The Top 10 Reasons, Why Most of Us are Still Single

These are what I believe to be the top 10 reasons, that the majority of us are still single!

It Begins with, What I Want in A Partner!

Now this one is a No-Brainer, we actually seek someone who is similar to us, their likes and dislikes, their values and morals, as well as their ethics and principles. Sounds easy enough (Not), we tend to meet people with some of our want's but not all, or they pretend to want the same things in life as we do but in all actuality, they're lying and simply saying whatever it is that they think we want to hear. Thus we become acquainted with their (Modus Operandi) Their hidden agenda, and most people have one. TO BE CONTINUED:

Very High Expectations!

A great many of us have been in a meaningfull as well as meaningless relationships, on that I'm sure we can agree. Yet we have issues explaining what it is that we actually would like to find in our potential future partner's. Why is this one might ask, this is because we have encountered so many fake people on our journey to find love that we have become distrusting of everyone we meet. The reason for this is because in the past we have chosen our mates based on looks, and then we discovered that looks was actually all that they had going for themselves. So after fishing them out of the deep blue sea, we threw them back in (Good Bye). One thing that I have noticed on these dating sites is that, it is difficult to find brains, beauty, honesty, loyalty, devotion and any other traits that we want, all wrapped up into one individual. Post your response, if you agree with me on this one.

Compromising Our Dating Requirements!

After searching high and low looking for Mr right or Mrs wonderful, we ultimately begin to cross specific qualifications off of our (What you need to have, if you want to be with me list) Men say well hell, she looks good, so I guess it doesn't matter that she's brain dead, so he cross's off she must have brains off his list. Women say hell he's fine, so I guess it doesn't matter if he don't have a job or car and lives in his parents house, so they cross he must be independant off their list (Big Mistake)- TO BE CONTINUED: Never compromise your integrity..

There are plenty more reasons why we are still single, so here is where I require everyones assistance, please reply with your post, as to why you think we are all still single and please be honest!

You have never been a quitter, so don't start now, and for gods sake, don't delete your profile, until you find exactly who it is that you are searching for, and believe you me, he or she is out there. We have all come very close to finding that perfect mate, and then the bottom fell out, and the beast was released and their true personality reared its ugly head, and we ran for cover and found somewhere to hide, and changed our phone number, i'm with you on that one......I ran too.(smile here-or-bust out laughing which ever you prefer)

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Financial matters can effect the success or failure of a relationship.

s*xual comparability can effect the success or failure of a relationship.
Thank you for sharing this. A good post though. I guess, there are lots of reasons why we remain single. We like to meet the opposite gender with the same aspirations, beliefs, likes and values same as ours. We set standards based on our achievements. We like to choose the people who has the same resemblance just like our significant other. And there are lots of reasons, whatever it may be, I hope everyone will meet their special someone here.
To me being single is mostly choice. People don't want somebody else involved in their decisions. My wife of blessed memory and I were married 26 years. It is hard work people. Nothing short of hard work will make a marriage. I know, been there done that. I've had people block me without me saying a word. Too many people live in the world of Internet fantasy, not reality. What if that person you just indiscriminately blocked was your soul-mate? How would you know if you have never spoken to that person, or made one rude curt comment and then summarily blocked that person? Not possible. It is a choice.

Get an idea of what is acceptable to you, but don't carve it into stone. You wouldn't want somebody you liked very much coming up to you and start forcing you into their mold. It is the other way around people. Your mold needs to fit the person.

If they lie, cheat, steal, or anything major you don't like, boot them immediately, like the lady here said she does, and no second chances. But short of that, be tolerant. There are hard boundaries, gray area, and free choice. Let the person you like being with, be that person. Change your mold if they don't fit it.

And occasionally, let that person know what you do appreciate. Even the smartest people aren't mind-readers.

Hope this helps. It is based on my 26 years of experience.
I think I'm still single because I refuse to settle. It's hard to find a good honest man. Once I find out that you lied or cheated, I'm done. No second chances. I rather be single than unhappy
Agree with everything you say ......been there done it all met them too lol
Wow. One of the best posts I ever read in my entire life.
The Top 3 Reasons: You are so charming, smart and strong - that is the reason! Thank you for a great essay!
She know it!!
Excellent commentary on your feelings about relationships. They can be fraught but don't have to be. Try reading the following:

People do change. If with a partner; is it together or living separate lives while playing "house"?

The question might be: have they invested time, communication with their partner so that they both change, and hopefully grow, together?

What I don't agree with is that people grow apart. If this is true, it may signify that both have been neglecting each other. I absolutely admire the couples that have been able to work and communicate through it all and flourish to the end.

Yes. There are those that were never sincere from the beginning so over time, they "move on" with out you or even in spite of you. These can be some of the harshest dealings a person might have to go through. They can interject long term, personal havocs, of their own. Only time reveals the best or worse in any one or any thing.

It still takes work and effort but I always wish the best for any one.

Have a vision of life that inspires you, then try every day to grow closer to the fulfilment of that vision.

Carl (quitert)
Well, SexyDreamGirl I really enjoyed your post and was surprised that no one commented on it. If you wrote that all by yourself you should consider becoming a professional writer. Much of the information was true. You have to feel comfortable with the person you are with and become good friends first as sex can come later after you have grown to really love each other.
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