Music From The Winds

Meditating on solid ground,
Rising slowly towards the clouds,
A place to speak with no sound,
Music from the wind won't let you down,-

Echoes of a long-lost past,
What is forever never seems to last,
The tomorrow that never seems to come,
Music from the wind you and I are one,-

A mystery, yet to be found,
Silent words of love heard too loud,
Up. down, and all around,
As we travel twice the speed of sound,-

A failure to some,
Winner born to lose,
To the end of time,
Music from the wind sings the blues,-

Music from the heart,
And from the wind,
When all else fails,
Only, we; left to exists,-
--Music from the winds,-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 15
About this poem:
This one I wrote was back in 9-18-1997. Like many songs I write, it all started out by fooling around on the guitar. I combined this with both slow and moderate tempo strum and fingerpicking.

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EXRED3online today!
wonderful and yes can hear the music too. thumbs up
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