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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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three cheers for the blues Poem

three cheers for the bluestwo dogs had I I have to say called one Hipp Hipp called one Hooray Hipp Hipp a husky fearsome, true Hooray a spikey Kerry Blue and so...

yachtsman_730916Apr 2020Apr 2020
painful Poem

painfulloneliness runs out throught my hands.marking my fingers and palms with the scars of a deep love that I could not hold on to....

Unknown5314Aug 2013Apr 2020
What comes Poem

What comesWhat comes is not expected And expectations Fall short of Reality...

Palmfrond4402Nov 2017Apr 2020

How Much Loneliness the Truth Can CauseTruthfully, our imaginations are like any ......artist’s paint....

Yankee4you3275Mar 2020Apr 2020

Love Messages from the Angels Divine6 months of effort bud to blossom! Poems a labor of love To share the message With hopes of good for others peace on earth! 6 months of effort bud...

Rachael_06223292Apr 2020Apr 2020

~Did you let her go~Did you ever have the feeling That was the best you ever had Did you help it feel good Or did it get there All By itself. It's said life's n...

Bentlee1,2966Dec 2015Apr 2020
Coils of wire Poem

Coils of wireThis is not these day and not these night not these birds yours sat on the knit of the moon they sing a lullaby or they fall silent in the dark....

makatka1770Apr 2020
Black Marbles Poem

Black MarblesRe-edit......

candykid2,32049Jun 2014Apr 2020
Sea Fever Poem

Sea FeverBy John Masefield...

gurcan475484Jan 2017Apr 2020
for a beautiful world Poem

for a beautiful worldits a worried world because of corona virus .everybody locked down to live alone....

sabeel2236Mar 2020Apr 2020
Rachael_06223143Feb 2020Apr 2020
Kings Cross Memories circa 1984 Poem

Kings Cross Memories (circa 1984)* Transsexuals, prostituting themselves. ** The famous giant "Coca Cola" neon advertising sign. *** Blue = Australian colloquialism...

lovecanbereal196-Apr 2020

TRYING TIMES.....As street lie silent, but lights shine bright Life seems difficult, though not all fight When nature shows, how to continue Twilight's ruddy glows,...

niah92356Mar 2020Mar 2020

Let Me Be Your LoveConnecting all the dots ....... of love...

Yankee4you4647Oct 2019Mar 2020
Two for two Poem

Two for twoWhat do your hands hide I am lava every time you touch look from under the eyelashes. Covered with sweat scrolls of arms and legs we don't think...

makatka2212Mar 2020Mar 2020
The Teenage lcbr Poem

The Teenage lcbr** Not really true, I was only interested in Adult things, and that, for a teenager - are always, the things, which we can't have! ***...

lovecanbereal2232Mar 2020Mar 2020
Born This Way Poem

Born This WayTagore said: I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it. Here I want to say: I a...

chocoLuo1610Mar 2020
Gritante3992Mar 2020Mar 2020

MetamorphosisA poem about life and faith or death and doubt and everything else in between....

Yankee4you3234Mar 2020Mar 2020
My First Time Poem

My First Time* Sydney's "red light" district. ** (I'm being ironic here - not exactly the "cradle of civilization"). *** YOTS = Well known Sydney Christian...

lovecanbereal7166Jun 2016Mar 2020

SKY BLUE....I can recall before leaving the UK for NZ many years ago, how surprised I was to learn NZ had the higher rainfall........

niah93546Feb 2020Mar 2020

Music of My Soul (Poetry)My definition of poetry....

Yankee4you3503Oct 2019Mar 2020

Where Are You My FriendI looked across the empty barren field Where the land seemed to lay silent and still Remembering a time when it once yield Now everything seems des...

Happygolucky4u7197May 2012Mar 2020
You are every woman to me Poem

You are every woman to meYou are every woman to me And sure as the sky's above No other woman can I see No other woman will I love I see you on the street I see you at...

ooby_dooby7196Nov 2010Mar 2020
Corona Poem

CoronaI think it's pretty evident what the poem is about. Before the coming of Christianity, the Earth was respected and revered as the great mother. Chriti...

17th_Lancer2425Mar 2020Mar 2020
War in Heaven Poem

War in HeavenWhen God looks down upon me, just what does He see?... A man that is righteous,...or at least tries to be?... Or does He see things that I can’t ima...

Candykid22959Mar 2020Mar 2020
kem try ills Poem

kem try-illswhat is that noise i cannot see its just above the clouds it sure is loud and it lasted long oh ... its raining now so I stay inside...

bucksley1410Mar 2020
Gritante3780Mar 2020
Ode to Psyche Poem

Ode to PsycheIt's a Poem about Nature, about a butterlfy....

telluric1841Mar 2020Mar 2020
When You Hear It Cling Poem

When You Hear It ClingThere's an echo through the valley A hammer is pounding on a nail A few stop to listen as the echo has a story to tell The echo has the sound of...

EyeLook4U2826Dec 2019Mar 2020
Dog In The Pound Poem

Dog In The PoundI am a foster mum and look after dogs that come from the pound until their forever home is found...

anninspain9427Mar 2014Mar 2020
What is Love Poem

~~~~~ ~~~~~ What is Love? ~~~~~ ~~~~~Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad t...

Buffybear3235Apr 2019Mar 2020
Toilet power Dad growls Poem

Toilet power, Dad growlsYou know me ... And my quicky lines ....Ha ha ha...

morgen9021042319Aug 2019Mar 2020
Rainbow Connection Poem

Rainbow ConnectionI have been listening to this song by Kermit because I have a record player that puts records and tapes onto CDs....

mcradloff2732Mar 2020Mar 2020
Syrup Syndrome Poem

Syrup SyndromeCeremonial serums reconstruct sickness, Syrups deconstruct what is stuck... Powerful potions relieve with a quickness, Liquids laced with bad luck....

candykid1,08423Mar 2014Mar 2020
My angel Poem

My angelGoodbye my angel with blue eyes with hair like a gossamer thread you are gone on the hills covered with frost cold breath of Lord God. Goodbye...

makatka2010Mar 2020
A Night in Newtown circa 1987 Poem

A Night in Newtown (circa 1987)* Excluding the Lesbian, and Gay, pubs. ** It was, at this time, now quite expensive - and gentrified. *** Old male alcoholics, on...

lovecanbereal2195Mar 2020Mar 2020
Wordplay Part 3 Poem

Wordplay Part 3Or are they?...

Candykid22012Mar 2020Mar 2020
The spring storm Poem

The spring stormThe spring storm comes suddenly dragging clouds along the night. Calms the leaves whispering surreptitiously, joyful birding voice. And starts a...

makatka1932Mar 2020Mar 2020
Life Poem

LifeMy own creation...

Speculaas882031Mar 2020Mar 2020
dream Poem

dreamit was a dream i had ,and i wish it comes through...

Unknown1661Mar 2020Mar 2020
Sya la la Poem

Sya la laSya la la poem...

Speculaas882070Mar 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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