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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Sheeple Poem

SheepleSong I wrote...I can see the 1%er's in a board meeting somewhere discussing their fiendish plan......

madtat291822Jun 2019Jun 2019
day you left Poem

”day you left”Breathe in sunsets of regrets. Emotional avalanches with midnight frets. Tearful dark greets another mournful dawn. Gloomy days reigns, happiness f...

IvoryPetals4162Dec 2013Jun 2019
Tuesday Poem

TuesdaySong ......

madtat291951Jun 2019Jun 2019

FRIENDSHIPS.....friends......can be close or miles away...... true friendship matters..........

niah92709Jun 2019Jun 2019
Youre fab baby I love you Poem

You're fab baby, I love youLaura, I'll always be there for you....

Goodteeth4407Nov 2018Jun 2019
silent highway Poem

silent highwayI see missed steps along the silent highway.. forgotten by the sound of endless cars.. how can a soul of your enduring conscience.. compete with all t...

walRU2578Apr 2019Jun 2019

A RUDE AWAKENINGGlad I don't dream much...

EXRED34518Jun 2019Jun 2019
Gratitude Poem

GratitudeA day in the countryside......reflections of rural life....

Yankee4you29414Jun 2019Jun 2019
Sadness Falls Like snow Poem

Sadness Falls Like snowSadness falls like snow A blanket upon the ground Where footsteps may go A place where love once had been And memories no wind could blow away...

EyeLook4U4817Sep 2014Jun 2019
Silly But She Wants Me To Write Poem

Silly But She Wants Me To WriteSilly but she wants me to write And she's not being true to me Even though she's far away her esp is hard to fight It's silly so silly but she wan...

EyeLook4U1700Jun 2019
The road travelled Poem

The road travelled.It is about the differing results of how we react to a warning....

Gligeen1452Jun 2019Jun 2019
A Man Known As Me Poem

A Man Known As MeIn the middle of nowhere Seldom seen seldom heard There lived a man known as me He wrote a little poetry sang songs to himself He had a lot of...

EyeLook4U1270Jun 2019
The Old Prospector Poem

The Old ProspectorThere was old prospector he rode everywhere Searching for gold he could never find Until one day when he met her And the gold in her heart made him...

EyeLook4U1601Jun 2019Jun 2019

TrappingI love those furry little creatures, so I don't trap today, besides it's a lot of work!...

mcradloff1370Jun 2019
Leslie Ann Poem

Leslie Annwell you walk with a swagger that's unearned but it always fits you well and you speak in a way the warms the places where them wildflowers d...

walRU1872Jun 2019Jun 2019

Storm in her eyesThe storm in her eyes Her eyes so dark The spark no longer there She walks along the beach Tears stream down her face She wipes away her tea...

Abby196328012Jun 2019Jun 2019
that girl Poem

that girlI met me a girl called Deja Vu her folks seemed to know me and her dog did too she told me my future as we lied in bed she seemed to know th...

walRU2097Jun 2019Jun 2019
Rikco111692Jun 2019Jun 2019
He died Poem

He diedSong......

madtat292566Jun 2019Jun 2019
Penny Poem


madtat292045Jun 2019Jun 2019

ODE TO LOST LOVEI have written this for a very special lady whose mere presence on this site makes my heart sing.If by some miracle I win her heart I will be the happ...

Geriatrix21,05010May 2016Jun 2019
Outta my mind Poem

Outta my mindSong......

madtat291994Jun 2019Jun 2019
Cruisin Poem

CruisinCruisin........because I was meditating whilst riding my bicycle n this fell out, stop, park bench, write Injoy...

Rikco111320Jun 2019
Trusting This Journey Poem

Trusting This JourneyIf it’s happened it was meant to be Just Keep Going...

Rikco111390Jun 2019
Fool for Love Poem

Fool for LoveThis is how it always starts......

madtat291771Jun 2019Jun 2019
Castaway Poem

CastawayOthers of you I'm sure feel it too, I'm lost and alone in this life sometimes......

madtat292234May 2019Jun 2019
Anger Poem

Anger.I wrote this 10 years ago when my daughter cut me from her life. I haven't seen her or my precious grandchildren since. I've obviously worked throug...

GingerGee28218May 2019Jun 2019
My Dad Poem

My DadFond memories inspired me to write this one :)...

Happychatty132814Feb 2019Jun 2019

Don't fearDon't be afraid if I just say "I love you", It doesn't mean, far from it, please, believe, That it is you with whom I am in love in real. It means...

marikia71915Feb 2011Jun 2019
The Postman Poem

The PostmanI have quite heavily borrowed from another poem for the style of this one, although not quite so much in content. I am not a postman but I have been...

Harbal27720Jun 2019Jun 2019

YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'VE GOT AT FIRST GLANCEGot to admit a couple of poets on here inspired me to write differently. And of course you just never know at first glance what you have...

EXRED22612Jun 2019Jun 2019
triangle Poem

"triangle"spiraling debauchery the pit in which I fell tis fiendishly amoral the tale of which I'll tell I dreamt of tax accountancy but my parents had...

walRU2079Jun 2019Jun 2019
Bending Perception Poem

Bending PerceptionGet on out there n just be you...

Rikco111240Jun 2019

The Last CallBehind the black curtain She sits in a chair Waiting for her name to be called As she sits and waits night time falls the halls have been cle...

Abby196345525Apr 2019Jun 2019
guys Poem

guystrue story...

Ali_heart1694Jun 2019Jun 2019
Never Alone Poem

Never AloneEmbrace yourself some more n try your best to trust your journey Two steps back before anger to see the bigger picture Please...

Rikco111220Jun 2019
I Love you sooooooo much Poem

I Love you sooooooo muchUnconditional Love...

Rikco111642Jun 2019Jun 2019
Look at you Poem

Look at youRemember when giving to others give to yourself first Respect n Love that mirror please You can’t pour from an empty cup...

Rikco111390Jun 2019
Shine regardless n on purpose Poem

Shine regardless n on purposeThis is you on your journey I say whether it scald or burn me Let it learn n unlearn me Shine light n turn me Clear through to this path I cra...

Rikco111190Jun 2019
Happiness is an inside job Poem

Happiness is an inside jobLooking for somebody to make you happy will never work. You must find your own joy, your own happy before you go seeking a partner When you are both...

Rikco111683Apr 2019Jun 2019

Where's That Guy With The Dog?Respect is something that is so important, and so hard to find in other people I have come across. Those who truly have respect for women, especially...

mcradloff1692Jun 2019Jun 2019
Life Poem

LifeThe life you, I, and others seek is life itself. Is there anything need to be said....

XsilverSky1571Jun 2019Jun 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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