Top 10 reasons men confuse women

We all know that men are confused by women, but it works both ways. Women are confused by men, too. These might be some of the reasons.

Men say they love women, but many are only wanting sex.

Hey, guys, women are far more than just their bodies. Look inside to see what women really are. Women are way more than just their looks. Look past the looks and you will find a treasure inside.

Men say they'll call, and then they don't.

Sitting by the phone, waiting for a call, is a bummer, especially if the guy doesn't call. Let's not add to the confusion by avoiding calling or texting. There's enough confusion in the world as it is. Besides, people are busy nowadays, and have a lot of other things they could be doing.

Men promise things, and then don't deliver.

Okay, this is an easy one. Men get distracted way too easily. You send a man to the store, and he discovers an oil slick under the car. He'll spend 3 hours checking out the leak, while you are still waiting for the groceries.

He "ignores/forgets" your birthday, anniversary, or other dates.

Men have terrible memories when it comes to important dates. That's why a lot of women keep dog houses in the back yard! A gentle reminder might help, but don't be too subtle - he probably won't get it.

He doesn't "get" me.

Women can be too subtle at times. Guys are not mind-readers. If you want your guy to understand you, you need to be very clear on what you want. "We need a new dishwasher", not "I wish we had a different kitchen." The clearer you are, the better the chances of being understood.

He won't watch the same shows I like.

Everybody has different tastes. Guys like sports, cars, machinery, anything dangerous. Women generally like other things, as a rule. How about he watches a movie you like, in exchange for you doing something he likes? Example, he watches a Lifetime show and you cook his favorite meal.

I tell him something, but he doesn't hear it or he gets it wrong.

You tell him you'd like some cheese and broccoli, but he comes home with pretzles and doughnuts, or he forgets what he went to the store for altogether. Again, men are distracted easily. They have a lot on their mind.
A shopping list is a great help. Also, "And don't come home until you get what's on the list, and only what's on the list!" Men process information differently than women do.

I tell him I want a divorce, and he says, "Okay, honey."

It isn't that he wants a divorce. Not at all. He's probably too engrossed in a TV show or magazine, or whatever he's working on. Try again later, when he is more ready to listen.

I'm angry and he isn't listening.

Try giving the both of you some time to cool down. Then discuss the situation calmly. Discussing things when you're mad is not the best time to communicate what you really have to say, let alone for him to understand what you mean.

I wish he would tell me he loves me more often.

Men often have a hard time saying they love you. Men show you they love you in all kinds of ways, but women don't always pick up on it. For example, you man might make you breakfast when you weren't expecting it, or they might mow the lawn without being asked, or maybe they gas up the car for you. These are all subtle ways of telling you that you are loved. So, although it's nice to hear the "I love you's", pay attention to the little things he does for you each day. You'll be surprised how many ways he shows that he loves you.

I hope you've enjoyed this little Toop 10 list. I would love to hear your thoughts about the list.

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Very observant of you to denote all these intricacies in a relationship. I commend your insight. I am keen to believe, that you learned, not just by research, but, also, through first hand experience! UNDERSTANDING, still, is, the Golden key to the durable padlock of an amiable relationship!
Dear Huggerman,
First of all let me clear your confusion by stating {what} is a fact........... and what is {that} fact? The fact is what is {that}reality which distinguishes a man from a woman.For a man, {sex} is love, whilst for a woman sex is a {lust}. A woman must uderstand that, if a man was to have a woman's feelings, then he will not be called a man at all..... and God has given this s*xual feelings to a man in abundance.It should be understood that it is not the man's fault for these s*xual feelings, but Nature has done that.
On another level, man has to educate himself how to treat a woman with love(not s*xual), kindness, softness, sweet language and behave like a true gentleman.Bowing to his woman, gifting flowers,lettibng his woman take the first step, etc are tips to impress his woman.
I can only think of one reason men and women confuse each other-Women think with the head, men think of the bed. frustrated
This is possible
You're welcome, SaltyAir.
Thank you for the list, it was enlighteningwink
Men's actions show what they feel. For players and bad guys, their words are used to cover up their actions.

Always look at what a man does, not at what they say.
Thank you. Much appreciated.
First of all I'm happy to see that you didn't throw all men 'under' the bus! :) Secondly, I think you've put together a fine 'framework' for really understanding each other in a relationship. The key word here is UNDERSTANDING. Most folks go into relationships with their eyes wide shut not even willing to compromise or work to keep things on an even keel. This is a wonderful Top 10, keep up the good work! Looking forward to more! thumbs up
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