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It’s a bit foggy …..

‘Twas a foggy foggy morn
Down by the harbour wall
A ships mast appeared
Lurking ghostly and tall
Out through the mist
A canoeist appeared
Striving for perfection
His style all but revered
Out to the horizon
Where I thought it to be
A sun was on the rise
Trying to break free
But the fog was the master
In this story being told
It’s depth like a glue
Just taking its hold
And just when I thought
I couldn’t see any more
A shaft of light broke through
I could not ignore
It reflected off the water
In a shimmering way
A circle of blue and silver
What words could I say
Astounded at the beauty
That blessed me that day
I reached for my pencil
For words to portray ………
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 17
About this poem:
Fog …..

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Comments (12)

salamunaonline today!
Amasing paint Nu. you areone of the best in painting with words here. Many thanks. really enjoyed your poem . Re. Lily applause
trurorobonline today!
Nicely done NU, good reflections
southmiami4321online today!
Your imagery was just beautiful. Enjoyed very much. SM
First of all I must congratulate you (Nu) for being awarded, acknowledged and added into the CS Poetry Corner Best Poets Hall of Fame. wow wow Courtesy of the other great poet eh? Those praises and adulations just keep raining on mate! Gotta put the brakes on somehow. sigh On being one of the good poets here, I think that's been accorded you donkeys years ago...just done subtly This corner was my Shangrila, there were no labels that made non-poets like me feel uneasy or less talented in the old days.

Hard to leave comments when every possible adjective I can think of has been used. So I just watch and cheer on the sidelines keeping mum, feeling like an outsider all the time! sigh

Fog is always quite mystical to me no matter where or when or how thick or how long it stays …not sure if you’re describing the same day I was there…maybe not. As usual, you described your subject to a T! No surprises there. To weave all the factors and fibres you needed to paint your canvas is a skill and an art people like me do not have...a skill and an art I have admired from you from day dot. That's why I gave up writing because I feel like a green golfer playing with Tiger W. laugh laugh Much easier to leave the fairways to the master and just be happy to caddy...picking up your balls on demand laugh confused

Taking this chance to say thanks to a few old poet friends who now and then still send their greetings and regards for me. I read comments on Nu's poems...hence I know you and you know who you are...thanks for thinking of me...much appreciated.
Nu, enjoyed your foggy poem with a glimpse of light that broke through! wave

Dear Orientalkoru, I am relatively new to this site. I am not aware of drama or storms happening here and have no idea what kind of stops you are talking about.. Correct me if I am wrong, my impression was that in comments we are free to express our appreciation for the fellow poets. without any restrictions or censorship. Simply does not feel right to read lengthy instructions for others on how to word their comments.barf handshake
Thanks for your comment on my comment. Please know that I have nothing against you or anyone. Like you said "in comments we are free to express our appreciation for the fellow poets. without any restrictions or censorship" and that's exactly what I did. I respect your opinion or anyone else's, I hope you can respect mine too.

We all wear different cultural lenses so what's acceptable to one may not be acceptable to another. I don't react on comments willi-nilly as you may have noticed....especially if it is about how well-written a line or lines are's when it gets overboard that I feel it crosses my boundaries. I've been reading comments for over 2 years now...I can assure you I don't comment unless I feel the need to. Sorry if it bothered you; that was never my intentions.

I was just having Nu on; I commented in jest for I knew he would not mind because he knew what I was talking about. Sometimes we show our appreciation in different ways; could be a downunder habit so I understand if Americans might find it offensive beer

Anyway, don't worry...I hardly come here so you won't see comments from me that often but l like visiting old friends so I drop by now and then to come and read and appreciate Nu's poems (after all his poetry means a lot to me) as well as a few others written by a few people I knew 10 or so years ago (and even if I don't usually comment, it's just nice to see they are still around and doing well). A few of the poets I knew have passed away and I would not have known these people I have shared thoughts with for quite a while are gone from us forever if I did not drop by now and then. Just like I would never have known a few of the ones still here have sent their regards every now and then if I wasn't reading their comments on Nu's poems.

All I can say is, some things are deeper than they seem. It's a fact that it takes several droplets of liquid before a glass is full or even half full. It was appreciating Nu's poems that got us talking; I realize my boundaries are more set than most and I don't apologize for it. I will stop here, thanks for understanding. I totally see where you are coming from and like I mentioned already; I respect and appreciate your thoughts. I would be very grateful if you can respect mine. We all react at things differently and we all have a valid reason/s why we react differently. I wish you a good day! handshake: wine
Dear OK, hope you agree, like many other strong emotions feeling jealous may be blinding. We may imagine things that are not there, e.g., mistake somebody!s sincere appreciation and compliments for the ambition to take Nu from you. Feels like there are more private ways to address your concerns other than using comments to Nu’s poems as a stage for expressing your concerns, just my five cents here.wave
Thanks Lily , Rob , SM and Yas … thanks very much for all the comments they are always respected and appreciated . Please forgive my lovely wife for her intense scrutiny of what happens here she has a beautiful heart .
Regards Nu conversing grin cool
Hey Nu, what's the point in telling people of my beautiful heart when you make it look like it doesn't count to the rest of the world? Trying to be too nice to the rest of the world as always, at the expense of your own bubble. Thanks for apologizing in my behalf but no thanks. Sorry but I would not apologize for my intense scrutiny as you call it... But you can of course apologize in my behalf as much as you want mate... it does not change the truth that sometimes what is seen and what really is are too different things. sad_flower:
@ NU
Don't worry this is my last comment on your poems. sad flower

Thanks for your five cents, I understand where you are coming from. Hope you don’t mind me sharing mine and the last ever comment you’ll see from me:
1. First, you have nothing to do with any of these. I really don’t enjoy having disagreements with people I do not know and have no issues with.

2. Kindly not assume or presume anything about me based on one comment alone. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone do that to you. Nowhere in my comment was I rude or disrespectful of you. Like you said, most give sincere comments, I totally agree. Maybe that’s probably why I have never reacted to your comments in the past because I saw them as sincere comments.

3. Strong emotions can blind indeed. If I’m ruled simply by strong emotions, I’d be commenting / reacting on all his poems. A truly jealous person will react with anything and everything at all times. Fact is, it takes years of scrutiny before I can honestly feel I can react justifiably. Maybe why hubby mentioned about my ‘intense scrutiny’; he knows I don’t react willy-nilly. But you don’t know that about me so I understand why it was easy for you to presume.

4. If anyone wants to take Nu away from me…that’s out of my hands. All I care is that he respects me and my boundaries while he is with me because I do that for him. I’ve never stopped him from doing what he wants; I tell him what I don’t want or like though… up to him to make up his mind. If there is anything I’ve learnt in life…it’s to never impose myself on anyone. Our ultimate goal is true love…all of us, and there can’t be true love in a relationship if it does not spring naturally from both hearts. I haven’t got a lot of years left to waste it stuck in a relationship with one who can't requite what I'm prepared to give.

5. Let me expound for the last time the root of all these. I reacted to a comment because I found it almost funny and wanted to rub it in on NU. Maybe because I know he prefers to blend or hide in a corner or crevice much like a crab does so he can get away from recognitions especially from the spotlight. He’s never been comfortable being praised in front of friends so it sent me laughing when he’s put on a spotlight publicly online for all the world to see and all he can do is grin and show respect which I thought was totally opposite from the person I know. So please understand, this had nothing to do with you at all…your name never came to mind when I made that comment…honestly, so am a bit perplexed that you reacted the way you did.

6. Talking privately? Of course we practice that too. We’ve had ten years or so to learn to talk to each other (privately) about our concerns. But there are times when the situation doesn’t call for it, like this one. See, all he did was write and share a poem which to me is not an issue. I saw no logic in talking privately about something he hasn’t done, caused or created or something we’ve already discussed years prior. But again you don't know that so I understand why you thought otherwise.
southmiami4321online today!
Wow....Let there be peace...SM
cheers head banger
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