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There’s no script for life! but it seems to me it seems to be,
Lights, camera action all of the time,
The director is YOU, it makes no sense, no reason
Or no rhyme , to fall in line all of the time.
We are not actors in a stage play, we are creators
And we can do it OUR WAY!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 25

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d4nI314online today!
Yes, we are Creators, and Actors on this stage...and there IS a life script.thumbs up
It’s all in the words, an actor is defined as ‘one who behaves as
If acting a part’ I don’t think we are actors, we are participants
Spontaneously creating as we go along, with no script to read from,
If I were to say anything close to us being actors, it would be that
We are improvisation specialists.
All the world is a stage and we are merely players. Only we ourselves can dictate our life's direction. wine
ReaderOfSouls, agreed!wine
d4nI314online today!
ROS... I also agree with your comment.

That's what I also meant with my statement. thumbs up
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