The Castle on the Hill

The castle on the hill's consciousness dreamed
Of a new era, where time itself stands still
In this vortex where light and life is well met
Throughout the age of history, imposters might apply
With swords that parry, coinside with the scholar's pen
Warring words that might cause conflict deep inside

The walls of this castle that has withstood the sweat
Built from man's own hands and against the oceans' wave
Weathered but beaten conflict, strength within, pride comes
Before the fall, that questions the ownership of mine
Discernment made, as to who sits on that silver throne
Picking up the pieces of the jigsaw, as the debris
That was once called home

And its this castle particularly that has secrets to hide
Concealment trapped in its own kin lies, a traitor among us
Setting a trail of embers, as the phoenix does indeed emerge
Tornados of fire that clear the path through the conflict free
Leaving the travellers on the path aware in its wake
After making the resolute decision that these travellers make
Hearts heavy, they turn back towards home, knowing
That nobody in this time can pick up their mobile 'phones

By the ember that rises higher with the breeze
Bringing the traitor in question down to his knees
The travellers, warriors in their own making, stated
And created a warm fire bursting forth from the pit of their bellies
Wading through the wreckage and healing through the swelling

A pen that wields swords with magnimamous wit
That can parry as any warrior can with inspiration, tremendously lit
Will fire the hearts of many that read this through with warmth from above
That feeling which unites us is indeed called
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 6
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