Lord please forgive me!

Here are my sins, do cast them away. Purge me from within, where much iniquity lay. Make pure the inside, remove all my guilt. Do, cast it aside, yes, all the filth. Grant me your grace; let sins be forgiven. Please, for christ sake, pardon,seventy times seven! Lord don't condemn me, i know i have sinned. My hopes are on thee- all hopes i pinned! I seek your light, show me the path. May i recieve sight, grant me anew start! In jesus name i pray; please hear his voice. Lord have your way. Let my soul rejoice!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2011
About this poem:
just seeking the lord!

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I loved you poem. So beautiful.teddybear
hi flamelily, thanks for your comment. glad that you like this writng. god bless you!angel
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