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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Oh My Love,Where are youWhen I am with you,the only place I want to be is closer … Where are you my love? I need the star shine of your heavenly eyes,after the day's great...

redmorningsun93512Feb 2015Sep 6
Parting Poem

PartingSomething I wrote about my Twin Flame, shortly after I received his ring in the mail and him proposing to me --- (he lives in Scotland; the plan was...

SEEKINGinger880Sep 6

My father whoAustralia at war. My father never spoke of it, but it happened....

FargoFan891Sep 6Sep 6
Embryo Poem

EmbryoInto this void Off liquid one so small From tiny dot One thus grow Two limbs Four limbs now grow One choirs emotion Motions the head one flo...

wayne341231Sep 4Sep 5

Two St Bernards in a barTwo St Bernards in a bar...

Oceanzest1909Jul 27Sep 5
Ball Game Poem

Ball GameI wrote this parody of Take Me Out To The Ballgame last year when the corona virus was shutting down all sports. I remember seeing the Minnesota Twin...

mcradloff923Sep 4Sep 5

Cafetwo2010Another anniversary of Cafe's passing Its a coincidence that two Dear friends of mine Passed away on both their birthdays months Enchanted castles...

southmiami4321983Sep 5Sep 5
Evermore Poem

EvermoreOur favourite season, or it was... just not the same, since my husband passed.. God, I miss him!...

QuietStormF1375Sep 4Sep 5
Hello September Poem

~Hello September~September is here again, Should I dance or should I sing? Summer was as hot as fire. Now it's cool, bright and lovely ... Yes, it's time for me to...

NCliner751Sep 4Sep 5

Piece Of MindIt was 12-4-92 when I wrote this. Being towards very much more songwriter than poet, I started out loosely with this and it all took form. Odd as it s...

DiggableHippy491371Sep 4Sep 5

Butterfly JourneyMy life starts with an egg Colorful pins Mama deposited In small clusters Underside of the leaves I gestate f...

southmiami43211282Aug 30Sep 4

MetamorphosisIn response to 'Butterfly journey'...

FargoFan1091Sep 4Sep 4

RefugeeThe terrible irony between freedom and oppression....

Yankee4you1561Sep 3Sep 4
We Do NOT Consent Poem

We Do NOT Consent !This was channeled when connecting to Arch Angel Uriel...

SEEKINGinger912Sep 4Sep 4
FargoFan1242Sep 2Sep 3
the red wave isnt Republicans Poem

the red wave isn't Republicansthey are the waves rippling in blood i hope they crest and crash down and drown the Democrats who continue to vote blue ripples increase numbers f...

cryptorchid1272Sep 1Sep 3
Gritante1201Sep 3Sep 3
Summer Dreams Poem

Summer DreamsHow can the thorns this vine sprouts lead to roses When I search for the top a sea of disconnected poses Flowers with no roots atop the prickly cano...

PDXGuitarHero1161Aug 31Sep 3

Laughter Of The WizardI wrote this one 10-17-94, just barely over two months after I "turned on, tuned in, and dropped out" and went to Woodstock '94! lol Putting this in h...

DiggableHippy492563Aug 30Sep 2

Burning ForestsGlobal warming............

Yankee4you1818Aug 13Sep 2
Farewell but not Goodbye Poem

Farewell but not GoodbyeMy final words for my mother which will forever endure as the written word remains long after we do...

irisheyes11495Aug 30Sep 1
WI Dells Poem

WI DellsI've been going to WI Dells since 1985 when my friend Todd and his mom and dad took me to Family Land(now Mt Olympus, Noah's Ark(Waterpark), and Tommy...

mcradloff1122Aug 28Sep 1
Oceanzest1645Aug 25Sep 1
Come back to me Poem

Come back to meAnother long distance relationship. Not feeling compelled to look up if this one was with Dominican Republic or Scotland. They kinda overlapped. Both...

SEEKINGinger1202Aug 30Aug 31
The blue Poem

The blueJust read somewhere...

princepersia2664Aug 29Aug 31
In lofty dreams Poem

In lofty dreamsIts best to let everyone who reads this make their own assessment. I have not a clue of the inspiration of this poem at the moment....

Unknown1281Aug 30Aug 31

GOOD BYE SUMMERSummer is waning and Fall is on the way....

godsprincess1,17213Sep 2015Aug 31

I travel with no ship nor sailDefines aspects of my perspective within life, limiting the scale of it all down to a single moment in time where I can view it all from up close whil...

ZenVeritas4194Apr 2017Aug 30
Beyond Poem


Bigbayle231434May 30Aug 30
Scar on my skin Poem

Scar on my skinmy wrists shackled to her feet Laughing at my will breaking a wretch in black lipstick has me without bones I'm crawling she stakes her nails in m...

PDXGuitarHero2091Aug 2019Aug 30
Im stuck in Medford Oregon Poem

I’m stuck in Medford (Oregon)This is a song that I wrote when I was dating the Scorpio Chiropractor. I'm still trying to get a melody on it - when that doesn't come, it tends to...

SEEKINGinger1486Aug 24Aug 30

SoundThe song pertains to a little bit in everyone. The past, present, and future tense of what we had, what we lost, and regaining the strength to live on...

DiggableHippy491630Aug 28
Inner beauty Poem

Inner beautyI hope one day humanity will be able to reach an understanding of true beauty ........

salamuna29715Jul 26Aug 27
marvelous lady Poem

marvelous ladyTo all our wonderful poet s corner ladies...

salamuna2949Mar 8Aug 27
Unknown Solace Poem

Unknown SolaceIt denotes life, nature, a relationship between complexities of the world, and how in the end, all the mind and heart craves for is peace and love whe...

Unknown1161Jul 26Aug 27

Walking to the shops tonightLife, 'unmasked', as it happens......

FargoFan930Aug 26
Gritante1171Aug 24Aug 25

INJUSTICE IS COLOR BLIND!!Bring back "Truth" Reaction... 6/11/20-- 10/07/21twk STC...

lookn2share6183Jun 2020Aug 25

WWE PERMEATES EVERY SPORT/SCRIPTED!!Overwhelming evidence! TOO many Improbable comebacks...Teams play like champions one half and forget how the second half! Most games (especially the m...

lookn2share2,1139Oct 2015Aug 25
Song of The Great Mother Poem

Song of The Great MotherChanneled poem/song I (we, spirit and I) wrote 7 years ago...

SEEKINGinger960Aug 25
MissIreland3844Jun 2020Aug 25
Planting my roots Poem

Planting my rootsThis poem was a vision I had of myself connecting with mother Earth and Father sky, outside naked in the dead of winter...

SEEKINGinger1396Aug 22Aug 24

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