GoodbyeA peaceful breakup by my boyfriend...the moment of feelings that I felt then....

Simfj2388Mar 10May 28
Just a bit of silliness really Poem

Just a bit of silliness, reallyI was feeling suicidal a few hours ago, and these lyrics just popped in my head. It made me smile, so I jotted them down...

SEEKINGinger5358Oct 2018May 28
Mysterious man Poem

Mysterious manI wrote this poem as a reflection of my longing for someone who stole my heart...

nenankoe1443May 26May 28
Non Stop Raindrops Poem

Non-Stop RaindropsSeasons of anguish in rhythmic rotation... Meticulously taking their time... Summers of sadness... Winters of madness... Thoroughly mine... Lik...

candykid1,370-Mar 2014May 27
Night adventure Poem

Night adventureJust an attempt to write something funny...

salamuna1206May 27May 27

Love is an illusionMy heart is as pure as that of a child My passion is hot and my temper is mild I do have love in abundance To share it with you, I have...

poettarek9697Oct 2015May 27

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