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Socrates Said ..........

A seed was fertilised
For me to be born
Although there was passion
I believe it was torn
The youngest of four
Now on a plane
A new country perspective
And growth again
But alas I feel
My growth did stall
Trying to understand
Words and all
Not quite the same
As those around
Managed to survive
Upon playground
On the outer
But always looking in
It took a long time
To appreciate my grin
I stumbled and fell
Along the way
But that’s another story
And that was my day
Welcomed two boys
Into this life
Unsure of their destiny
Just guided them from strife
They were the lessons
I had to learn
So maturity was a fire
That did slowly burn
Weeks months and years
Passed along the way
A lonelier life
Than some I’d say
But I have been lucky
For choice has been mine
And freedom a life
That is very kind
So now as my energy
Slowly fades away
I can accept my journey
Every other day
Until I find the final end
Ever so near
I will still write
From the heart
And bless every tear ........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 20
About this poem:
Just having a dig at this challenge ........

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Comments (12)

Interesting piece of writing with simple, sincere content and usage of the words.

Nice regards!
southmiami4321online today!
Nuwah, nicely written. I like how you tackled this challenge, all the way to the end. applause SM
Hi Nu..wave
I really like your personal touch to the challenge.. very much enjoyed.
Nicely done! thumbs up purple heart
Mizzy4online today!
Hi Nu,
This is a perfect example of how every writer here has their own style of expression.
Great challenge entry...

Regards Mick.

godsprincessonline today!
Love this Nu! Wonderful personal poem about your perspective of your life's journey. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Takes courage to write and share about oneself.

Kathy hug
Hi Autumnchild ......... Thanks for your thoughts ...Regards Nu grin
Hi SM ...... Thanks...... appreciate your comments ...... regards Nu grin
Hi Lacey ........ Thankyou for your warm words ..... regards Nu grin
socrates44online today!

Nice to see your response
weaving it around your personal life.

Well Done!
Thanks Mick ....... Regards Nu grin
Hi GP ...... Thanks for your thoughts ....... Regards Nu grin
Thanks for the opportunity Socrates ......... regards Nu grin
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