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Just like that……

Cold and bleak my day began
A drizzle of rain not my plan
I trudged along the heavy sand
My body toiling under demand

Crisp the air my lungs draw in
Tears from my nose do begin
Clarity of mind is no sin
As I lift my head to straighten my chin

I glance out across the sea
A shaft of light breaking free
Sending hope down to me
As I ponder on what could be

I reach my climb feeling ok
The dunes fresh but yet to play
Leave a mark with little say
The view amazing in every way

A couple of laps and I’m down again
The clouds dissolved from the rain
The sun a sight of no pain
As I make my way to the watery lane

Wading through salt and sun
Warmth on my back has begun
Winters brisk morning now undone
As I return to where I started from…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 19
About this poem:
How quick the weather can change ………

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Comments (13)

southmiami4321online today!
Nice descriptive imagery as you stroll along the beach with its unpredictable weather. Here in Florida as you enjoy the sun's rays for a while, coming clouds can make you run to find coverage...and run!! Thanks for sharing SM wave
salamunaonline today!
Hi Nu. a perfectly painted picture. enjoyed the read. Re. Lily wave
Mizzy4online today!
A stroll in unpredictable Nature...
Nice write Nu,
Good to be out 'n about.

Regards Mick

thumbs up
Thanks SM ……. When it rains it pours hey ….. appreciate your thoughts …… Regards Nu grin
Hi Lily …… thanks glad you could see through my words ……. Regards Nu grin
Heck yeah Mick ………. Thanks for your thoughts regards Nu grin
Hey, NU,

You always have good rhythm with the words which are so congruous in rhymes.
And without rhymes poetry cannot be formed properly.
Nice review on weather and its unplanned, interchangeable occurances.

Nice regards from heatened Serbia!
wave handshake
Hi AutumnChild
Thanks for your kind words
Appreciate you stopping by
Regards Nu grin
godsprincessonline today!
What a difference the warm sun can make on a cold crisp rainy day!! Was toiling along with you as I read it. Take care - stay warm Nu!

Kathy wave
.... OccuRREnces....

Just to correct myself.
Words truly need to be treatened well in writing, in speaking.
For non native speakers equally as for native ones.
Without exception.

Nice regards from HEATED Serbia....
I cought one more mistake.
Well then.
It is repaired now.

Srdacan pozdrav, NU!
Well, this is going to be the last correction.
What can I say.
Irreparable chaser in me always fix things.
Even the minor ones.
Due to personal hindrances errors happen.
But, obstinate spirit will not allow that mistakes stay unrepaired.

Once again, best of luck, Nu!
Ha ha …all good AutumnChild ……… regards Nu thumbs up
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