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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Ode to Mother Nature Poem

Ode to Mother Nature.You gave up sublime euphoria As I sought for what might be mine I tasted the essence of wonderment As I drank from the cup of time I found answe...

Bernician2024Aug 2019Aug 2019
The Repeating Poem

The RepeatingAlienate the peace in me, cut all ties, light the fuse. Animate the me unseen, evoke the lines, no way to lose. Free me, hold me, come break me...

SchylerSilvey1130Aug 2019
farewell BMW Poem

farewell BMWWell I took a heavy spill and I royally broke a part of my head I wrote off my motorcycle and I spent three months in a bed well she was go...

walRU2183Aug 2019Aug 2019
Butterflies Poem

ButterfliesButterflies in the silence of the morning they remember the heat of the night taste of strong desire in the mouth. I mumble in your ear desire for...

makatka1480Aug 2019
i search for the love one Poem

"i search for the love one"I love poetry, ,I believe that this medium is another way to reach out in faith to know you and connect with you lovingly!...

ZaraKarolina1731Aug 2019Aug 2019

YouAlways there in times of despair, words so pure Knowing, my fears Always, there showing, you care Never, letting me down Not so, much as a f...

Abby196340119Jul 2019Aug 2019
the blue whale Poem

the blue whalewe tracked it with technology we fixed a tracing ring in the hope of reading data the haunted click to sing we followed her in boats she pitche...

walRU1724Aug 2019Aug 2019
Katrina Poem

KatrinaI thought I was a good poet but then again not. I tried my best to connect but had a proficiently in failing more than want. So here I am slumm...

SundaySilence1742Aug 2019Aug 2019

If EverAgain and again when I start writing a comment I am so slow in doing it that my comment gradually grows into a poem. This is as a comment to Fellsman'...

marikia65510Apr 2011Aug 2019
Tempted Poem


Nuwahri6128510Aug 2019Aug 2019
Is it wrong to fall Poem

Is it wrong to fall?Is it wrong to fall? To expend one's potential as drawn to what one may not alter to only flail at guidance? The gravity of choices inexorable to defe...

Caprikious1250Aug 2019
Dont punish me Poem

Don't punish meDon't punish me anymore for bad deeds depth of longing hidden desires quiet hopes interrupted by a scream and sweat drops after a crazy touch...

makatka1751Aug 2019Aug 2019
Please forgive me Poem

Please forgive meI am entangled in longing eyelid latch sin of hope Please forgive me I still feel the path of your hands even though you hurt sometimes...

makatka1510Aug 2019

ACROSTIC AUTUMNOh it was composed a little while ago and since writing the weather has been foul---i was fooled...

EXRED2168Aug 2019Aug 2019
Spell Poem

SpellI light a red candle evoking love Come to me I'm here, I'm waiting. Wake the heart break the ice, warm it. Hug the breath of spring what blooms...

makatka1370Aug 2019
When did you leave Poem

“When did you leave”When did you leave Twilight fell quickly and the flowers have lost their color. When did you leave time stopped in place not giving a chance for...

makatka1452Aug 2019Aug 2019

TAKE TIME TO BE HUMBLEThis week I came to a screeching halt with a torn cartilage in my right knee. He sent my church family to help me out so very much. Not sure how lon...

godsprincess48127Nov 2018Aug 2019

ALONE VS LONELYYou can be alone but not lonely You can be lonely but not alone Being both is not a fun place to be I know because been there you see There are...

godsprincess58622Jan 2019Aug 2019
Loving You Poem

Loving YouThis was written to express feelings experienced when love between a significant other has been turned off. It is written to encourage your remembran...

Chel661081Aug 2019Aug 2019
Cuddled in you Poem

"Cuddled in you"I am very sorry for the mistakes but I still have a lot of problems with my English expression:)....

makatka1701Aug 2019Aug 2019
The Journey Poem

The JourneyThis piece was inspired by a gentleman I met on a dating site. Our relationship impacted my life, leaving me with all these emotions and nowhere to e...

Chel661593Aug 2019Aug 2019
Back and Again Poem

Back and Again ........Old injury resurfacing and making me think about what’s left of the future...........

Nuwahri612648Aug 2019Aug 2019
Jamie Allen Poem

Jamie AllenJAMIE ALLEN Play ya pipes & hey em dancin drinking wine and a prancing play ya pipes Jamie Allen like ya daa Run on wild tek tha hand t...

Bernician8023Jan 2015Aug 2019
Beautiful Poem

BeautifulA writing of the effects of a special partner experienced in a loving relationship....

Chel661110Aug 2019
Ode to Da Man Poem

Ode to Da' ManPenned to remember a special one from a relationship put on hold.....

Chel661050Aug 2019
The Best Thing Poem

The Best ThingIt's time to be over so now I have told her And it's good that it happened before she got a ring I know for certain she must be hurtin' Cause sh...

EyeLook4U1340Aug 2019
Global Nonsense Poem

Global NonsenseGlobal warming is more than keeping warm........

Yankee4you65713Apr 2012Aug 2019
summers end Poem

summer's endsummer goodbye next year we'll fly she told me... when leaves turn to gold and the whole world gets cold and snows be.. there's a scar in my...

walRU1823Aug 2019Aug 2019

STAR CHILDMasses of star dust floating around Gathering slowly becoming a form Rotating faster and faster they go Getting bigger making an impr...

godsprincess38012Jul 2019Aug 2019

CRUEL RAINIts rained for days i'm locked in...

EXRED23114Aug 2019Aug 2019
What is love Poem

What is love?I have long been a romantic but don't think I have ever truly been in love. I think I might have been in a sort of love when I was about 13, 14 or...

ooohmissus1273Aug 2019Aug 2019
A school is a Church Poem

A school is a ChurchI had this from the Lord Jesus I am now working in a school And it is a Catholic school But by its own way it is following the rules of the world...

morgen902101612Aug 2019Aug 2019
The Man Who Didnt Know Poem

The Man Who Didn't KnowThere once was a man who didn't know And what he didn't know others knew They would laugh and sing through the day express zeal And they didn't see...

EyeLook4U1451Aug 2019Aug 2019
A Goddess Heart Poem

A Goddess HeartThe most Beautiful goddesses ever turned to stone….....

Yankee4you2494Aug 2019Aug 2019
Deeply Poem

DeeplyPush the botton ( stop) if your playing...

Pinky_Swear1422Aug 2019Aug 2019
Devils fog Poem

Devil's fogshiver me cold...

morgen9021057222Jun 2013Aug 2019
A Reminder Pain never says goodbye Poem

A Reminder (Pain never says goodbye)seeing the turmoil my mum is facing, the impending doom she is feeling, lost and a neglected woman, I can't pacify nor console her. . . she's g...

morgen9021059826Mar 2014Aug 2019
Madtat 29 an old pen Poem

Madtat 29 an old penA special tribute to you Madtat29...

morgen902101648Aug 2019Aug 2019

DARK HORIZON SUNSETSaw the most beautiful sunset the other night. The sky was all dark except for a small band across the horizon was white with streaks of pink, lavend...

godsprincess1,82923Jan 2016Aug 2019

The Fly and the ScrewdriverToday's Mixers Monday It appears I have comp'ny This fly in my room Must want to confront me He fusses and buzzes Annoying and bold While I pl...

K_Ann_703887Aug 2017Aug 2019

Noted feelingsSelf-explanitory, I believe....

Don_Fred1440Aug 2019
Until Youre Gone Poem

Until You’re GoneThe stormy things in life like love..........

Yankee4you1782Aug 2019Aug 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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