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May the sun always shine on all our hearts....

even in the darkest hour may only flowers grow from our hearts...

in the coldest night and frozen moon's may we all see sunlight bloom....

karma is true and so are you open your eyes to the real you...

Be kind be gentle and goodness will follow don't ever look back to leave your heart hollow.....

Some advice is nice but sometimes hard we have to learn to listen well and bring life's gifts from the wishing well....

We have nothing to fear but fear itself and we can't be beaten because where all strong like the sea even the Angels can see...

So let the sun shine now and smile because we will all find our true love with God's great Smile....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 25
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southmiami4321online today!
Jesus is my light. Thanks for sharing. SM
Oceanzestonline now!
nice write, supremely positive beer
salamunaonline today!
I agree with ocean. very positive one. thank you wave
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