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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Morning love Poem

Morning loveSoft steals the morning mist that hides the glimmering dawn Whispers quiet greetings to those forlorn That beckon in silence upon the dappled lawn...

english574511Nov 2014Sep 2017
The WOMAN Autumn Poem

The WOMAN - Autumn.At a meeting I was asked Your name not spring, There can be a summer?. The name autumn on hair. Have you taken offense, tell? I with a smile...

Ummka3002Sep 2017Sep 2017

TWO SHIPS!We are all but ships wandering in the ocean, seeking that human connection....

Unknown2200Sep 2017

Bowl of Cherriestrue, real love is sometimes hard to find!, for it can disguise itself!...

trurorob14,731181Jan 2010Sep 2017
Faith Poem

FaithSeeking truth Leaving pain So I will not Go insane Let me find Life's true goal So I may rest My weary soul God has shown Me a way Now g...

MrGermany992432Sep 2017Sep 2017

LA DIABLA: DEVIL WOMANMy last wife had her own REALITY... She didn't comprehend! Narcissistic beyond belief! Love causes us to tolerate much more than we ever should, PERI...

lookn2share9971Oct 2015Sep 2017

MAN MADE GODMuslims, Christians and even Jews you know your holy books aren't true, There is no god of Abraham, Man made god not god made man No taking snake...

ManicCC5657Aug 2016Sep 2017
My corny love poem

My corny love poemWhen you get your heart broken it seems to open a creative side to your life, it's another form of the healing process. I have never written poem in m...

Dadiog3004Sep 2017Sep 2017
god danube 3135 Poem

god - danube 3135my own opinion...

danube31352980Sep 2017
True Love Never Leaves Poem

True Love Never LeavesCan you even begin to comprehend the Love that gives you the breath that you breathe...

Rikco3990Sep 2017

Renunciation of PassionThe whores wouldn't charge him unless they had to A pleasant hour for his choice Calculated dominance and watchful eyes draw genuine smiles from...

K_Ann_703324Sep 2017Sep 2017
Novel danube 3135 Poem

Novel - danube 3135sweet dreams...

danube31353130Sep 2017

autumn and rememberingJust a passing thought brought about by the beauty of fall...

lindsyjones78015Oct 2016Sep 2017
000 danube 3135 Poem

000 danube 3135words from depth of my heart...

danube31352780Sep 2017
insecurities Poem

insecuritiesjust a thought...

candra162090Sep 2017
The fight i Cannot Win Poem

The fight i Cannot Win.....this fight I canot win , a pain that buries it's self inside, covering all the angles that keep me tied down with unbreakable chains, and only gets w...

honeybear30002880Sep 2017
One more chance Poem

One more chance.This is my very first poem I wrote. I had never written a poem ever but I was so devastated by the break up after a six year relationship and I felt t...

Dadiog2902Sep 2017Sep 2017
Sometimes Im me Poem

Sometimes I'm meJust a entry trying figure my thoughts out...

Shonno10271931Sep 2017Sep 2017
Liquid Dimensional Frequency Poem

Liquid Dimensional FrequencyPlay it again Sam...

Rikco2142Sep 2017Sep 2017

TENNIS: (THE CLICK SIDE)The Truth Always... Tennis is great but some people not so much Added verse 8/3/17 Tweaked 7/21/20...

lookn2share1,0493Jun 2017Sep 2017
This Moment Poem

"This Moment"Naturally Spiritually feeling me...

Rikco2330Sep 2017

WITH ABSOLUTION I SAY TO YOUA lot of truth Absolutely! Added verse 9/11/17...

lookn2share7074Oct 2014Sep 2017
Wishing Poem

WishingA love for writing. Having a true heart for it....

JustRidin1430Sep 2017
treachery Poem

treacheryDon't say that you won't throw me, I have forgot to trust promises. I will answer you if suddenly you ask, As much I have transferred sufferings....

Ummka3187Sep 2017Sep 2017
307 danube 3135 Poem

307 - danube 3135** Romance and a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. **...

danube31352710Sep 2017

NOT UNTIL I MET YOU“NOT UNTIL I MET YOU Not until I felt your sunshine, Did I realize that I had been in the shade. Not until I saw all your colors, Did I real...

skaligsm2520Sep 2017
Mmmwwwaaahhhhhh Poem

MmmwwwaaahhhhhhOoh la la laaaa...

Rikco2342Sep 2017Sep 2017

Twin Towers - A Tale of Two Rails9/11/2017 Update: The Memorial is still there with nothing changed. I changed the picture because last year when I took the picture it wasn't comple...

godsprincess1,10220Aug 2016Sep 2017

Women (the handbag theory)* Just a bit of satire on superficiality...

lovecanbereal39815Sep 2017Sep 2017
Thank you that you exist Poem

Thank you that you existTo you thank you that you nearby, Even if nearby you are absent, You virtual look You grant to my soul light. Thank you that has kissed, But...

Ummka1,4740Sep 2017
Mother dear Poem

Mother, dearTo return mother for a moment... To tell all that hasn't managed to tell her. To embrace as before it is gentle - gently, And to iron shoulders, to...

Ummka3105Sep 2017Sep 2017
Real Life Poem

Real Lifefeeling a bit lost:-) hugs...

ladyjewel7687May 2014Sep 2017
People become cheaper Poem

People become cheaper,People become cheaper, things rise in price … Just without spirituality in the world prospers. Duck of a lip, "selfie" with the naked back … There...

Ummka2902Sep 2017Sep 2017
Midnight Poem

MidnightI wake up in the midnight My face is full of teardrops I love you My love is unendless I do not feel fear or emptiness I do not feel sadnes...

Swami2400Sep 2017
Distance to you patience is bitter but fruits are is sweet Poem

Distance you (patience is bitter but fruits are is sweet)You play with me You, clever girl You teach me The patience ... I laugh... A girl, my love Show me the road I cry ... Next laugh Then c...

Swami3360Sep 2017
Dont be sad Poem

Don't be sadDon't be sad If you are then ... Remember the flower In the morning Caressed by light And tender sun A beauty Remember the river In th...

Swami2580Sep 2017
Hug of the Univers Poem

Hug of the UniversI want to be with You I speak the Truth Not believe? Not trust? I want to listen Your heart To sip the Tender wispers You hide inside...

Swami2320Sep 2017
Message of Love Poem

Message of LoveMy dear I kissed the wind You will Feel it In your hair Warm shivers Will caress You tender My dear I hug the trees You will ......

Swami2290Sep 2017

Torch of Loveenreturned love, like a dying candle...

trurorob2,08247Dec 2009Sep 2017
Untitled Poem

UntitledJust something I've been thinking about in life really , nothing speacial...

Floki11931Sep 2017Sep 2017
A Short Valentines Poem

A Short Valentine'sThis was one of many i used to do for my dear sweet wife that passed away last year.Just wanted to share it....

kevinruss1580Sep 2017

El ParqueIts a peaceful place....

trurorob3,07266May 2015Sep 2017

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