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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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notes on a woman Poem

notes on a womanyou know the summer's fading.. and the night is getting cold.. there's an east wind in the harbour.. and lord knows I'm getting old.. and my work it t...

walRU2878Mar 2019Apr 2019
Plutonic Temple Poem

Plutonic TempleShould anyone read it, bear in mind that it is art, an expression of it through writing. It was however inspired by my initial awakening & how unset...

Tacopro1561Apr 2019Apr 2019
Heaven is near Poem

Heaven is nearTell the moon and tell the sun There's life and love when we are one Heaven is near Heaven is near Showers of light and love will shine like th...

Masquerader1771Apr 2019Apr 2019
HELLS fire Poem

"HELL'S fire"nothing more be said:)...

Bentlee77012Aug 2009Apr 2019
Fire of Love Poem

Fire of LoveIf I could feel your body close to mine. I think it would take my breath away. To feel your lips upon mine. Is a dream where I wish to stay. We a...

Happygolucky4u51512Aug 2010Apr 2019
Natural Balance Poem

Natural BalanceInspired by reality of a dream. She is a myth, a fable. Over the decades & many many an expedition, I have encountered Bigfoot twice now in my lifelon...

Tacopro2001Apr 2019Apr 2019
stay the course girl Poem

stay the course, girlfor Vanessa...

walRU2003Apr 2019Apr 2019
Dont drop me in it Poem

Don’t drop me in itMen, what are they like?...

Harbal1948Apr 2019Apr 2019
the cowboy and the mermaid Poem

the cowboy and the mermaidthere's a golden sun on a spinning wheel there's a yellow fleck in a pan full of steel there's the fire I spat and the breath I once drew...

walRU2026Mar 2019Apr 2019
canderel Poem

canderelYour just like canderel, the artificial sweetener. full of shite I dont understand. not real and leave's a bitter after tasting pill. need double the...

vikingvixen1701Apr 2019Apr 2019
Lyin eyes Poem

Lyin eyesFor the many lies we say to avoid hurting one another of the truth....

Masquerader1772Apr 2019Apr 2019
The pain of love Poem

The pain of loveWhen the pain of love is just too much that eventually one needs a crutch to hold together the pieces of a fragmented heart When nothing seems...

Masquerader1763Apr 2019Apr 2019
Sarah Montague Poem

Sarah MontagueEvery week day at one p.m. the object of my heart’s desire hosts a news programme on the radio....

Harbal23615Apr 2019Apr 2019
Dinosaurs on a Plane Poem

Dinosaurs on a PlaneI love the movies that have animals attacking people. The best scene in Jurassic Park was when the Trex ate the lawyer sitting on the toilet....

mcradloff1450Apr 2019

THE DIVERworld of alice: walrus and the oysters...

OdaMae2072Feb 2019Apr 2019

NuanceJune 8, 1982....

BB_snickers3553Mar 2011Apr 2019

Baby ... MoveYou can hang 'round worrying in that closet of doom. Or you can stick your foot out get a feel for your room. See the sun through the window in c...

BB_snickers48111Apr 2011Apr 2019
She Whispers Poem

She Whispers..About the heart that cannot receive the gift of love.....

cafetwo201047713May 2011Apr 2019
Odd Man Out Poem

Odd Man OutTo see someone these days whose attention is not completely monopolised by their phone is quite a novelty....

Harbal22217Apr 2019Apr 2019

Out Live The SnakesThere once was an old man who lived a long life I asked what his secret could be he answered polite He said this answer might not sound so great Bu...

EyeLook4U1461Apr 2019Apr 2019
I Will Wait For You Poem

I Will Wait For YouYou are the most beautiful woman to ever grace the face of this earth... Only God Himself will ever know just how much I love you... For there are n...

candykid2,11643May 2014Apr 2019
The Tide Rises the Tide Falls Poem

The Tide Rises, the Tide FallsI’ve borrowed the title from Longfellow’s poem “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls.” As Macduff says: "Sometimes we just have to commit if we are to stay...

marikia78016May 2011Apr 2019

Made Of Paper And PenFrom writer to reader How would I know what to say I know you're looking for something But how to be carried away For I'm not talented No major...

EyeLook4U1593Mar 2019Apr 2019
the sea Poem

the seabe it in the tumble aft the winch or out the bow in winter's pinch my heart oft seeks the raven tide in floating cabin I reside bearded,...

walRU4866Apr 2019Apr 2019
Fairground Memory Poem

Fairground MemoryA memory of the fairground back in the sixties....

Splitinfinitive2133Apr 2019Apr 2019

Have Mercy on the Animals, they have feelings too.See the little fawn, move too fast and she'll be gone. She knows to run away, when the hunter comes to spoil her play. Have Mercy on the Animals, t...

Mr_Amor2756Mar 2019Apr 2019

The TV Weather Girl* Just a generic poem about a TV weather girl (That's Television, you understand)....

lovecanbereal8616Jul 2017Apr 2019
Alone Poem

AloneSometimes... I just feel alone.. :)...

countryladypoet58913Oct 2012Apr 2019

EverydayHave yourself a good day May all your troubles be far away May all your friends stop and say hello May you find happiness wherever you go See t...

EyeLook4U1361Apr 2019Apr 2019
Canadian Geese Poem

Canadian GeeseThere a number of invasive species that have made things bad for everyone, Canadian geese are just one of many....

mcradloff2506Jan 2019Apr 2019
Bill Bumdamn Poem

Bill BumdamnI was reading the obituraries the other day and noticed most don't give the cause of death and never tell anything bad about the deceased....

mcradloff1770Apr 2019

The Love Song Of SpringSpring sings a slow love song There are blossoms on the trees Oh my darling earth I love you like honey bees Flowers are blooming The grass is...

EyeLook4U1311Apr 2019Apr 2019

Sorry About Your WaitThe wind blew a letter it landed in my hands I'll tell you what it said though I don't understand Just a few words sorry about your wait I looked a...

EyeLook4U1780Apr 2019
R E M Poem

"R.E.M"My friend asked me to write a small skit... poem on REM- Rapid Eye Movement, the 4th stage of sleep. This was my attempt. I tried to give REM...

IvoryPetals2310Apr 2019

ON GEORGIA’S HILLSComposed during A. Pushkin's exile to Georgia, which immediately caught his fancy....

marikia6587Oct 2011Apr 2019
A little bird Poem

A little birdOnce upon a time a little bird kept coming back to my window likely to inspire me to write this poem...

yaspark23010Apr 2019Apr 2019
In Awe Poem

In AweWritten with a friend in mind and also from personal memories of my own...

Happychatty12817Dec 2018Apr 2019
Alone Poem

AloneI apologize in advance for errors in the English grammar....

salamuna69922Apr 2018Apr 2019

TAKING CONTROL.sometimes we have to decide what is important to us as an individual...

niah92004Mar 2019Apr 2019

Unless The Sun Brings My Shadow To MeWindows in a house and there's a view I pace back and forth like a prisoner would do How often I clean the window pane Going round in circles my th...

EyeLook4U1470Apr 2019
Frogs Legs Poem

Frog’s LegsJust a story...

yaspark46314Mar 2019Apr 2019

Who KnewWho's to know I am here Who's to know I am me Who's to hear what I have to say And who knew I was here yesterday There's no one to look into my...

EyeLook4U2085Mar 2019Apr 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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