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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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BOUND FOR NOTHINGNESSin memorium to the families of victims of violence everywhere. are we bound for nothingness?...

BobbyC13483370May 2018
Garage Sales and Gossip Poem

Garage Sales and GossipThis information about my family wasn't pleasant to hear, woke me up this morning along with the daily dread of going to a bad job. At least the frie...

mcradloff3702May 2018May 2018
Thiago1974_nice3403Apr 2018May 2018
No title Poem

No titleHow shall I liken unto thee My beloved flower who pretty much made a fool of me. True love requires patience that many may know but how is o...

DamnUAll3573May 2018May 2018

EPITOME OF EVIL: GREED OVER HUMAN RACEIf you live in reality, you know this is true! Trillions cures... The monies in Bandaging us up! They are wicked and less than humane!!...

lookn2share1,4883Oct 2014May 2018

SUDARSHAN WORLDYOU ARE MY DESTINY My destiny is in your hands! I decided to stay with you I am always yours you are always in my heart I'm a little...

sudarshankumar2740May 2018

LOATHSOME LIFE #CII"LOATHSOME LIFE" 5/12/18 rearranged 10/26/21...

lookn2share7062May 2018May 2018
The Rivers Of My Tears Poem

The Rivers Of My TearsI originally posted this when I was told life was waving me goodbye only to be told 45 days later that I was going to live long after all. I can...

lindsyjones1,02129Mar 2017May 2018
redemption Poem

redemptionWhat a memory. Only I will know. thanks for all your read and comments...

lindsyjones1,74737Feb 2014May 2018
To The Author from Her Mister Right Poem

To The Author from Her Mister RightThis is about the list of required characteristics that we all make. Sometimes it exists in our heads, but many of us have scribbled it down somewhere...

MerryOars3113May 2018May 2018
my eyes Poem

my eyesAwareness...........

Nuwahri615244May 2012May 2018
Believe Poem

BelieveJust feeling life as a course...

Unknown3332May 2018May 2018

My True LoveAbstract imagery of fleeting love…………….....

Yankee4you86915Mar 2014May 2018

We Share The Same SunLying down in a patch of vernal ground....

Yankee4you5595Mar 2018May 2018
Love has no color Poem

Love has no colorin this world i have noticed divisions in human race which is causing us to hate each other for no apparent reason.This is my call to every race that...

Bongst743815Mar 2018May 2018
I cant Love you Poem

I can't Love you.My love for you is a sweet, yet bitter contradiction, I want to meet you but I don't want to see you, your beauty will blind me! I want to fall in l...

Unknown2941May 2018May 2018
Yankee4you5434Sep 2017May 2018
Quietly quietly Poem

Quietly quietly...........This old fella's determination just amazed me ..........losing the feelings in his feet he would walk approximately 2 kms along the soft sand with the...

Nuwahri615078May 2018May 2018

Simple Pleasures and Lonely HeartsRemind myself of this everyday...

Yankee4you6976Jun 2011May 2018
An extract from a poem by Gaius Catullus Poem

An extract from a poem by Gaius CatullusI thought this brief extract was apt as Valentine's Day is near...

autumnstarlight4715Feb 2010May 2018

MOTHER'S DAY 2018 #CIIIMOTHER'S DAY 2018 May 13...(put together in 15) twd 09/15/21...

lookn2share7572May 2018May 2018

HEART FEELINGSHEART FEELINGS Can love be dangerous to your health Taking deeply to heart all that is felt Year after year absorbing these feelings Keeping the...

godsprincess74518Feb 2017May 2018
The Movie Of May Poem

The Movie Of MayThe sky is so very blue Leaves on the trees are so very green Then the sun comes shinning through And a day in May unfolds this scene I like to...

EyeLook4U2781May 2018May 2018
Thanks for sharing Poem

Thanks for sharingThanks for sharing but nobody is really caring Thanks for your heart bearing but, your thoughts are thinly wearing You think you are a...

DamnUAll2891May 2018May 2018
The power of regret Poem

The power of regretThe power of regret So hard to forget Things said actions done Love lost for the search of one. How often we say and do things we can't take b...

DamnUAll2892May 2018May 2018
Flat Tired Flat Broke Poem

Flat Tired Flat BrokeFlat tired flat broke A cowboy without a saddle And I'm out of rope No matter where I travel Land or sea her memory Always stays afloat Ever...

EyeLook4U3724May 2018May 2018
There is no more to say Poem

There is no more to sayWhen the feelings are true, you just have to let it flow...

Amed325167Feb 2018May 2018

MOMWritten months after her passing and the loss will always linger! 2009 Tweaked and added 2 lines on 9/17/17 and (Mother's Day) 5/13/18...

lookn2share89814Jul 2012May 2018
On Line Most Men of Thailand Poem

On-Line-Most-Men of Thailand!Reason I text this: to tell the TRUTH! It's ABOUT what is really going on! Maybe someone else can identify & perhaps avoid the game-traps;most alrea...

Unknown2620May 2018
Laminated Poem

LaminatedToo many buttons to push; too much effort maintaining a 2016 tush; Too much Too little Too late; It all boils down to wisdom and faith....

SundaySilence4661Aug 2016May 2018
Save the Anopheles Gambiae Mosquito Poem

Save the Anopheles Gambiae MosquitoI have been recording Alice, a sitcom from the 70's about a waitress at Mel's Diner. Just about every commercial break they have these snow leopards...

mcradloff3290May 2018
Day Off Poem

Day OffEnjoyed this day a lot, mostly singing in my car for the 150 miles of driving I did today....

mcradloff3905May 2018May 2018
Reflection Poem

ReflectionFor all in whom I know and knew and those who know me and those who choose to know. If we continue to hold onto our pain of regrets and anger of our p...

DamnUAll2790May 2018
A Letter Today Poem

A Letter TodayShe might find a letter today She's expecting a letter today Standing at the mailbox She fumbles through the mail looking for a special letter S...

EyeLook4U3712Sep 2017May 2018
This is my new poem

This is my new poemis is my new poem I'm just testing This is my new poem I'm just testing is is my new poem I'm just testing This is my new poem I'm just testing is is...

CraftySquirrel4671Feb 2018May 2018

I'M YOUR MAN!The poem is self explanatory! I met her on Connecting Singles!...

Unknown3251May 2018May 2018
actor Poem

actora dream that calif; persons who wanted it can understand and new Yorkers who had the dearm which never happened thanks al...

giliberti12400May 2018

The Old BarnMany inspirations taken from abandoned buildings such as an old barn....

Yankee4you4223May 2018May 2018
PassionatePoet1,28210Jul 2009May 2018
Creativity Poem

CreativityI believe that we are all created to be creative .live great a blessing and appreciate the creativity around us :)...

Happychatty15016Apr 2018May 2018
Letting yourself go Poem

Letting yourself goI wrote this a long time ago because I need to forgive myself of letting someone control me and to psychically and mentally abuse me. It has caused m...

OnyxAuset4276May 2018May 2018
PumpkinPJs4083May 2018May 2018

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