Oh! that deserted space, that is left behind. That expressionless face, made by a wondering mind. Love and joy depart; gone so long ago. Now a sad heart, unfilled, pained and hollow. Fleeted are youthful dreams, time now stands still. Water void crystal streams, thoughts now produce chills. Came from the womb, yet still all alone. Happiness in the tomb; why not this home? Wishing for a friend; company of some sort. One to share/ comprehend, an exchanger of thoughts! I pray for happy, someday, smile on me! For life is empty, as i am lonely!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2011
About this poem:
loneliness is a sad state. yet so many of us have to endure. just wanted to highlight this state.

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Very nice to read byfaith, and sad... But maybe you are not as alone as you think :) Life is like that, with ups and downs; it's a box full of surprises, some better than others, but open the doors, enjoy the moment, breath life, and allow things to happen... Keep sharing with us, it's great to read you my friend applause handshake bouquet
Too many lonely souls can refer to this poem, which reflects an empty heart's longing like nothing I've ever read or written: it touched me, cut to the heart, as the saying goes. Heart-rending as it is and despondent, it leaves a grain of hope in the prayer: "I pray for happy, someday, smile on me!":

I’m but a shadow, nothing much
Of what was once a man alive.
Oh I just hoped, I hoped so much
That things would change
with lapse of time,
But sadly all remained intact.
I’m but a worn out soul as such,
On distant hill of life I climb,
A lonely figure, nothing much.
Hope I won’t vanish in the night
Or with the first rays of the sun.
I’ll stay and wait until that time
When you will come and fill me up
With simple meaning of your love.

Wish someone special should hear and respond to this call, dear fellow poet!
hug bouquet teddybear
Yankee4youonline today!
Many miles I walk along mountain streams in winter, mosty frozen over with ice, searching to find where the less colder springs (always just above freezing year round!) bubbles up from underground and melts away the ice from below..because it is here at these precise spots on those hot summer days where I will always find the fish that will come. Such is the search for love my friend.
hey yankee4u, thanks for your comment.
very nice byfaith I am sorry you are so sad have a blessed day
Arteeeonline today!
Beautiful and sad byfaith someday lots of smiles for you will come your way!.. Thank you for sharing, stay blessed..wine wine
You write very well. Sad poem
Beautifully sad! Keep up your spirits high to write more poetry.teddybear
hi Ayhra, so good to hear from you! thanks again for the support.
hi marikia, thanks for your commets! i really like the poetry you choose to attach with your comment, it is quite fitting. thanks again.
hi arteee, just taking the time to say thanks. nice hearing from you.bouquet
That poem was so deep and you are very talented.
Well worded write Byfaith. We all experience this to different degrees throughout our life. It seems more so as we get older and friends and relatives pass away. New friends do appear from time to time though. thumbs up angel comfort angel angel
keep on reading ebonychick. glad that you find this on interesting. thanks for your compliment!
You are a GIFTED Poet by faith! Please keep sharing your gift to the world. heart wings gift heart wings gift heart wings
thank boyschrm6, nice to hear your view on this sensitive subject.
hi again bigcadillac, thsnks for your encouragement and support!
A sad but beautiful poem! You are quite talented~~cheering dancingsanta christmas happy christmas cool santa waving
thanks quitestormf, so nice to hear from you!teddybear
Superb...what can i say. I love this onecheers M.M
hi, how you do?
Nice to read you byfaith bouquet
ahyra thanks, good to hear from you.
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