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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Truly Poem

TrulyThere are foolish words, attitudes without value, irreproachable needs, guilt that does not need an owner, unnecessary cries that evoke the most intri...

Amed321270Nov 2018
Are you real Poem

Are you real ?.Will there be happiness? Is it really a feeling that emerges at the best moments? Or maybe just some flash created by moments filled with complete joy...

Amed321800Nov 2018
Unmatched Poem

UnmatchedToday I do not find an adequate start to dedicate some lines that make you blush, I seek in my conscience pieces of your personality that bring my mus...

Amed321460Nov 2018
An ICE Poem

An ICE !!!Looking Looking Nice But Looking Like That Ice . . . BEWArE LOVE is a THIEF, You will loose everything !!!...

zeroBalance133-Nov 2018

More than the StarsA poem about real love...

godsprincess1,13834Jun 2016Nov 2018
It All Adds Up Poem

It All Adds UpIts nothing important....

secludedStar2000Nov 2018
The dance of colors Poem

The dance of colorsGiving up control is the only option we have sometimes...

yaspark2974Nov 2018Nov 2018
Missing you Poem

Missing youIn the poem Missing You, the poet Ramaking follows the tradition of the minstrels, the poets wanderers, belonging to the Middle Age in France,...

Ramaking2040Nov 2018

THE FORGOTTEN VETERANIt is now Memorial Day 2018 - please take time to remember those that "All gave some and Some Gave All" who served/wounded/died defending our Country....

godsprincess66522Oct 2017Nov 2018
Just Bobble Poem

Just BobbleCatching little title for my poem about patterns made by fallen leaves on freshly wet concrete. Hey I'm a struggling poet, need I say anymore? :)...

Yankee4you2728Nov 2018Nov 2018
rosese Poem

roseseRoses are love any flower is more than grey or white. of any type lips and all sorts of greenery. moss lays any type is beauty to the bee. as long as...

DoSoLonging1480Nov 2018
The naked heart Poem

The naked heartIt's about attempting to figure out what truly matters...

yaspark3055Nov 2018Nov 2018

LOVEtrust............. core as centered will life just, beyond petal’s allure romance.............. life, sweet engendered loving thorns prick...

Sacred_Angel2173Oct 2018Nov 2018
I need solid of Earth Poem

I need solid of EarthI need the solid of earth earth that is familiar to my soul I need paths paths to walk within the quiet of lush green grass I need beauty the bea...

Sacred_Angel1756Oct 2018Nov 2018

IF ONLY - Poem of Remembrance for Veteran's/Memorial DayRemembering on Veterans Day 2018. Wrote this in 2012 after a local soldier was killed in Afghanistan. Not trying to be political at all - just was u...

godsprincess1,27820May 2015Nov 2018
Stargazing Poem

StargazingNot a poem.. Just a silly story.. ?? Sometimes the mind loses itself in meanders of impression of an instant.. Just a quick second.. Weird introspec...

Franbee1792Nov 2018Nov 2018
just hit Poem

just hitIf you can look differently you will find that there are so many other things you can do for the mankind, you can write eBook and publish online, you...

zeroBalance362-Nov 2018
lindsyjones82229Oct 2018Nov 2018
Heavens Delight Poem

~ Heaven's Delight ~Tis a fantasy story How many women like such a massage ~ Lol...

JimEee2464Nov 2018Nov 2018
The Conversation Of Teardrops Poem

The Conversation Of TeardropsYou've got to stop thinking about her Was the conversation of teardrops in my eyes It was years ago I met her years later today I can't forget her...

EyeLook4U1711Nov 2018Nov 2018
A Broken Crutch Poem

A Broken Crutch........Addiction and death ...........the two go hand in hand some by accident some by choice...

Nuwahri6133311Nov 2018Nov 2018
To my Beloved Goddess Poem

To my Beloved GoddessDance with me, my s*xual Goddess under the soft moon shining on the wide open fields far beyond the toil an trouble of my busy mind Dance with...

AtYourSide1941Nov 2018Nov 2018

Broken And BeautifulPerhaps, it is because of the experience of being broken by hurt, and the suffering that goes with it, in whatever area of life, that we are able to e...

socrates447158Feb 2014Nov 2018
soul of soul Poem

soul of soulThese thoughts Filled to brim Joy of joy Yet Deep the bend Gentle winds shivering Slow the sway, the ripple’s end As if utterance is set t...

Sacred_Angel2152Oct 2018Nov 2018

TRUE LOVE FOREVERWanting to be where you are A comfortable silence A moment of peace Brought on by unity A mutual feeling Sends the spirit soaring Kindred intere...

Sacred_Angel3362Oct 2018Nov 2018

TRUE LOVE FOREVERi cOuld lOve yOu even mOre tOmOrrOw than i dO tOday.... i lOve yOu this much that its hard tO put intO wOrds.... meeting yOu is what i called mir...

Sacred_Angel2414Oct 2018Nov 2018

We Wear the Mask BY PAUL LAURENCE DUNBARWe wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,— This debt we pay to human guile; With torn and bleeding hearts w...

hogweed992958Aug 2018Nov 2018
Twice the Man Poem

Twice the ManI wrote this a couple of years ago, never quite got it to work as a song....

CMerlyn6267Dec 2014Nov 2018
Halloween Remembrances Poem

~ Halloween Remembrances ~I hope you enjoyed the Halloween Barn Dance ~...

JimEee27013Oct 2018Nov 2018

Foot PainAn election just two days away, I wonder will we get some good health care for working people....

mcradloff2220Nov 2018
soulful Poem

soulfulit is kindness the still of my rush it is the non of judge the easing to believe it is voice and laughter's warmth the breath seek...

Sacred_Angel2003Oct 2018Nov 2018
Once upon a river clear Poem

Once upon a river clear .............Saddened by the recent pollution by a beautiful crystal clear creek by agricultural exploits .............

Nuwahri612986Oct 2018Nov 2018

ScatteringI am now scattered!!, time for bed...

trurorob2,27167Apr 2014Nov 2018
Mystery is Love Poem

Mystery is LoveOnly when you reached an understanding that what you've known all along is true....

Yankee4you3517Oct 2018Nov 2018

CHOOSE LOVE AND LIGHTHave a Blessed All Soul's Day...

JoyCrest2359Oct 2018Nov 2018
Summer fireworks Poem

Summer fireworksThe ball of lightning passed next to me. Luckily, I was not hurt, just shaken enough to write a poem....

yaspark3002Nov 2018Nov 2018
Before the sun forgets its way Poem

Before the sun forgets its wayThis was inspired by the bright magical colors of the fall...

yaspark3012Nov 2018Nov 2018
Its Going To Be Better Poem

It's Going To Be Better.__ --- --- - Being made of glass : sure is a pain in my a** I can't fall down and told, not to spin around Its dangerous to...

secludedStar162-Nov 2018
Tis Halloween Eve Poem

~ Tis Halloween Eve ~Tis a bit on the dark side ~ But then so are Ghosts & Ghouls & things that go bump in the night!...

JimEee1846Oct 2018Nov 2018
IF I Poem

IF IIf i look hard enough into those beautiful eyes Withins a peace waiting for true love to find And baby I'm the man that's waiting for you If i fe...

Sacred_Angel2110Oct 2018
Scary Halloween Poem

~ Scary Halloween ~Boo! Beware! The Ghosts & Witches are coming! On Oct 31, 2018...

JimEee1872Oct 2018Oct 2018
Sequel Lie to me Poem

Sequel ~ Lie to me ~Wishful thinking ~ Lol...

JimEee1864Oct 2018Oct 2018

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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