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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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I RISEYou can write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, trying to stamp me to the dirt Still, like fire, I rise. Just like moon and...

ManicCC2134Oct 2020Sep 24
Oceanzest1677Sep 22Sep 24

BLOOD ON THE STREETSOne of Allwyn Marcher's (My D&D alter ego) Finest In this one he is Once again Poking barbs at the powers that be In Cordor In fact this one almost...

ManicCC520Sep 24
Falling From Grace Poem

Falling From GraceAnother poem/Song from the Quill of my D&D alter Ego Allwyn Marcher This one is an attack on an Order of holy of knights who abandon the Vows they...

ManicCC690Sep 24
Aqua Soldier Poem

Aqua-SoldierCrushin on a military Cancerian...

SEEKINGinger882Sep 24Sep 24

REFLECTION POOLOut of all my 9/11 poems - this one gets to me every time I read it. So much pain and sorrow and over the years it has not lessened. The WWII generat...

godsprincess2,60524Sep 2015Sep 23
Royal Ball Poem

Royal BallAll the autumn trees decked out in their royal robes of color...

godsprincess2,01141Oct 2015Sep 23
Easy going Poem

Easy goingIt’s summer out there...

yaspark2078Jul 27Sep 23

A rattling doorJust a little humour and a lot of sugar!...

FargoFan732Sep 22Sep 22

FAMILYThe family,,, they are there,, they expect something that i dont know,, i never ask for anything,,but they expect soo much,,, I dont know why,,im jus...

optimisticme910Sep 21
f*ck it Poem

f*ck itas i sit alone in wonderment of what it could have been, a life soo short or long,,, who knows, but something was missed,, as i look back on it,,,,,...

optimisticme1190Sep 21

ONCEIt speaks...

optimisticme1010Sep 21
The Boundless Explorer Poem

The Boundless ExplorerNerd time I play Fantasy RPG games In one D&D setting I play a Character that is a Bard Another song/Poem By the Bard Allwyn Marcher...

ManicCC570Sep 21

Irritating mynas and the equinoxNothing special - just waking to find spring is truly in the air....

FargoFan1033Sep 19Sep 21
Red Dragon Island Poem

Red Dragon IslandNerd time I play Fantasy RPG games In one D&D setting I play a Character that is a Bard Another song/Poem By the Bard Allwyn Marcher it is self...

ManicCC570Sep 20
Song For Cordor Poem

Song For CordorNerd time I play Fantasy RPG games In one D&D setting I play a Character that is a Bard He writes and sings about the social evils he see's in an...

ManicCC700Sep 20

Bright And PrettyI wrote this piece 3/27/1998. It's a blues/ a little jazz song. Every cities the same, except the people that live there....

DiggableHippy49840Sep 18

GrandmaCountry times...

Oceanzest1403Aug 19Sep 18
Bloomin Onion Poem

Bloomin OnionI remember Rob and Fab from Milli Vanilli saying a large part of their success was eating right with lots of fruits and vegetables. I saw a retelling...

mcradloff580Sep 18

elsa's times...sundial intermezzo...

sjena9275Feb 2015Sep 18
A Story That Had Captivated Me Immediately Poem

A Story That Had Captivated Me Immediately!1. For animal lovers check these two out: If you have computer speakers please turn your volume up on this one, this mouse makes the sound of a...

israelismine1100Sep 17
U I Poem

U & IFeeling love and bored at same time...

Calvinwise4680Sep 16

HEALING NATURE.A scene can change from peaceful to violent.....nature must be respected.......

niah92774Apr 2020Sep 16
Um Poem

UmThis Poem came to me when i was sitting here, at my computer, and becoming really, quite angry, i mean really REALLY ANGRY! For no reason at all. I...

M_U_D970Sep 16
Birdie Poem

BirdieOne of my favorite golf shots happened long ago with my brother. It was a par 3, first shot off tee went into a bunker, second shot stayed in the bun...

mcradloff1123Sep 11Sep 15
Words Poem

WordsA message inspired by how God speaks more than man could ever if we just stop to hear Him....

angel999991656Aug 6Sep 15

That Someone . . .I want to find someone who does not think I am either more than they can handle , or less deserving of them and their expect...

Islandgirl611405Sep 8Sep 13

Madman in the hillsMadman in the hills...

Oceanzest21711Sep 3Sep 13

CHOICES......All have a story to share, but time outcome can change, leaving signs Of path taken, the ups and downs causing smiles, sometimes frowns Marking...

niah928810Sep 2020Sep 13

MUSICAL BALM.remembering a friend.........

niah91478Sep 10Sep 13
A September Day Tribute Poem

A September Day TributeTribute to all those loss September 11, 2001...

godsprincess1,82617Sep 2015Sep 13
Can you live without me Poem

Can you live without meIs it merely a poem that I love writing I love riding poems are at least expressing palms I'm also a philosopher of life I believe in things that may...

James4998991Sep 5Sep 12

SEASONAL CHANGES.Even Covid can't put spring on hold.........

niah91214Sep 11Sep 12
Stress out at work Poem

Stress out at worksince January till now...having bad vibes and being stressed out coz the some of my working guys think I'm trying to show them I'm better than them??...

morgen902101,02513Mar 2015Sep 11
Love is hard to forget Poem

Love is hard to forget...Reminiscing.......

Mizzy432520Jul 31Sep 11

War And PeaceI wrote this one 1-18-11. It consists of story, myth, to reality; or, just a song depending on how you look at it....

DiggableHippy491062Sep 10Sep 11

Poems from the southsome random thoughts from the bottom of my red wine glass...

Oceanzest1134Sep 10Sep 11

Late Summer FogThe quietness of a morning fog blanketing my rural valley causing such a stillness to overtake all other normal activities....its very peaceful....

Yankee4you6159Aug 2012Sep 10
Forget Me Poem

Forget Me..... ........

Tanzila118-Sep 9
Time After Time Poem

Time After TimeJust my sudden thinking about magnificent autumn and her diverse charming beauty. About all littlest but helpful marbles of delicacy in the universe w...

AutumnChild2244Sep 6Sep 9
Sunlight Poem

Sunlight.I can’t give my heart away because it’s ceases to exist on this plane maybe the next. in this way or that way I’ve gradually found my way, even tho...

jimmydean69840Sep 7
A Smile Poem

~A Smile~a smile is good for you - when days seem rough and long - a smile will give you joy - replacing all the wrong and make your life anew.

NCliner1051Sep 5Sep 6

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